Trip on Coach in a Garden

I stared at my computer, contemplating the possibilities of travelling to where all my faithful friends have gone for their summer vacation. My sister had made her phone calls a direct threat to any of my “not going” contemplation thoughts. For long periods of time i just kept going back and forth and looking at the new empty seats on the plan, begging me to book it, asking me to go.

To my surprise, and lack of interest in my job, i booked a 48 hour trip to Egypt, Sahel, Hacienda……YIPPIIIII…..i actually took the decision, got on a plane and was heading out of my life in Dubai to beach, friends and unconditional love.

My sis took out her amazingly comfortable L shaped couch and placed it in the garden. We went no where after that. It was our butts and the couch, people came and went, kids splattered water in the pool, fought and made up, yet still, to no avail, our butts NEVER left that couch.

The sun came up, the sun went down, the mood came out, the stars shone down, and we just sat, and sat and sat. The couches would empty out and fill up again, people coming and going yet me and my sister were constant residence of the COUCH.

We ventured into the lives of each passer-by, we got some to stick on the couch with us. We spoke about marriage, kids, religion, life, NLP, divorces, depressions, life as it is and is not, books and movies. We listened to our Ipods that blessed us with supporting music to all our different and diverse conversations.

One specific book was rotating amongst all Couch residents, i found it in the airport and could not believe what the content was about. I picked it up and bought it. we spent the first day staring at the pictures and pondering the facts of how a person can ever revert from one life and succumb to another willingly.

The book is called Married to a Bedouin

The songs we listened to were:
Te Amo (2-Trak)


On the Radio
For Your Entertainment

Love Supply

Dead And Gone (Featuring Justin Timberlake)[12 inch vinyl single]

She Said being my ultimate obsession for 4 weeks now 🙂

I came back revived and yet sadder then ever before, all is well there and all is not well here, contemplation of life, what is there to offer if the ones you love exist somewhere else? The purpose of such a thing is hard to handle, and that is when the mind and the heart must start a battle. The Intuitive Mind becomes more confused. The heart/mind objective is scattered with questions and uncertainty.

I walked out into the dark night, with the ones i love, waving at the front door while reassuring me of their undying love. Tears welled up in my eyes, and disaster filled my heart. There was no choice, work had to get done, my life outside of that world had to be pursued. Sadly i turned my face, took a deep breath walking into the car that would take me back to Dubai, back to my work, back to my cats and blog.

Had to add the above paintings/pictures showing the Couch in which people would come and go from, some of the residence on the couch in the picture actually became part of the couch. Picture on the right is the view that we had.


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