Movies i recommend you watch, they have given me a lot of different insights to situations in life that came in handy at some point when i needed it most

Valentine’s Day

( an imitation of love actualy… i liked it)

Dear John

(ok killer movie, romantic beyond words, same as the notebook…you gotta watch it…waw….hot guy )

Date Night

(put it up cause i just watched it last week, very nice and light movie to watch)

Under the Tuscan Sun (Full Screen Edition)

(i have an obsession with this movie, it identifies with everything i believe in and know. I watch this whenever i feel a bit under the weather to bring me back to life)

The Devil Wears Prada (Full Screen Edition)

(an uplift of a movie, Meryl Streep is always a WAW in my life, what a great job. Turns out my cousin who lived in New York actually met up with the real character of Meryl Streep of the movie and says she is EXACTLY the same)

Playing By Heart

(This i have also watched many a times, i love the way there are so many stories in it and somehow they are all connected. A really smart person will realize it through simple messages in the movie, it took me a few times to notice it alone)

P.S. I Love You

(this was death to my soul…what a sad sad story…MY GOD)

Look Who’s Talking/Look Who’s Talking Too

(these were my favorite at the time, i used to be in love with John Travolta after Greece)

Pulp Fiction (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition)

(the first of its kind to ever come out, i was impressed with the confusion of the movie. I have a friend who re-tells stories in the same way, i really wish she would write books, she is great at telling the stories)

The Hours

(Me and my sister screamed and jumped off the theater chairs ready to run for our lives…loved this movie, watched 3 times)

The House of the Spirits

(A very first to one of the best movies made like a Sydney Sheldon style of movie, through out a life span of a family with unbelievable story line and love story)

The Sixth Sense (Collector’s Edition Series)

(Do i even have to explain the great ending???!!!!!)

Practical Magic (Snap Case)

(Ahhhh….i was dying to have those same powers….dying, the music in the movie is great and i just LOVE Sandra bullock and Nicole Kidman, and of course the great love story in this movie…watched it over 10 times)

Moulin Rouge (Two-Disc Collector’s Edition)

(Ok this was recommended by my brother – let me add religieuse brother who was also very interested in soul mates i watched in 3 times in a theater and 2 times on DVD….great voices, songs and the dancing is waw)

Kill Bill – Volume One

( this movie killed me with disgust)
Kill Bill – Volume Two

(strangely enough i could not stop watching part 2 of it?!)

The Notebook (Limited Edition Gift Set)

(I can’t even begin to explain how this movie moved me, let alone with Maggy and George story being told to me in real life)

13 Going on 30 (Fun & Flirty Edition)

(Very light movie and lots of insights to it)

Love Actually (Full Screen Edition)

(Now what a movie, so many love stories happening at the same time, i watched in on several occasions throughtout the years to take a deeper look at all the different events taking place.)

50 First Dates (Widescreen Special Edition)

(Now this movie also came at the perfect time during the Maggy and George phase, it should how people have the ability to tolerate one another if they truly belong together and want to be with one another lovingly)


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