Maggy & George part 3 (First meeting)

A year later, while both individuals pursued their life paths separately, while still hearing an abundance of things about one another through different sources. Each was sure that the other was the biggest snob and showoff. A tender dislike towards one another was brewing between them. One day a problem arose at work, involving the both of them. They needed to meet, they needed to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Maggy says with her gentle voice “I was so worried in meeting George, he was known to be the devil himself and a cruel man. Also he held the reputation of a very sexy man who never dated any women cause women were below him” She looks at him with disbelief and pride, she continues “ I wanted to break him, make him see me as an equal, so all my guards were up as I walked into the meeting room, were he sat waiting for me”

George broadens his smile, takes a look at her, then turns to look at me and says “ can you imagine what I was thinking and feeling that day??!!!!” widening his eyes at me in disbelief, he continues “ I heard horror stories about Maggy, she was an intense woman who hated men, she was harsh at her job, and one of the only ones who kept arguing anything I would say. If she had her guards were up, can you imagine what I was trying to put up to defend myself against a raging person?”

George elaborates “ I sat in the meeting room waiting for her to come in, all my papers perfectly placed and organized, I am a very organized person, I stare at the door, low and behold, a gorgeous woman walks in. All slick and proper, hair the color of gold, tied up in a loose bun with a little hat on top. She took my breath away.”

I look at him, waw, this is amazing what a love story, I am staring at her, seeing that she is beautiful today at the age of 61, she truly must have been a beauty at the age of 29. I am drooling now to know about their first kiss, yet too embarrassed to ask that question, not yet, not now, but knowing me, I will. I imagine him grabbing her and throwing her against a wall as he devours her with molested kisses. He breaks my thoughts with his next sentence.

To be continued………i have notes written down from that day and days that followed which i keep going back to while adding more of how it was like being there. So this is all already written since 2003/2004


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