Happily Ever After – Conclusion

It has been overwhelming painful to write my story with MJ. Everyday i had to write again, i would dive back into the memories and i would feel what i felt, hear what i heard and taste what i tasted. I was re living every moment of the pain and the confusion. I had to finish it all today, leaving out all the other horrible things that were said and done cause i could simply not write those ones down or even live in them again.

Funny enough all the things he made me believe especially the whole “If you decide to leave me baby girl don’t worry about it i will get over you in one week” as he would click his fingers was all talk out of that place that is positioned in the opposite direction to his mouth.

Two months after my freedom from him, he went to beg my parents to have me back. He flew to Cairo to show what a changed man he was. My parents wanted nothing to do with him or his family, especially that through out all this his parents never called me or my parents once, or even showed up in the divorce court. So when he decided to go to them and ask for forgivness my dad let out the hells of fire on him.

My dad has a temper, and God forbid anyone who came anywhere near dad’s bad side. So MJ was blown away for two days he would go back to our house in Cairo and my dad would let out all his anger, insults and aggression on him. At the end, my dad called me to tell me that he thinks MJ changed, and its up to me to give it a shot if i want to.

So we dated again, and again it failed in a horrid way. And then a few months after that we dated again, my car service called him instead of me, he took care of all the expenses (very unlike him) and so he put on the grandest show of how mature he became. And we dated again.

Yes i was stuck in a cycle again and could not get out. At the same time i had been living with Tracy (the story The Shocking Truth is her story) in our new apartment for six months. Then it was done. Finally over, completely done for, i left we spoke about it like mature adults and i left.

Life is strange that way, living in hopes and dreams, like the movies, that once you leave the love of your life because he was not appreciative of you, then when he comes back, things are different. NOT TRUE

People do not change, what you see is what you get. Its really up to you to see the person for who they really are. Pay close attention to what they say, every word that comes out is an insight into his true personality.

All the women out there who have good men, please start appreciating them more, they also need a kind appreciative word. As for the men out there, it is a fact that women are a sensitive being, so treat them with care, and when they are hurt listen to them, that is all that they really want.

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6 Responses to Happily Ever After – Conclusion

  1. Sally Atta Omar says:

    Wowww….I’m thrilled this abusive, devastating chapter of ur life has passed ya roons…..Ah,…..I can’t express how heart-broken & touched I am with this nerve-recking state of mind you’ve been in. God bless u & hope He would insha’ Allah send you your soulmate that would respect & cherish you forever. Luv u & hope to see u soon isa with all the goodness in the world with you. Keep up ur defenses & don’t ever fall for those LOSERS ever again……

  2. Hey Sally, its been soooooooooooo long, i was so happy to read your comment cause i had missed you, and really didn’t think you were reading my blog 🙂 My defences are sky high, as my sister in law told me today that she would not be surprised if my fences were electrical barbed wires lol lol lol lol lol…… Thank you for such a blessed wish, May God grant you all the happiness you deserve and more.

    Love always

    • Sally says:

      All the happiness to you too habibty…..hope u’re in Cairo during ramadan isa……Would love to see u. PLSSSSS try to make it by then….we ‘re planning for an iftar with all the girls like the old days……come…OKKKSSSS?????… we won’t take no for an answer…..bye for now to see u soon isa…Luv u always…

  3. xxxx says:

    Dear ,

    AM gad your ordeal is over …
    However please note that i do not know you nor ever met you..but i never liked you..How???
    Well i was a chat buddy to one person in your story on Facebook and msn not you ex:)…We used to chat non stop..And that is when you name and others were mentioned…i know tamer,tracy ,MJ and so on all through that person stories…tracy was adored BTW nothing but praises…:)as for you nothing but what a control freak and what a big mistake MJ is doing and how you have him wrapped around your finger…and the reson given for why you act that way and why you do not trust men is because of your mum and dads relationship…..and many stories were mentioned in that regards…
    I happened to stumble upon your blog through the mutual friend we have on facebook and got to read it..And i felt like an idiot for my willingness to believe all that lies about someone i do not know…btw there were more than one occasion in my life that i was about to see you but when invited by some ppl and when i knew you would be there i would decide that it is a gathering i can pass:)now i know maybe i passed meeting someone special:)the way you put yourself out there is very impressive…
    i will not go on to any more detials cause i can see that everyone can read your blog and my chat buddy can to 🙂
    Hope u all the best in the world…
    And you deserve better…


  4. Dear XXXX

    I understand the misconception that takes place amongst people by only hearing one side of a story, remember i was lead to believe that some people were horrible when in reality they were not.

    Therefore my main concern in telling my stories is to help anyone out there who could be going through similar situations in life. Some people may not have the family support i had when most needed, others may not have the loyal friends i had to remind them how loved they are or who they are. I remember a time where i was searching the net to find an answer to my situation before i could seek help from those around me. This blog is to help others seeking the internet for answers, to find a reference so they can believe in themselves again and walk away with no guilt or confusion.

    Warmest of Wishes

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