How they met – part 2

The love story that i grew up believing goes like this:

She had long black silky hair that reached all the way down towards her mid waist, skin as smooth as silk with a few sprinkles of freckles in all the right places. Her posture was impeccably straight while her body  flexibly toned, the perfect ballerina body. Her days were spent in training or in classes studying, her nights were at home with her family or performing on stage in the great opera house in Cairo.

She was never allowed to go to parties or sleepover at her friends homes, but she was content with that life since her passion was consumed all day long for nothing else to find its way into her life. As for boys, she was asked out lot, yet never found an interest to pursue it or any inclination of interest outside of her ballet and her friends.

As the years passed her interest started to change, not towards her ballet career, but more towards her personal life. She wanted to know what it was like to go to a party, get dressed and dance.

At her prime age of 17 a friend of hers was having her birthday party in her house, and for the first time the ballerina wanted to go. Her cousins fought her parents, she got grounded and scolded at. A few days before the party, to her utter surprise, her aunt came over and gave a massive lecture to the ballerinas dad. Guess what, the one time she went out to a party she met her future husband, the engineer.

As she silently sat in a corner at the party, in her simple yet extremely elegant outfit, she observed all the events taking place, in complete internal excitement she clapped her hands to the songs, yet dared not get up and dance. Boys all around her were asking her hand to dance, yet she totally refused with a few giggles and a smile as she continued to clap her hands to the rhythm of the songs.

That is when, at a distance, a young engineer  who was tall dark and handsome,was watching her throughout the evening as she politely rejected others proposition to dance. He walks towards her, and introduces himself to her. She had never seen him before, he was not part of the ballet team or all the others that were in the same school or group. She stared at him, thinking what a handsome young man he is and what courage he had to come up and talk to her.

With a simple gesture from his end and a few words, she accepted to dance with him, her first dance ever.

The music died down and time was running out, her curfew was coming up. The engineer wanted nothing more than getting hold of this mesmerizing ballerina and her phone number. He pulled out a handkerchief and asked her to give him her number. Upon rejection from her end for the lack of obtaining a pen to offer her number, he simply looked at her and asked ” do you have lipstick” in her innocence she said “yes” he then asked her to give it to him, and surely her obtained a means to write her number down on the tissue paper.

As expected, the  love story lasted for 5 years in utter love and romance, ending with them getting married after defying his parents and going against their wishes in marriage to a ballerina who was Egyptian.

About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

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