The possibilities

For years i have maneuvered between two types of thought patterns; choice or no choice. Is you life completely destined for you or is everything you do in your life a choice that you have made? In reality there is a strange comfort in both of these possibilities yet the one that sits well within me is the knowledge that my destiny is perfectly planned out for me, that i am taken care of by a higher power than just my own minds power. It has been a rough ride, life has taken a lot of different outlooks than what i had expected it to take, but when i look at my life from an outsider perspective i have realized that no matter how many choices i tried to make and follow through with, there was always something else that was already in the making for me. I have found a comfort in understanding the power of God, the power of the Higher being, the power of something bigger than me.

The hardest part is to constantly blame yourself for the bad choices you have taken in your life, it eats you up inside and then spits you out like rotten meat. There are things in life that come and go, there are situations that happen where you really find yourself led to regardless of the hours, weeks and months you have spent planning something else. In the grander scale of life, when you take a look at it, you realize that you have been led in a horrible direction and years later you realize that the direction you thought you chose was actually the best thing you could have done for yourself. When i was in the phase of life where i was constantly believing that everything was a choice that i had to make, life was a struggle in so many ways. There was a lot of self blame, things were taking forever to fall into place for me, i would sit for weeks and weeks to take a decision about one silly little thing not knowing if that is the right thing to do or not, hoping that i was making the right choice.

This is how i see it today: We are always given more than one choice in life, there is always multiple options for one decision that has to be made. Lets take work for example; you hate your job and you decide to make a change, you want to do something different with your life things have become mundane and boring, all of a sudden a few jobs start to open up themselves for you. You get offers although you are still confused about what type of job will give you that satisfaction you’re looking for. You spend weeks going to interviews searching the web making lists of positives and negatives, all of this starts to take place and the agitation within your mind starts to grow. Your fully inundated by the thought of what to do next and therefore you are unavailable to your daily life that could be leading you in the direction your meant to go in. symptoms start to show on your body and life starts to seem unfocused. Then when the time comes where you have to make that choice, that choice that will change your life course you choose the job that fits most of your criteria and you take that job. If things go really well, then you tap yourself on the back with glee and pride, yet if things go back then you condemn yourself on such a bad choice this is all a 50-50 chance.

Now lets take the same example and put it into the context where you are sure that whatever you choice is destined for you regardless of all the stress you need to put into making that decision. You do the research, you go to your interview, you think of all the possibilities of what it will look like to move to that new job offer. During this time, you KNOW without a doubt that whatever you end up doing you will always be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing that you were meant to do. The pressure on yourself is less, there is no kicking yourself if the place you end up in does not seem anything like what you expected it to, but you are convinced and in gratitude of where your life is, knowing without a doubt that you are being led to what your heart most desires.

 In my observation and learnings in life so far i have noticed that a lot of times whatever it is that i plan for may not go the way i wanted it to, for example if i am sick and don’t can’t go to work on day, i will receive a phone call, an emergency phone call from work making HAVE to go to work. I pop my pills, get dressed in a frenzy, hope in the car and drive down to work. Regardless of what i had chosen to do that day (sit in bed with a warm soup and watch tv) i was meant to be in my office, i was destined to go to work that day, my location was destined, where i was meant to be was not in my bed, but behind my office desk. I was meant to meet these people, i was supposed to spend money on gas, i was destined for another day to be my day off.

Another great example is my marriage to an abusive man. I have been mad for years at God for putting me in that situation, never understanding why He would do this to me i never harmed a soul. One day, i came to a grand realization that this was what would make me who i am today and there is something larger for me to do with my life than  just being a romantic story lover. I have always wanted to empower women, i have always wanted to be of some sort of help to women in bad relationships yet there was no way i would have ever been able to do this if it weren’t for my experience. There was no way i would have opened a blog allowing women to take a deeper look at their lives and to help them take a decision to appreciate who they are. I would have not been able to stand up for myself with men the way i am able to today, i would have just succumbed to a romantic love story never paying attention to what was really taking place behind all the love sonnets that would have showered me. My terrible experience also taught me the power of parent hood and how to make a better generation to come life. So many things have been offered to me within the worst experience of my life, making it one of the best lessons i could have learnt to make a better person of my self and a useful person for a higher purpose.

In conclusion, what i am trying to say is this: there is no need to be upset at what is taking place in your life today, cause the comfort of knowing that your day, your minute and your second is and was supposed to be that way allowing the possibilities of a happier outlook to take place regardless of the situation you are faced with. All bad is good and all good is good, so the end result is always good no matter how we see it at the time, no matter what we make of it in time, it is always been the choice you would have taken cause that is the best thing for you. In other words, your one true choice in life is in HOW you deal with your circumstances, will you be angry and give yourself multiple illnesses or will you be in gratitude knowing that this is the best for you at the time. The choice is really only in your attitude towards the life you have been dealt.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

2 Responses to The possibilities

  1. Leslie says:

    Never have truer words been spoken. It’s not so much WHAT happens in our life as much as what we DO with what happens in life that matters.

  2. Thank you Leslie for your wonderful statement, it is truly interesting to know that others out there also feel the same way about life and its unexpected twists and turns.

    Warmest of Wishes


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