My Inspiration to be a powerful Woman

Six month ago I was walking around in the book store, i was looking for a book that can keep me excited to the very end. All i wanted was something similar to Sydney Sheldon’s books, something that i used to obsess over when i was a lot younger. As i roamed around the new fiction release seciton my eye fell upon a book that read ” Mistress of the Game ” i kept staring at it, this WAS a Sydney Sheldon book, a new book for him all i could think was “Is this a new book? impossible, the dude died….how could this be?” i immediately flipped through the book trying to figure out if what i knew was right or wrong. To my surprise, Tilly Bagshawe was writing on his behalf. I have read a book for a Louise Bagshawe The Devil You Know it was a really good book  i assumed they were related to one another.

Anyway, i bought the book, ” Mistress of the Game ” it took me back in time to all of Sydny Sheldons books. I went down memory lane that day, and went and purchased of all his books (since all my copies were in my other home in Cairo, and the impatient person that i am i could not wait till i fly back there in a few more months)

The following are my favourite books for him, i respect his writing very much, he was truly a creative legend in my life.

1-The Other Side of Midnight

This is truly the very first book i ever read for him, took it out of my mothers book shelves, all i can say today is waw….it was one of the frist books that really made me an active reader.

2-If Tomorrow Comes

Starting with this book and The Other Side of Midnight i realized how powerful women are and can be. This began me on the road to understand the powers of a woman, the beauty of being a woman while knowing how to take care of my self as a woman.

3-Memories of Midnight

This is the second part of  The Other Side of Midnight and really worth the read, terrific but not half as great as the first book, yet worthy of the read cause its great to live with a character for this long.

4-Master of the Game

Now this is one hell of a book, i mean one hell of a heartless woman, one great book that just takes you through a whirlwind of a life.

Also the movie is something that still lingers in my mind and heart Master of the Game (1984) (2pc) (Full)

5-The Best Laid Plans

Now this book, what a woman, i mean this is truly dedication to be the most powerful woman, all for the sake of paying back a man.

6-Rage of Angels

If your interested in Lawyers, women starting from scratch, fighting the Mafia etc. this is your book, for me it made me feel that i can make anything happen if i really want it to

7-The Sands of Time

There are nuns involved in this book, but nothing of what you think it is. Each with a different secret they hold and desires. Worthy read like each one of his books

Now this is a book i just saw that just came out for him (well, Tilly Bagshawe), i have to leave you to go get it NOW…ahhhh so excited YIPPPIIIIII Sidney Sheldon’s After the Darkness


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