NLP Day 2 Training

Day two of my NLP training has been fruitful yet again. It is an interesting method that provides you with insights into the human mind. How to trigger the right answers using the right questions without pushing a specific answer out of the person in question.

The brain is a complex entity, a being on its own that is providing us with little folders of memories to come back at you when are facing a similar feeling, sound, taste or action. The brain that stacked that hurt and pain away opens up its files once you are faced with it again, in hopes that you will solve it and bring it out of the folder marked “bad” or “anger” or “pain” or “hurt” etc. to deal with it once and for all.

A simple thing such as a song can provoke that emotion of “pain” all over again, in a half a second you are back in the memory of that incident and all the pain that accompanied that particular time period where you heard that specific song.

That trigger keeps us stuck in a certain state of “pain” that we don’t want to feel again, therefore we change the song to something else, but the memory is still there lingering as the mood of the day starts to decline.  The interesting thing about NLP is that it helps you figure this out, it teaches you how to remove that direct emotion from that song, giving you the freedom to look at it as an outsider instead of a person that was part of that scene.

So far as day two goes, i am able to say that there is so much thought that needs to be put into this training. It is also used for business people, a way to understand the person in front of you as you talk to him/her using the same manner in which they communicate in. We have still not broached this topic although so far i have learnt things about body language and eye movements that are really helpful. Like palmistry (which i studied a few years ago in Montreal) everyone has a different way of moving their body, their eyes, images that they put in their minds and most importantly how their reality really looks like to them. In knowing this, there is no specific method in learning a certain body language or eye movement, they are not categorised as one meaning for the whole world. There are a tone of different cultures in the vast world we live in, a hand shake for some may be a rude gesture, while for others it’s a form of showing approachability.

In other words, for example, if we go with the notion that all people who hand-shake are honest, therefore we come to judge that the ones who don’t shake hands are dishonest. This is a false statement in it being a code to live by and judge others. Some cultures find hand shakes to be trespassing into someone else’s territory and energy, therefore to them in their minds and culture you, the handshaker, have done something extremely offensive to him/her.

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  1. Dee says:

    Whoaa Rain,
    It sounds amazing!!

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