Shocking Truth – Final chapter….all the truths

Continued from…Shocking Truth 3 – (Back Home)

Now the fun begins, where all the puzzle fits together, everything slowly starts to unravel.

In Dubai, we furnished our house in 48 hours, loving every minute of it, my major problem was that sunlight didn’t enter the house, it was always shaded from the sun, so i was never able to feel the warmth and freshness of the outdoors. At the same time me and the Greek guy started to officially date after my trip to see him, so we were chatting on skype for no less than 4 hours a day. The good thing about that was having it a  long distance relationship, since i didn’t have to interact with him or any man on a day-to-day basis, and it if felt like i was in high school again, innocent and simple. So i was very busy with that, while not paying much attention to what was happening around me in my new home. Her friends came and went, and they were lovely, i started to like them, yet for some strange reason every time i would say something nice about one of them, Tracy would find a way to say something negative in her sweet,  non noticable way.

A month passed by, and every time she would go out with her friends she would insiste i go with her, she would leave where she is sitting if i decide  to leave just to be with me. Everything was interesting, but i paid no attention to it all. One day we were all out together, when we met another one of her friends who was dating a married man in secret, yet they used to hang out with her group often enough to know that they were dating and not just supposed friends. I remember so clearly, her walking like a peacock, all proud of her perfect image, condemning her friend from a distance, saying to me and all present group what a horrid person that girl was, and how could anyone date a married man. She just would not stop, as i lost the ability to breath. Everything alerted me to start paying attention again, especially that me and Leama were hardly talking anymore.

I was invited to one of her friends sisters weddings in Lebanon, but could not make it cause i had other travel plans that coincided with the wedding. Her friends were so nice, they got me a wedding invitation, and really persisted on me going with them. I had deep talks with at least 3 of them, and they shared a few of their secrets with me, and i felt closer to them in a way. When i would go and tell Tracy that, she would start to act strange, and for some reason each one of these girls pulled away slowly, yet for no particular reason, like how me and Leama were. Int he mean time Tracy would do nothing without taking my opinion, what to wear (she would borrow my things, even if i had just bought them and never wore them, she would take them in her closet to wear, strange, when i would want to wear them out one evening, and i would tell her so, she would go and wear it herself?!) things were confusing as hell, yet she was the sweetest ever to me in every possible way.

On her return from Lebanon, she was ecstatic, she met a guy there, her future husband (as she would love to say) and i was beyond happy for her, she was dying to meet someone to marry for so long, that i was hoping it would bring her peace and happiness. As it turns out, that next weekend we had planned to have a house-warming party, and he was gonna come to it.

The life changing party……we had a blast, i invited everyone i knew and so did she. He arrived to our house early to see her and help set up the place with us, he was a lovely young man, very smart, artistic and easy-going. She kept persisting that me and him have art in common to get us talking, and we did start to talk, but with her included. Once the party was done, and a success, everything changed the very next day. She had an attitude problem, she was very protective over her man as though i would steal him (as if i was anything like her in that department). I avoided talking to him, since i didn’t want to build any insecurities between us. She made sure i never knew about her outings with her friends, especially if her guy was in town, i would find out by accident through a story he was telling that would be completely different from what she had told me. She would ask me for all sorts of advice and i would spend so much time giving it to, how to deal with him, if he really liked her or liked her friends more, if he only settled for her cause they were of same religion or cause he was really attracted to her,what to wear (her most important thing in life) what to say, how to have time alone with him without her friends being around and monopolizing their time, how to act around him…etc……i mean everything, she would tell me things that her girlfriends wouldn’t know (or that is what she told me) cause they wouldn’t understand. Yet in parallel to all that, she was lying to me about things that she would be doing, making sure not to tell me, or to tell me something different. I remember a time on one of his visits, her friends wanted to come over and bring dinner with them so they can all hang out with him in our house, i didn’t know what was really happening cause as i mentioned earlier she never disclosed things about her outings to me anymore. Her phone rang, and she looked so mad, she asked me to follow her to the kitchen, and she started to bitch about her friends having no control or right way of thinking, that she told them she was going out to dinner with her boyfriend yet they still want to come over with dinner. How inconsiderate they were, and what should she do? how could she handle it?. I was a bit shocked, cause she would always come to me for panic advice, and then be bitchy to me later on. So i told her to simply tell them that she has plans, of course, Tracy would never do that, in fear that she might be looked at badly. So the phone call was all laughs and jokes and excitement to have them come over, sadly little did they know (the same situation i was in for a year) that she really didn’t want them around.

After Leama incident with Tracy and Guy, Leama decided that she wanted to get back to our friendship, something was not right for her with Tracy, and she couldnt pin point what it was. We started to talk again, that is when all the truths came out. Tracy was too busy doing whatever it is she was doing to notice that me and Leama were back in good terms and talking on a daily basis. So one day, i met Leama for lunch on my lunch break in Abu Dhabi…….and this is what when we both got to know what was really happening.

Tracy was telling Leama (ever since Greece) that i was jealous of her and Leama, that i had a jealousy issue when it came to both their hands, that my hands movement are fake, and i would love to be able to move my hands the way her and Leama moved their hands. I could not stop laughing when i heard that…i mean really….is she joking, she could not think of anything else to say????? She said that in Greece to show Leama that she was right about me having an evil eye, she will show her a little trick. She told her that once i get to the hotel pool, she will tell me something great about Leama and then Leama will have something bad happened to her, cause of my evil eye. It just so happened that as i did walk out, Tracy praised Leama body, i took a quick look at it, and praised it too…then leama bumps her leg on the Chez lounge on the pool. I had no idea at the time that this was going on. So Tracy looks at Leama with a wink and tells her see, how evil her eye is.

As it turned out, the whole story i mentioned earlier in (shocking Truth 3 back home) was a lie to both me and Leama. Tamer never had a business dinner to go to at all, she was going partying with him, and Tracy told Leama that she didnt want me around cause she didnt want me and Tamer to get close as friends (i mean she said it so blatantly to Leama, that she didnt want us to have any friendship at all) so she pretended to have a dinner, that Leama should go hang out with me n the house that day, until she gets a call from Her to tell her to join them, and to tell me that she has to go home. What happened was that Tracy never called Leama and never returned her calls that day, Leama was in a horrible mood at the time. When she called her brother Tamer, he told her that he was expecting us to come and why are we late, they have been clubbing this whole time. Tracy, the sneaky person, was telling me things, and telling Leama other things. She didn’t want me or Leama there with her and her supposed best friend Tamer, and was trying to pull apart the brother and sister relationship too.

Tracy was telling Leama that she didn’t want me with her in Dubai, that she wanted to move without me and didnt know what to do about it, that i was stuck to her. While on the other hand i was being pursued on a daily basis to move with her, how she can’t live without me. She gave Leama the notion that she can’t live with me anymore and would throw her with bazaar reasons such as my jealous hand movement thing. Leama was slowly not feeling comfortable with all this, but she could not confirm anything cause we were not talking that much anymore, thanks to Tracy, actually a smart way to tell me horrible things about Leama to me, and horrible things about me to Leama knowing how to push us further apart. We shared a whole year worth of lies that were told to both of us, a whole year of betrayal, things i was told about Leama and things that were told to Leama about me.

It was not a surprise anymore, it all made sense, i should have put two and two together ages ago, but she was good, so good with her sweet ways and manipulation. It was no wonder i disliked her friends, she filled my head with slow poison towards them. She filled one of my closest friends with poison about me to her and her to me. I remember at some point, she started to tell me what a burden her niece was, and how she was sick of taking care of her, how she really wanted to be free of being her aunt, which shocked the living lights out of me, cause she would say the greatest things about her and her relationship with her to every person that came in touch with us. She would share heartbreaking stories of her sacrifices yet bitch her out when we were in private. I remember our discussions, we used to talk a lot (i mean she used to talk like verbal diarriah, i swear nothing would make her mouth shut) her opinion would totally change from her true belief in what she is saying and making identify who she is, to exactly what i was saying. One time, which blew my mind, and this was the day after me and Leama grand confession, we had discussed a few days earlier to that, how i love working with men, they are better than women to work with, how i cant just sit there doing nothing, and i love running around multi tasking. She was sharing how strange i am, how she LOVES to work with women, how she hates to multi task, she loves to go into the office, drink her coffee, chat with the women about make up, clothes and men, then work for a bit and go home, how her job is robbing her of that cause it’s too much work. ANyway, the day after the grand confession, her friends came over for a bit before their outing, and for some reason (i guess she forgot i was there) she started to express how much she loves working with men, loves to multi task and run around….everything i said, everything i was. As it so happened, Tracy would sit and take all my advice and share it as her own amongst her friends. It was all crazy, everything came into clarity, everything started to make sense. She used to put incense all over the house and over me, and tell me that she has a special thing with God to remove evil in a house, i really felt no difference, i was still very afraid in that house. I did my incense one day as i was about to go to her room to bless it with Quran, she asked me not to do it in her room. Which was weird since she was a preacher of her grand openness to other religions, and how she finds power in all religions. I mean, i had no issues with her doing it in my room, i had stupid trust. At some point she started to make her friends believe that she was good at removing evil spirits from homes with her incense, i laughed at that, and just watched her work her ways with others.

A week after i found out about all she has been doing, i went and told her that i am moving out, not wanting to live with her anymore. I told her i had been looking for apartments for a week now and i found a few, so by the end of the month i would be out. Of course she did not accept it, and kept asking why, i told her with all my honesty that she has been speaking crap about me this whole time yet acting like a freaking angle around me. She denied it all, and called Leama a crazy person who sees things (now…hmmmm…i didnt say see, i said i was told, therefore i ws using my hearing ability not my sight ability). Then i told her that i believe Leama over her, cause from my experience, she had bad mouthed all her friends since i met her (till i started to dislike them), so it’s not a surprise that she is doing the same with me. She denied it again. I then started listening to her all the things she said about her friends, one was a whore who slept with too many men she ws disgusting and would be an unfit mother, since she had a feeling that she might have dated her brother (the niece she loves dad)…the other friend was a self centered person, who only thinks of herself and a drama queen, and she understands why the rest of the group hates hanging around her, another one takes so long getting dressed that its become a burden, no one likes her anymore and no one can stand her (yet she got her a great job at her office after ripping her apart in front of me on a daily basis)….she made me stop there…..she begged me to stop…and told me yes about moving houses. She asked that i give her 3 months to find another place, how she loved living with me, and after me she will never live a another person again except her future husband. She wanted to keep the apartment incase her boyfriend comes into town or decides to move to Dubai, then they can have a place together. I guess that plan fell apart cause he refused it when she told him about it.

I agreed to wait 3 months although i could not wait to get out of there. I spent most of my days at my sister’s house to avoid seeing her, and kept looking for other apartments to move into. She wanted me to wait cause her boyfriend was coming into town and she didn’t want him to know what was happening. We made a deal, as per her request, to keep this in the low, to say that i needed to leave her cause my dad comes to town to visit and i need an extra room for him. She started getting afraid that her friends would hear what i have to say about them. She walked up to me 3 days later, told me she loves me with all her heart, she forced herself to hug me, asked me to have a great evening, and repeated her love to me. Really weird.

Two week into it, me and Leama met again, but this time, there were more things that she had said about me, more dirt that made no sense, and a lot more stories that were nothing but lies. I drove back to Dubai, rushed into the house, found her sitting ont he couch all sad and drama queen like (for attention as always) and i forced my words into her with all my might. I told her that a friend like her could not be trusted, that all this bad stuff that keeps happening to her is God way of getting back at her for all the evil she has within, that i am leaving the apartment ASAP. I slammed my room door shut, shaking with anger, and disgust for who i was living with.

I walked out, i walked out and things in my life started to look better, feel better, she was like this thorn in my side, an evil person who lied about everything possible. I was free, i was free of her, i was free of my Ex husband, i was free of that crazy world that i was trapped in for 2 years.

So a word to the wise, watch out for those over extra sweet people, make sure you have a roommate you have known for at least 3 years. Find out their true background, is it like yours or not? You never know who you will end up living with, i would hate for anyone to go through what i had to go through. Before i knew all this, she was actually a very nice person to live with, untile her true self could not be held in no more, especially that i was living with her. Take care, and dont trust anyone blindly, people have to prove themselves to you first.

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4 Responses to Shocking Truth – Final chapter….all the truths

  1. rose says:

    Hiii ,
    Dear are these stories based on your true life??
    and if so are you not worried that someone would stumble and read all this..??
    i mean i do salute you for having the courage to talk about your life so openely…i definetly wouldnt be able to do that …

    sincerely yours,

    • Dear Rose,
      It is lovely hearing from you, honestly speaking, my stories are based on warnings to others that could be treading in the same path as i was. These are true stories, i jsut recently started my blog and seeing how to approach the whole thing. They are all based on the first intial internal warning from something that our minds push out of the way, making us follow logic, then in time you come to realize that the inner voice you had from the start was correct. It help myself and others realize the strenght of intuition. I keep modifying my stories to see in what direction i want this blog to go in.

      Really like your site 🙂
      Kind regards

  2. rose says:

    Hope you all the best in this venture of yours..Hope all of us find our true path in life..
    i can not but feel every time i read your blog ..that hey i have gone through the same thing..I was blinded by the same sort of ppl..and still is ..but i keep doubting myself….thinking that hey i am the problem not the rest..
    although some parts seem strange in your story like Leama knowing her brother is seeing a mistress and not caring???weird…
    I am looking forward in reading more..
    One question what site??are you being sarcastic:)
    i can never have a site i can barely write emails that make sense to begin with


    • lol lol lol… was a typo error, really like your comment 🙂 also Leama didnt know Tracy that much prior to her brother Tamer knowing her. Tracy was not dating Tamer, Tracy was really infatuated with Tamer so there was no threat there cause Tamer had no interest in her more than a friend. Leama did care alot, cause she felt she was getting further and further away from her brother. I do hope i can actually help others through my stories, somwhow there must be a reason why i had to go through alot of thsi stuff in my life. Just for your info, you are never wrong with your feelings 🙂

      Kindest Regards,

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