Light or Dark

This is one of my recent paintings. There were so many things that had happened in my life and were still happening, actually are still happening. This was painted through inspiration to express my inner self as best i could so i can know what it is i am looking for or asking for in life.

The darkness into light, or light into darkness, whichever mood i am in is how i see this painting. I have it placed over my couch and look at it every time i walk towards my living room. I stop, stare and wonder what i see that day, and it signifies what state of mind i am in.

Is the butterfly lead by a beaming light into the brightness of a new day a new life to look forward to, or is it being seduced by the light to head into a brewing storm of darkness and confusion.

The round shape: sometimes to me its an egg, with an exterior shell that is not befitting of the beauty within it. The glitter inside the wisdom and the eternal unknown that will always provide a mystery into something more profound something more holy. Other days the egg is really a planet, unlike any other, its beauty drawing you into it, not knowing what to expect, like a moth to a flame… then…. BAMMMM…. the hard shell surrounding it covers over you and keeps you locked into a world of disillusion in your own mind.

The waves and the silent sea. the flower of peace that floats into the waves represents that also through all bad there is a good thing that the bad brings closer to a person. The opposite could also be understood, the waves push away all good that tries to float towards you. A symbol of a better place somewhere else, or life of such colour and beauty lies beyond the waves, deep into the darkness there is light and a part of it is given to you, in hope of maintaining an optimistic outlook on life and what it may offer of the unknown.

The golden strip on the side of the painting represents wealth, and its at the forefront of the painting and everything else is behind it. In doing so the intricate mysteries of life are always symbolized by a persons wealth and value in gold.

The velvet red scarf that is blowing in the wind, provides sexiness and lust. The symobl of love and romance that usually is just a passing venture over whatever stage of your life your at. If its dark or happy there is always the hope and offering of love, romance and a new encounter. Yet again on my bad days, this red silk scarf is a symbol of blood, anger, murder.

The light that is slowly showing itself behind the supposed egg, is the light of God. A powerful force that can over come all darkness if desired to do so. a temptation of hope to going back home, back to ones true light, to ones true self and inner peace. The journey is either light or dark, according to our daily perceptions of life.

About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

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