In Expecting the Unexpected

“Expect the unexpected” was a statement i was never able to understand how to apply it. How can a person DO unexpected?

When you are told to “expect the unexpected” an immediate reaction takes place in your mind that leads to a slide show of images containing all the possible events of what you never thought you could ever expect. In doing so you have created an abundance of possibilities within your subconscious mind, providing larger expectations to things that you may not necessarily want in your life, or things you might have really wanted but gave up on them happening.

So i started to ponder these three words for weeks on end. What does it mean? Who is to say what is the “expected” turn of events and what is the” UN-expected” turn of events! As i start to watch how my life had slowly unfolded; from things i have wanted to things i never wanted, a pattern starts to show itself to me. I turn to my past for a quick glance at all the long list of wishes i had always had. I look in to my present for evidence of what is true in my life today. And i see for the first time that every true desire i have ever wanted has actually come true, in the most unlikely and unexpected of ways. I have been unable to recognize it cause of the package in which it has represented itself to me.

In working on myself in the last few days through NLP i have come to realize that when expecting the unexpected there is no need to venture into all the unlikely things that may happen in my life. The unexpected is actually what takes place in your life journey leading you in the most unexpected ways to what you have always wanted to reach. The unexpected is the way in which God has decided to give you what you have always wanted, in ways that were not part of your plan or control, in the best way possible to make you reach your true hearts desire.

The unexpected is the journey you would have never imagined yourself going through, yet it is the best journey that takes you to exactly what you have been expecting all along. The difficulty is recognizing that you have received your wish in a  different package than what you had in mind, in a different time schedule than the time you had planned for it and with a different courier that took a completely different root than the one you had been waiting to receive the package from.

About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

2 Responses to In Expecting the Unexpected

  1. Dee says:

    I love this post Rain! Insightful and from the heart truly. Like a real lesson leaned, through the journey of life. Like reaching a milestone. LOVE IT!

  2. Hey Dee
    So glad you liked it, it was like a light bulb took off in my head after my NLP classes.

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