Shocking truth – 3 (Back Home)

Continued from…….Shocking Truth -2 Europe trip

On arrival to our home town again, i sat alone on the plane since i have a tendency to sleep on planes. In the mean time, Leama has become distant from me, our years of bonding and friendship was slowly fading, while Tracy was acting like an angle of love. I ignored all that was happening since i was feeling really guilty for loosing my temper that way. Nothing mattered to me at that point in time, all that mattered was that i knew that i needed to leave my ex husband for sure, and all the lies he made me believe of myself, were lies and not the truth about who i was. I needed to end things, end them as soon as possible before i fall back into the same cycle.

One of the nights, Tracy decided to go out with Tamer, he was depressed and had a business dinner  that he had to go to, and he wanted her with him. It was a blessed day, she wore the jeans he likes, the heals he loves, the sexy shirt and kept asking me if it was professional enough for a business dinner. I said yes, and helped her get dressed. In the mean time me and Leama were getting closer to one another, somehow we could not stay that apart  for too long. Luckily neither i nor her told Tracy, not meaning to, it just happened that way. So Leama was depressed, and Tracy told me to take care of her, sweet Tracy all love and care (sarcasm). Asked to to tell her to come over to the house and chill with me, that she will take care of Tamer depressiona dn i take care of Leama depression. Leama came over, kept looking at her watch, and kept persisting that Tamer is supposed to call her so we can all meet up. Never did Tamer call, so Leama called Tracy and Tracy never answered. We sat there for a few hours, then Leama just picked up the phone and called Tamer. He was thrilled, and told us to meet him since they went out to a club, and he has been expecting us, why were we late.

We arrived home and things were great with Tracy yet weird with Leama, Tracy was more loving than her natural self, and Leama was more distant than her natural self. I made nothing of it, i assumed she was shocked at my reaction in Athens and just let it be. As things started to evolve and me and Leama grew more and more distant, Tracy started planting her seeds. She started in her utter sweet way to tell me strange things about Leama. Insinuating things like she uses her own brother cause he is her only source of a social life. Making Leama look like a person with no personality or ability to think for herself, while also being a user. In the mean time Leama also stopped calling me as often, so therefore we were not as close any more, her phone calls were to Tracy, and Tracy would shut the phone, ask me how me and Leama were, then when i would tell her that we hardly every talk, she would start filling my head with stuff about her. Months passed and the gap amongst me and Leama grew larger and larger. Tracy was in love with Leama brother, and made sure to also separate Leama from her brother, Leama and Tamer were also best friends not just brother and sister. They also started to fade after an incident that took place concerning Leama. Everything was changing to the worse, yet no one knew why, or what was happening. At some point, at the ending times of my ex husband and me, he would come over to hang out with us, the strangest things would happen, Tracy would start to flirt with him, playing hard to get, and it made no sense to me, since whenever he is about to come over, she tells me that she will rip him apart fro doing what he is doing to me. Then he walks in and boom a whole different person appears.

The landlord of the building we were in hated her so much, he started to spread rumours about her, and i would go and defend her with him every time i would hear something he is saying. Nothing was it is seems, everything was weird, and i could not for the life of me figure out what it was.

Every few months we would discuss leaving Abu Dhabi and moving to Dubai. One month is would be me, wanting to leave, the other month it would be her wanting to leave. By June, she was dying to leave and could not take Abu Dhabi any more. With intense convincing from her end, begging us to leave, telling me she will never leave without me by her side, that she cant live with anyone else other than me, and Dubai will mean nothing to her without me. We decide to go look at apartments in Dubai, me getting a strange gut feeling that if i move, i don’t want to move with her. Naturally i ignored it totally. At last we found an apartment, she was beyond excited, i didn’t like it that much, but i was actually glad to be moving out of Abu Dhabi with all its bad memories. I had finally left my ex husband and that was a great enough reason to leave and never turn back.

We went, and thought nothing of what happened. I naturally left early, usually after i am done with all the pent up dancing i have inside me, i leave, not that big on just partying all night long. At the mean time, before leaving Abu Dhabi for Dubai, me and the Greek guy started dating long distance after i left my ex husband. We were e-mailing and having him there as a friend was very helpful in deciding what i really deserve in my life, how i deserve to be treated. So a trip was planned to go meet him in Athens, in the mean time Leama and Tracy liked the same guy. That guy liked Leama, yet we all assumed he might like Tracy since they were of the same religion. Guy didn’t approach Tracy much and put all his efforts with Leama. I really feel bad for Tracy, she really wanted to get married and settle down and was hoping that Guy was gonna be here man, this whole venture lasted 48 hours, she dreamt of her future with him, her name with his name, how their wedding will look like. Yes it was a bit nuts to go that far after meeting him only 1 time, but that was the way she was. To her great disappointment he wanted Leama. To all our surprise including Leama, she wanted him too. All ugliness broke loose, there was so much bad talk about Leama from Tracy that i started to see where she was coming from and i started to bad mouth her too. I turned more and more against Leama and actually became anger from her.

I left that weekend, with Tracy begin me for advice on what to do during the weekend. She didnt want to go down to Dubai to see her friends, and was very sad that i was leaving her for a few days to travel. So i told her to hang out with Tamer, since they are best friends. She told me she was not in the mood for him, and would rather be alone. I tried to make plans for her so she is not feeling lonely while i am not there.

On my return, Tracy was all upset at Leama, telling me that Leama ditched her for Guy, that they didnt go out of their way to see her and take her out with them on her first date. She said that they invited her once to the beach, and that Leama tried everything to ditch her brother Tamer from joining them to the beach so she can spend good time with Guy. She started talking ugly about Leama attitude saying that she is so horrible to her poor brother that wanted to spend time with them.  She said that Leama didnt even invite her to go with them for lunch the next day, knowing how lonely she was, she bumped into them at the mall as she sat eating alone, and cause Leama didn’t want to seem like a bad person called her when she saw her so that Guy does not thing that Leama is not a good freind. Tracy started to tell me that she thinks that Guy is controling Leama food cause he was pushing food in her face and making fun of her order, that Leama was in a bad relationship. I was so disappointed at Leama for her reaction. That drifted us apart more and more. So we again stopped talking and this time i kept my distance.

One blessed day, for some reason she called to chat, i was surprised, and i gave her a piece of my mind about her attitude towards her brother and Tracy. The shocking truth came floating out of her, telling me that she called me cause she is shocked at Tracy’s actions with her boyfriend Guy. Slowly the true story came out.

Leama was feeling like shit for leaving Tracy alone, so she called her several times to tell her to join her on her first date to the beach with Guy. Finally Tracy said yes and went. In the mean time, Tracy called Tamer to join them and he didnt answer the phone. Tracy came all dolled up in her swim suit, hat, glasses and earnings, in seduction mode. She sat there flirting with Guy the whole time, agreeing with everything he said and all his perspective of life. When Leama told them that her brother was gonna come, that Guy needs to leave, Tracy got all wide eyed, worried that her chance at a good flirt with her future husband would go to hell. She told Leama to call Tamer and lie and tell him they were leaving the beach, it was too late for him to come. Leama, not understanding, agreed and sent him a text saying that.

The next day, Leama called Tracy to ask her to come to have lunch with them at the mall, when Tracy told her that she was already there. As Leama and Guy walked towards her, Tracy gave a pout, as Leama asked her why she didn’t call to meet up for lunch. Tracy sat flirting with Guy the whole lunch period, with tips and full attention on him ignoring Leama totally, luckily Guy noticed and grab Leama hand to reassure her that he is not the least bit taken by her fake act.

To me this was shocking, i didn’t know who to believe? how could i know who was right? i sat with myself and though back to all the times Tracy had lied through her teeth and all the times Leama lied, in all honesty Leama was not known to lie to me ever.

Moving on with the story, i was having my doubts and my desire to move in with her anywhere else was starting to fizzle away, yet i was in a spell, a spell that i was sucked into through all her stories and fake smiles.

We decided to move to Dubai, oh what a decision, it was a tough call, i didn’t want to but i still wanted to, and she was so persistent that i felt sad and bad for her. So we packed our stuff and left Abu Dhabi for good, knowing that every morning we will be driving down to Abu Dhabi for work and returning to our home in Dubai.

To be continued….Shocking truth -the final chapter….all the truths


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