Happily Ever After – Chapter 1 (First meeting)

Continued from…….Happily Ever After – Introduction

We lived in the same country, we went to the same school for a year, we also went to the prom together, not as one another’s dates) it was actually with a group of friends.  He was thin and lanky and to me that is and was not my style of a man. We talked and laughed but I never knew him well enough. Then we lost touch and I moved schools and made new friends. His name was something I always remembered only cause of the prom event, and small random events in school, I hung out with a different crowd than his.

Moving ahead seventeen years later, year 2006, I was living between Montreal and Cairo, the reason for that was I need to breathe outside of the Arabic society, I wanted to learn new things that would enhance my interior Design degree that I could not learn in Cairo. So I spent 8 months of the year in Montreal studying, while the rest of the months I would spend in Cairo working on me and my partner’s new project which we named  “The Art Café.” I was enjoying the freedom to walk down the streets without getting whistled at, I loved the fresh crisp air as it danced on my face, and I enjoyed making new friends from my classes.

On the Christmas of 2006, the school was on vacation for 2 weeks and I had missed my family immensely and decided to go visit them. My sister and her husband and kid already had moved from living in Cairo to Dubai, my parents were going down there to spend the holidays, so naturally that was where I was going to go to spend my vacation too. Upon arrival, I was ecstatic to be surrounded by them all, especially my nephew whom I loved with all my heart, I had a bond with him, a connection, I used to care for him on all the nights that my sister was too tired. So he was my livelihood.

To my surprise, my parents tell me that one of our oldest family friends is getting married in Abu Dhabi and we are going to go to it. This was not what I wanted out of my vacation time, I was not big on weddings, to me it was a waste of good time I could spend with family and friends in Dubai. At the end they gave up with the guilt trip of me going, by doing so, I felt guilty and decided to go for their pleasure, their joy in having me with them. Till this day I wonder what could have happened if I never went? If I held only held on strong enough to my belief that the only weddings I attend are for those whom are my best friends. That is destiny, or should I say, I need to work on my guilt factor to be able to make better decisions in my life! Either way, I went, got dressed, without a care in the world, I decided that there are people there that I have not seen in over sixteen years, it would be nice to meet them all again and see where life had taken them in the last years.

For some reason at that time, i had gained alot of weight, i was not aware of it at all, i never had a weight issue. This was the biggest i had ever gotten. Yet, I still boomed with confidence, got the same attention i always did, actually thought i was extreemly sexy. Now that is the true meaning of confidence. This is for later needed information for the rest of the story

Walking into the wedding hall, there was a small reception area leading to the hall where I met up with a few old friends, we laughed reminiscing on old times giving quick feedbacks on where we are in life. The same thing happened upon arrival into the wedding hall, before I could sit on the designated table, there were lots of people we knew so we went to catch up on old times. Half hour into our entrance, I was led by one of my oldest family friends to their table which included all other friends I had not seen in years. I sat there talking to all of them, catching up with so many of them. The brother of the groom Samael kept coming up to me to tell me about his broken heart (pay close attention to the name Samael, he plays a big role in this story, I also chose a name to symbolize the role he played in my life).  Me and Samael were friends from childhood, our parents were best friends (there was 2 other couples with their kids who used to be part of this family gang thing), when the parents wanted to go out of plan summer vacations, we used to all travel together or be put in one of the homes with all the other family gang kids. So yes, I knew him and his siblings my whole life, so I put in the effort to heart his sob story and all his heart wrenching sadness especially that it was his brothers wedding. As he leant down on the floor next to my chair to talk, someone walked up to me all smiles and fun, wanted to introduce me to an old friend. I looked over to this supposed old friend and for the life of me I could not remember him, they wouldn’t offer his name, so just by looking at his face, no memories flashed, I was embarrassed and pretended to remember. Then as it was obvious that I was being polite, he introduced himself to me “ Don’t you remember me? I am Mark John from high school, remember me?“ I look at him, and in no way relate the name and face I remember from my childhood to this person standing in front of me. I take a deeper look, trying to remove the fat that has surrounded that man in front of me, and low and behold, I could see the little lanky guy that matched the name I was presented with. I walk back to my chair, as it turns out he was sitting on the same table I was on the whole time.

As I continue my conversation with everyone else, he tries to lean in to be part of the conversation, when he tires and discovers that he can’t hear anything, he asks to sit next to him. Naturally I reject his offer kindly, I am not getting off my seat and cutting off my conversation with my friends to sit next to him so he can hear me. Fifteen minutes after my polite rejection to his offer, i found him sitting to my right trying to get into conversation with me. With all free will I started a conversation with him, knowing he put in enough effort to get the guy sitting on my right to switch with him. He asked me a tone of questions, which I doubt he heard the responses of it as later on he had no clue what I did for a living (and his confession later on was that he was mesmerized by me and just wanted to monopolize my time to stare at me as I spoke, of course when I heard that story at the time I thought it was the most romantic thing on earth). Before me and my family had to leave back to Dubai that night, Samael exchanged number with me so that we could meet up again outside of the wedding.

Samael was up to his word, we met two times after that, and to my surprise Mark John was always there with him. You guessed right, Mark John was interested in me and through Samael his best friend he was trying to see me. As usually I was oblivious to it all. We ended up spending New Years together, with Mark John, Samael and three of my friends who were in town visiting from Cairo. The night ended up with me and Mark John talking non stop to one another, like a bond, he was beyond attentive, shy and so very sweet. We exchanged numbers that night and saw one another twice after before we both left back to our lives. He lived in New Jersey and I then lived partially in Montreal. We made it a point to meet there once we settle back in after our vacation time spent in the UAE. We stayed in touch via sms the other times we couldn’t meet up in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi. One of the two times we met in the UAE, he disclosed the he was looking for a job in Abu Dhabi that he was in an interview, this was the first time I heard him talk so intensely about his job and who he is. It was all so impressive, he was so passionate about it all, it attracted me to him. The second time we met was in Dubai when he came down with Samael to hang out with a bunch of Samael friends. I went with them, and then they came with me when me and my family were having our lunch. He spent so much time talking to my mom, and getting along with her, that it clicked with me, it actually clicked. I had a crush on the guy, I loved how he spoke to my mom and how polite he was. So we both left town and went back home, smsing one another until we got on our designated flights, making plans as to when we should meet in Montreal. He had confessed that he recognized my laugh way before he saw me at the wedding, that he didn’t even have to see me to know who I was (I do have a very distinguished laugh). Later on I find out from him, that the second he saw me he knew I would be his wife, that I was the woman he was going to marry.

Insights for this chapter:

For Woman

1- Do not move out of your way if a man you just only met asks you too, pay attention to the fact that he does not know you to ask you to stop your conversations with others to have a conversation just with him.

2-Yes its very flattering to have a man ask you a ton of questions about yourself. The trick is to notice if he is paying attention to what you’re saying or not. The questions are not enough if your answers are falling into the black abyss of his blank stare.

3- Always feel sexy about yourself regardless of how much weight you gained, or zits you got, that is the one thing that will stay with you forever.

For Men:

1- A gentleman will move towards the woman he wants to speak to, giving her time with others a respectful manner, especially if you are trying to make a good first impression.

2-When talking to a woman, listen to what she is saying more often than not. To just look blindly at her reflects badly on your first impression with her, ask questions relevant to what she had just told you, keep it in mind for future references. Trust me on this one.

To be continued……….Happily Ever After – Chapter 2 (Montreal)


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2 Responses to Happily Ever After – Chapter 1 (First meeting)

  1. rose says:

    Hi again…
    Sameul is a God name …right ..So you mean he was like God to you??
    So that is a good thing???

  2. Hi Rose
    Lovely seeing you again 🙂 well Sameul is a God name but SAMAEL is: In Jewish mythology, this is the name of an archangel, a fallen angel, the Angel of Death or Poison, the accuser, seducer, and destroyer famously known as The Grim Reaper. I go this information from this website http://www.20000-names.com/evil_names.htm.

    So in no way was he like a God to me 🙂 he was more of a SamAEl in my life.

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