Happily Ever After – Chapter 2 (Romancing me)

Me & Mark John together taking a picture at new years before we left to our countries

Right before I left Mark John told me that he wished that he was traveling with me, super romantic. It was just all so great he made me blush a thousand times from the sms’s he would send me. He promised to come visit me in Montreal since he travels all the time and he lives 45 min away by plane.

Upon his arrival to New Jersey he sms’s me lovely things about his trip, funny stories, etc…then he tries to approach the topic of coming to visit me, what is best for me, this coming weekend, or the one after?. It was great and I like him so much, but this time, I decided, I really want someone to put in all the effort while making me feel loved and cared for. I had previously gotten board of boyfriends easily and quickly. I had never really felt like they were my soul mates, people I could spend the rest of my life with, so since I would lose interest too early on in the game, I would force myself to stay in it, putting in more effort than I would have liked to, basically to cover up the fact that I was getting board, and ready to move on. In knowing all that, I didn’t want to ever do it again.

The Glory in all this was that Mark John was the most romantic person I had ever met, he truly swept me off my feet. We planned to meet in two weekends to give our selves time to settle into our lives. We spoke everyday for no less than six hours, in between the phone calls we smsed cause he missed me, he would call at any time from his work, the second someone would leave his office, there was Mark John on the phone. If an hour would pass without talking, he would fill it up with sms’s. We had e-mails sent to one another, so if I was in my classes and could not answer (him knowing that I was taking computer classes) he would sent me discreet messages on my profile page and fill my inbox with loving messages. He was relentless. All this and we had not see one another yet since Abu Dhabi, waiting for us to meet on the planned weekend. At some point we decided that waiting for 14 days was too far off and we should have planned it for the weekend before. In knowing that, we decided to have our first date over the phone. We both got bottles of wine, got on the phone, and our date started. We talked and talked and talked and talked, the date lasted for four hours.

The day came where he was going to arrive, I didn’t have a car in Montreal since everything was walking distance from where I lived, and if I needed to go far enough I would use the metro station. I wanted to pick him up from the airport, all that talk made us feel closer than ever to one another. Taking a cab to the airport my stomach was full of butterflies, I was nervous, very nervous.

The second we met it was weird, I felt normal, natural, I guess from all the talking. He was a nervous wreck, I mean his hands were shaking, he words were not coming out properly, it was so obvious, so when I asked, he completely admitted to it as we laughed about it. We went and dropped off his bags at his hotel, right next to my home, and went out to eat. We laughed, and he was still as nervous as a little school boy. He started to ask me if I was nervous and I told him I was not at all, I think that made him feel uncomfortable, so during our whole evening, he would ask again and again. We spoke till seven am the next morning, there was still so much to say, all those phone calls and we still had stuff to say to one another. By seven am we really needed to sleep, we walked back to his hotel and collapsed on his bed, not a single kiss the whole night, not even a touch, even though he had mentioned on several occasions how much he would want us to kiss. I thought he was such a gentleman, I mean waw, the guy was in control of himself, and that was more than impressive. Well, the next day we did kiss, incase you were all wondering what us up with this weirdness.

Everything was perfect, I mean everything, he booked all the coming weekends, using his mileage (came in to benefit after all this time collecting them). He came down every weekend, during the week where we were both in our home towns, we talked on the phone no less than 6 hours a day, sms’s between the phone calls, e-mails while I was in class between his sms’s. We shopped together on the phone (actually he shopped with me on the phone with him describing everything he was doing) we watched the same tv shows and programs, switching to the same channels to share in the laughter or tears. When I went out with my friends, he was on the phone (they were all getting really upset with me at the time, but I didn’t care anymore, he was so interesting), when he would go out with his friends he would keep smsing me during his outing, I would wait for him to get back home so that we could get on the phone again, our nightly ritual that always lasted till 3am.

This was truly the happiest my heart ever was. That smile you see in the picture was part of my new evolved look.

Every weekend he would fly down, I would go pick him up, then drop him off, we would have the saddest goodbyes, and a phone conversation till his flight would take off. He had taught me how to check on his flight via internet, and I would sit there for the 45 minutes of his flight plastered to the computer screen as it showed me where his plane is on the map. The second he would land, we were on the phone again. Every minute we were together, everything that happened to him I knew about, he could not help telling me everything about his life, dreams, hopes etc.

One thing that I never ever put much thought into was a certain phone call we had, that I basically put out of my memory, not really wanting to believe what I heard. I was talking about energies, auras, human thought pattern, one of the “topics that interests me” a lot and that I keep studying about whenever i got the chance. Every time I would bring up those topics he would change topics and go into something that was all about him, either a childhood story or a work story. So after a lot of trials and errors on my end to get my story across, I decided to ask him “Are you not interested in the things that interest me?” with all the innocence in the world, I had never had a problem with anyone when I had talked about all this energy, psychology stuff before, if anything they were too interested that I would get tired of explaining it. Mark John’s answer to me was simple and honest “I am not interested to hear about it, I am more interested in what I have to say” so at hearing that I started to laugh, I mean no one really says that, you might think it, but hell, never ever say it. So while laughing I tell him “no really, why do you keep changing the topic like that, its somehow rude!” again, another shocker “I am not joking, I am really not interested to hear it, you have other friends to talk to that I am sure will be more interested. If we talk about it, I will have nothing to say in return since I am not interested in it. So then it’s a dead conversation cause I will sleep” he so casually says, like its that simple, nothing more to it, point made. I ignore it completely, I mean I erase it out of my mind in ways you cant even imagine. That would have been a great sign to go on, a huge insight, but I couldn’t, it was the first and only thing that sounded weird, and we did so much together, so much so I let it go. I was already falling in love with him, he had already confessed his love to me three weeks into our relationship. A month and a half into it he had told me that we were soul mates, and I totally and completely agreed with him. We discussed our past relationships, and he came to know that I usually stayed between 3-6 months with someone. I got to find out about his previous marriage, to a woman he didn’t care about, and how obsessed she was about him, how he had ulterior motives in marrying her, how it was a deal of some sort, and once the mission was accomplished he left her as her heart broke.

Now, let me make this really clear, I had no clue that he got threatened by my whole 3-6 months time period with men. Well, I soon found out,our daily conversation he would count down the weeks, days and months that passed to bring us to the 3 months mark, asking if I am over it, if I will walk out now. I would naturally laugh it off, until I started to realize how much this was upsetting him. Then i tried everything to delete the information i had given him earlier regarding the men topic.

In Old Montreal, with the snow, nothing stopped us from doing things together all the time. It was a deadly cold winter too.

Things were wonderful, the snow was all over the city, every weekend we stressed that the flight would be cancelled cause of a storm, and every weekend he made it happen, he always came even when all the airports would not allow flights out till the storm ends, he would sit in the airport waiting for them to allow any passengers on. If his flight would be cancelled, he would look into other airlines that could take him to Montreal, he would have me on the phone directing me through it on the internet as he runs around the airport asking all counters and airlines for any availability. He always always always got on a flight and came to me. That showed me what a reliable person he was, and naturally I fell for him more and more. If i wanted something, he had a sentence that he made me promise to use any-time i ever needed anything but was too shy to persist on it…..i would have to tell him ” Mark John, make it happen” and he would actually make it happen, every single time, he would make what i desired happen. I was in a dream.

I remember one of the weekends he was so exhausted cause of all the flight delays, we went out at night to a lounge, and he fell asleep on my shoulder. It was the cutest thing, and he was just so vulnerable and kind. He would hold my hand, touch my face, and caress my arm, whatever it was, just to be touching me and I loved him doing that. We would go to restaurants and sit next to one another instead of opposite one another just to be closer.

When I tell you he swept me off my feet, he really did. Mark John was just wonderful, a dream of a man in every way possible. He would walk on the streets making sure he is in the direction of the passing cars, he would never let go of my hand, he said he loved to always be holding me somehow. He opened doors for me, he carried our shopping, he told me he loves me on every opportunity he got. He mentioned how perfect my body was, how I am the perfect height, weight, even how my face is perfectly even, how genetically perfect we were together cause he was also as perfect as I am (hmmmm….should I have guessed then? YES I should have) He would make us stand next to one another to show me that his height next to mine is perfection, any reflection on a store front he would do that, and I thought it was so cute how he was so taken by me, little did I know he was more taken by himself. We swam in the indoors pool that I had in my building, and he would compliment my body in ways I didn’t know where possible (just a reminder, I was the fattest I had ever been, I was 60kgs) all I kept thinking about was how mad he would go over me if I lost a few kilos. I was in a dream a total and utter dream, more than I ever imagined was possible.

Insights to keep in a diary:

Only for women

1- Pay close attention to the smallest of details, listen to things he says, more than the things he does. It is always his true nature showing itself to you, the only reason you pay no attention is cause there is so much romancing happening that as females we cant look past it.

2-Watch out for the self complementing man, he will spend most of his time praising himself. The little hints he gives are a huge window into his mind

For Men:

1- why cant you be romantic and consistent?!!

To be continued……Happily Ever After – chapter 3


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