Sticks and Stones….

“Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

I must say that after my experiences in the last three years the above statement is far from the truth. It is said that most Emotionally abused women are unable to walk out of their abusive relationships cause their bruises and broken bones are obvious to no one not even to the abused. Out of my personal experience i can easily say that sticks and stones can break my bones yet once someone sees it i will be rushed to the hospital to have professional healers work to fix me. As for the brutal words that tear you apart and wound your insides, those wounds take forever to mend, for no one can see them not even you.

People need proof that something is wrong, they need to see a broken arm which indicates an immediate rush to the hospital, a building on fire will ignite people on the streets to call the firemen to put out the fire, an accident on the street alerts the passers by to call the police and ambulance for rescue. As for an internal wound that can’t be seen only felt, there is no way for this to be attended to at the right time with the right resources to fix it. It is proven that if a person bumps their head hard enough to cause pain and faintness then this person should go to the doctor to check up on it. There are times when you do go to the doctor and they cant find any evidence of future traumas therefore allowing the person to go home. A few weeks later this person dies of a blood clot in the brain that went undetected with no previous signs of any defects cause the person was perusing their daily actives as they always had.

This is what an abused person is like, there are no exterior evidence that can alert the  surrounding environment that this person needs help. What usually happens is that the abuser is always proving in front of others what a great person they are, so when the abused decides to confide in a friend the abused becomes at fault for not knowing how to work things out with such a great guy (the abuser).

How does hypnosis work? It words through words that someone uses in a certain tone and with a certain set or words to get you in a meditative state. In just knowing that, it is clear how powerful words can be and how much they can effect the human mind. An abused person starts to live in their mind listening to all the new words that have been placed there to break their confidence in themselves allowing insecurities to grow deep, trying to make sense of the outside world while their inside world has lost all its sense.

If an abused person comes to talk to you seeking help to make sense of her life, pay close attention you may be able to help that person break free of her pain early enough to allow the damages that are in motion to stop so the healing period will not last a lifetime. Praising the abuser  is only a  confirmation to the abused that she is going mad making her believe it is all her fault that she should be treated badly by her man. There is never a strong enough excuse for bad behaviour. There is never an excuse for humiliation and pain to be a part of ones life style, especially when that becomes her life cause of loving the wrong man.

SO i conclude this article by saying that Sticks and Bones may break my bones but WORDS DO break my spirit.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

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