All 3 things


This was painted in Cairo over 8 years ago. It represents the combination of Mind Body and Soul all united as one and growing within the same speed. These three aspects are essential to anyone one being on this earth. I needed to symbolize to myself the desire for all three to grow at the same time. The harmony within that type of growth and self maturity. A desire i have longed to have forever with every beat of song i heard and every book i read. I need to see the possibilities on the growth within branching out onto all three categories that exist within me. This was painted in the presence of these 2 songs,Kissing in the rain and Ice ………what can i say, i switched from one to the other for a whole 3 weeks to finish this canvas…it was a pleasure to do.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

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