Maggy & George – Part 2 (Who are they?)

Before continuing into this part 2, you need and must know that this is a true story, something that really did happen. The reviving of my belief in soul mates. So here is part 2 of the story:

“So … did you guys meet?”  i questioned them with great enthusiasm “what is your love story?”

“27 years, and still going” she says, smiling shyly towards George

They hold hands while they rivert their eyes directly at me as they start to tell me their tale.

“I hired him to work for me, actually to work for the company I was working for at the time” she explains with a sheepish smile.

“yes…I was working for her” he confirmed her starting sentence of  their first encounter with each another.

“I am a graphic designer, and our company was looking for another company to work with, actually to handle our accounts. So I hired him.”  She said as she gently patted his hand in recognition of his efforts at work. Maggy then explained that George was part owner of his company and therefore they never met in person. She worked on a great amount of accounts creating designs for clients to advertise; therefore she never had a reason to meet him since she dealt with the design and not the finance part. His name was mentioned at all times of the day at her job and with clients, referring to George as a great man, yet a harsh strong man that does not joke around. His reputation exceeded him one that made sure everyone wanted to maintain staying on his good side.

Maggy used to always swear under her breath when an account would go sour, or there was a problem with the finance company they were working with, and the one name she kept hearing and swearing at was George. It was all George said this George did this, George said no to this.

As of George, he also heard Maggy name mentioned on many occasions, allowing him also to wonder who this person was and why did she hold a reputation of being ‘ one touch lady to handle’.  Maggy was beautiful, smart and extremely independent for her time. She had left her family in Switzerland at the age of 27 (which was unheard of) and ventured on her own to go and make a life in Montreal. She was not willing to meet a “husband” and get married, as the pressures of her family was getting to intense for her liking. She had a large family, and the only one who was not married, actually the only one refusing all proposals of marriage, feeling that there was more out there for her. She was very business minded and independent for her own good. Men wanted to tie her down, get her off her high horse and have her at home with jobless (as life still is today). To this thought she could not conform, therefore she left her family and fled to Canada.

Her reputation at work was solid, she was not to be messed around with, and men knew that she does not mix work and pleasure at the same time. She was extremely intelligent  and skilled at her job, in the company she got most of the clients asking for her work. Within all this she didn’t deprive herself sexually either. She knew her desires as a woman and fulfilled them as needed. She had boyfriends that lasted no more than a few weeks, then she would move on to the next guy, or take a break and focus only on her job.

Maggy loved the world of the unknown with the human psychology, so a lot of her time was spent sitting down in the late hours of the night reading about it. She would try to meditate while experimenting with different forces of energy fields. Her interest kept growing, yet there was no one she could to talk about it, there were no friends.

To be continued…….


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