Shocking truth – Europe Trip

Continued from……..Shocking truth – deceit

On booking our trip to Europe i, unfortunately, could not travel on the same flight or day, i was gonna be a day late cause one of my closest friends in Cairo was getting married.

You must know that one of the main reasons for that vacation was for me to get away from my ex husband, we were dating again…yes…we were trying to make things work. I needed to figure things out, i needed to know if i could ever go back to what i was in, i was confused, as always when it came to him. I needed to leave, go see other things outside of him, he was reverting to his same old mean ways, things were getting ugly again. a decision needed to be made.

Before i continue let me add names to those specific individuals. 3rd Friend will be called, Tracy. House hosting friend will be called, Leama. Friend i have known forever will be called, Tina. My ex Husband will simply be called Ex.Husband.

I was missing out on a day with Tracy and Leama, so i had 9 days in total with them. I arrived, took a cab to the booked hotel and met up with them with warm hugs of joy. The room was horridly small, unlike the pictures shown to us by the travel agent, the hotel was dirty in a filthy way. We didnt care, we were happy to be on vacation together for the first time. We put on our skimpy summer clothes and went out into the great streets of Athens in search of a place to have lunch. The place was not as nice as expected, we had a different perception of what this place would look like, yet we still smiled and enjoyed the day. As we finished our lunch we decided to look for a beach to chill in and tan for a bit while we allow our eyes to venture on some hot men.

We were having a great time, laughing, joking, having a blast. We went back to the hotel room to change for a night out of clubbing and dancing. We dressed in our sexy outfits, put on our make-up took the little paper with the names of the night clubs in and left in a cab to a great club. Nothing like our home town places and the people were so fresh and dressed and easy going. We got flirted with by many a men, who would come stand with us to dance and talk. It felt great, different than our home-town, where men had a fear of approaching women for the sake of rejection, the only ones that have that ability are always the sleaziest of men.The night was a blast, yet naturally it had to end, we had to leave the club was closing. We hoped in a cab, all of us under the influence of alcohol, taking crazy pics in cab and laughing till our eyes couldn’t release tears any more.

Once in the hotel, we all fell on our beds, talking and laughing about the night events. Then the big thing happened, for some reason something was said that i could not in any way accept. Tracy was mentioning how the guys at the end of the night were sweet, they stuck around jumping and dancing with us and were a lot of fun. Leama cuts in and says ” They told me about great places for us to go to, cause they would know, they are cab drivers”. The grand shock to her highness Tracy, she sat up, shock all over her face, as though we caught the aids disease by talking to these men. She snapped, started to say stuff like ” they were cab drivers? what?!! HOW??!!!” she then really sits up, looking all shocked as though the club was only designated to millionaires. ” We were dancing with Cab drivers, me Tracy to be dancing with a cab driver. Leama, how could you not tell me, how could you not tell me we were dancing with cab drivers”. Something other than myself took over me, something just snapped inside of me, and i totally lost it. Everything i was holding inside for all those months, all the pent up anger and disappointment poured out of me like a volcano that has been ready to irrupt for months and at last it spewed out all its insides.

I started off by first asking calmly ” what is wrong with that?” holding myself back, hoping yet again i might hear something that holds some humanity in this person. Ofcourse, i should not expect the unexpected. All she had to say was ” they are cab drivers, its not my standards”. Yup, that just did it, it totally did it for me. I went into a rampage, saying that cab drivers are human and outside of our arab world they do still enjoy the same things in life that other people from other standards of living enjoy. That she had never left her country to be able to see that atleast those people are honest people, that she cant even compare her self to them cause she is the lowest of humanity cause she accepted on her self to do the lowest thing to a whole family for 8 years. I was on a role, i could not stop, everything inside came out.

Then in the midst of all this i remembered a statement once i heard her tell me and a group of friends regarding her language, as it turns out, she used to speak with a british accent, so at one of our first meetings, she was making fun of all our american accents saying that it was so arabic, that its obviouse we all never lived or went to the states. Surprisingly enough, i had lived in Canada for years and went to the states on a monthly basis to meet up with my friends. The other shocker was that three of the guys sitting with us in that outing were also residents of Canada and the States for over 7 years. So at some point we asked her how she has a british accent. To our utter shock (it is something we kept making fun of for months on end) she said that the reason her british accent is so great is cause…listen to this, not ever living in England, not ever going to a british school….oh no…the reason was that her sister in law was british….huh…really??!!!! could this be an answer? Could this be a more prominent reason as to why someone can speak British yet the people around the table that have lived in the states or went to American schools their whole lives, didn’t know how to speak American…i really should have taken that as a sign, yet naturally i truly never do.

That story started roaming in my mind as i was yelling and screaming, spewing out all the ugly things she was doing in her life, yet coming up with strange stories to explain her re-birth as a sophisticated human, above all else, the perfection of a female of morals and values, caring for her parents and loving her niece more than anything else in life (we will get to that later, the shocking truth). I could not stop swearing, mentioning all the hypocritical things that had been said. I kept repeating over and over again, that she was a mistress, and its time she comes to terms with that being her title. To my utter surprise, she kept repeating her same statement, that his wife should have left him, that she had more rights to him than her. This would just riyl me up all over again. I kept yelling “at least admit that what you did was shit”. I wanted nothing more than an admission, sorrow at hurting a whole family, regret at being in a situation like that, being the cause of a family breaking up, being the reason why his wife called her one day and begged her to leave him. Just some remorse, regret anything to validate my living with her.

I am sure you are wondering what Leama was doing throughout all this, well she was trying to calm us both down, she was talking to her telling her how shitty what she did was, and asking me to calm the hell down. At the end she noticed that there was nothing she could do, so she sat there curled up on the bed, watching the devastation taking place. Tracy packs up her suit case, and leaves the room, i run after her to stop her from leaving, worried that something will happen to her, telling her not to leave, yelling at her to tell her that she needs to at least understand that what she did was wrong. at the end she left, i even tried to hide her passport, i mean really, there was no one there for her but me and Leama. Leama looks at me and tells me “just let her leave”.

The next morning i wake up in a daze. I panic, i worry, a girl alone in a country she doesn’t know, i keep hoping she is ok, i jump at Leama and ask her to try calling her cause my phone keeps freezing on me and showing that her line is busy. We call and call, and nothing. Then surprisingly we get a call from Leama brother, who is great friends with her, he tells us that she is at airport and had been crying all night. We rush to the airport, as Leama is so uninterested in going ( i am sharing this with you for the later reasons to come). We reach there, lo and behold, the drama queen is sitting on a bench in the airport, crying and being so sweet to us.  I was surprised, but not so much, since i was coming to understand who this person is and the self pity games she plays. I was still coming to understand, i had still NOT understood, so a new chance was given to all of us.

After a whole talk, and sadness, we went back to the hotel room. Leama decided to have us talk openly about it to one another, and so we left to take a cup of coffee in the lobby and make amends. We spoke and spoke, i explained and explained and she repeated all what was said over and over again. Leama looks at her and asks ” Is there no remorse at all, no feelings at all that this could have been a wrong thing to do, like an awareness? nothing Tracy?. That is all that we need to know, to understand who we are dealing with”. Then, as though a light bulb clicked in Tracy’s eyes, she said that she does feel guilty about the whole thing, that she wishes she never told me, that i stayed in the dark, that she was young, only 27 when she left him. That he was treating her bad, that he promised to leave his wife, yet she would have never allowed him to leave his wife cause of her. She talking in circles, and i was in no mood to stay angry and shit all over my holiday. We made up with one another. The vacation continue, but we could not stay in that hotel any more, so we went to one of the Greek Islands, Mykonos.

We left to Mykonos and things started to change, randomly change, in a strange unknown way. Leama started to act stranger by the day and Tracy was sweeter than every. At the arrival into our new hotel, the owner was a hunk of a man, and for some reason we hit it off, flirting and talking. to this Tracy was extra friendly and sweet about it all. Strange that she would be that way after all what happened. Little did i know that a plan was brewing in her little sly head, a plan that she was doing everything in her power to accomplish.

To be Continued…………….Shocking truth – 3 (Back Home)


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