Happily Ever After – Chapter 13

This time i left him again to go to Cairo for my sanity and family comfort. I was all alone in that world, and there was no one to turn to but MJ. I told him i was leaving him, that i had nothing there for me any more, it had been six months already and things were getting worse and worse.

My dad got a hold of him on the phone and blew a rage of anger towards him, he needed to know that he did not get married to a girl with no family that will take care of her. MJ promised to do better, to take care of me, as for my dad, he wanted me out of this marriage but didn’t want me to do something if i was not ready to do it. By that point in my relationship, i was blaming myself for everything, i thought i was at fault for provoking him to treat me this way. I didn’t back then see that he was not right, that he was manipulating all the situations to make me see myself as nothing, that i am not worthy to any man outside of him. I was to believe that no one can ever love me the way he does. I was filled with flaws which made him the only man to accept me the way i was. I kept blaming myself for so many things, i kept telling myself that it was all my fault for provoking him to talk to me that way. All his words were constantly in my head, and all his lies were in full clarity my new reality.

At the end i went back to Dubai, my sister was on vacation in Cairo with her husband and child, and so i had her house to myself. I arrived without telling him i was back in town, i had work to do, and i was not ready to fail at my work also, i was already a failure at my marriage. A day after my return i get messages from him asking me where i am, and if i am in town then as my husband he should know. The guilt eats me up, i did another wrong wifely thing, so i pick up his phone call and we speak for hours. He is the gentlest of men, he is love and emotion, he is the soul mate i thought he was. My God how he played with my emotions like a ping pong ball, and i was always ready to fall for it, fearing that i was the reason for our failure in the marriage. I was still not ready to go back and live with him, so i told him that i will stay in Dubai for another week until i sort my thoughts out. This was unacceptable for him, cause he could not live without me any more. He asked what i was gonna do that night and i told him i might go have dinner at the Westin Hotel (across the street form my sisters home). He begged me not to go, and to drive down to him instead. I shut the phone refusing to hear any more from him, and started to go get ready to go out for dinner when the door bell rang. I went to the door and there was MJ with the biggest flower arrangement i had ever seen, it was beautiful, i mean it took my breath away looking at it. He asked to come in, and put the flowers down on the centre table situated in the living area. He asked me to really look at it, and when i did, there i found two beautifully wrapped gifts. i opened them to find inside one of them a ring that was exactly what i had always wanted, and another was a necklace that took my breath away.

He tried to hug me and i refused him to touch me, so we went to the Westin to have dinner since it was what i wanted to do before his arrival. He hovered all over me, asking me what i wanted to eat or drink, feeding me everything he had on his plate (which was something he always did with me, even in the middle of our fights he always fed me. I still don’t understand how he could make such a loving gesture yet hurt me so badly). Once we returned, we made amends, and that night was one of the most passionate nights we had in a really long time. He had me hooked that way, the passionate way, he knew what to do and what not to do, and he knew he was the first man i had ever been with. So i had no escape when he would touch me, i was his without a thought or a word, and we drove back together the next morning to continue our lives as best we could.

This time it only took him one day to become his old self again.The same day we arrived, we both went to work, he called me from the car with a gush of excitement in having me back and told me to get dressed we are going to the supermarket together to shop for groceries. To me this seemed like a new change, he wanted to shop with me, which was one of those privileges that i was refused to have as part of my relationship with him, he would only like to shop for food alone or with Samael. I was rushing out of the shower, I put on a pair of jeans and a black top and my hair was wet. As I walked into the car he looks at me and says “why are you dressed like that? You look like an Indian maid. What if we bump into someone from work how can I introduce u as my wife? It will be embarrassing for me, so I will walk in front of you in the supermarket so I am not associated to you”. From seeing the shock on my face he corrected himself, and begged me to forgive him, he wanted me to teach him how to talk properly. I was hurt but numb by then, nothing i said or did made a difference, MJ was MJ regardless of what he was putting me through. So i accepted his appology and we went to the supermarket to do our shopping together.


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