Growth with love

To understand the reason for this painting, the challenge i had to face to paint it, click on the right “Main Page Logo” and read about it.

Before you read the explanation, see if your able to understand what is painted, i have had lots of people see so many things in it outside of what i had in mind. It a good way to see how people view love. Test someone, let them look at it and hear what they say about it. If anything interesting comes out of it, i would love to hear what was said.

This is an explanation of this painting. I am a believer in soul mates, also an adamant believer that there are 2 people that are great together and 2 people that bring out the worst in one another. In painting this, i wanted to fulfil the desire of the perfect Soul partners.

A passionate embrace between 2 people surrounded by her hair, wrapping them in an abundance of her hair. They are within one another. The blue is the symbol of mediation, serenity and calm. Green is the symbol of self growth and enlightenment. Yellow is for memory and intelligence. Orange is the colour of socializing. Red, as i am sure you already know is the colour of lust, romance, love.

The bubbles floating up, are portraying wishes made by them both, each floating into the colour of their desired wish. Since they are more likely to be on the same life track, their dreams for their life are in harmony therefore allowing them to still be indulged in one another, encouraging each to growth to the better.

What usually people cant see is the 2 people about to kiss in the centre of the painting. her lips and his lips a whisper away from one another. So how many of you can see the 2 faces about to kiss?? Now that is the trick question.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

One Response to Growth with love

  1. LaBreeya says:

    Who is the artist of Growth With Love? I’m doing a Visual Presentation at school and I would really like to use this work of art.

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