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There is this e-mail that i keep getting every few years that contains the following statement ” People are either in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime”. Whenever it would pop up in my life, i would ponder what new person has entered my life? and is that person in it for a reason a season or a lifetime?

Men and Women have come and gone in my life, each either serving a purpose for my higher good or there are those who are integrated so deeply in my life that they are bound to be in it for a lifetime. I take a deep look at the ones that have lasted years with me, the ones who through the think and thin have been there with me as i have been there with them not a thought of a single degrading attitude. These are the ones to keep in your life forever, they are the ones that no matter who you are and whatever state you are in, will always be there and cherish your core self regardless of the state of mind you are in for whatever reason you may be going through.

Yet, there are those who come in with a higher purpose, the ones who pop out of nowhere and disappear out of nowhere. These are the ones that make me ponder about the glory of life and its intricate details and helpful hand. I have come to notice that these people enter when you least expect it, when you are in a state of mind where you are in need of more than just yourself and your mind. These people may have always been around you yet you have not noticed them yet cause it was not the right time yet for them to fully integrate themselves in your life. Its like when buying a book, sometimes you buy the book and it stays on your shelf for days, weeks or Years before some nagging feeling starts to pull you towards the book and you devour it as you keep asking yourself “how come i never read it when i first bought it?”. This is when you are sure that there is something that you need to learn or acquire from that book or that person, and surely enough you finish the book with an insight you have been looking for or a word from the person that has been something you needed to hear. You may be thinking of moving countries, you might want to move to Spain for example and your thoughts are focused on that for months or even just weeks, then out of no where you meet a person or a few people who actually live there. They enter into your life to offer you insights about what you have been questioning. Then one day they Pooffff away like smoke having already given you what you needed at the time to realize if the move you are contemplating is something you want to do or not. It could also be as simple as needing to believe in yourself again in a certain aspect of your life. After my MJ experience (Happily Ever After story) i had lost all parts of me, it was somewhere i was unable to reach or see, i had a bunch of insecurities about myself and the most one was the ability to talk and laugh the way i want to having a person actually enjoy that part of me again. A person entered my life for 3 weeks, and in those 3 weeks i laughed and joked for the three years that i had lost that ability and confidence in doing. We understood one another’s jokes with no effort, i would say something and he would understand it so easily and effortlessly as he would joke right back with the same understanding. We were of the same past life, my Montreal life, which made it easy for my way of thinking to be understood and appreciated. With MJ i was condemned for not knowing how to joke properly, condemned for not knowing what to say at the right time, made fun of “do you think your funny” when i would find humor in something. Then this person entered my life to allow me again to believe in who i am, to know that i still possess a core part of myself that had been lost to the cruelty of words. There was nothing else in common, there was nothing deeper than that, there was only humour which allowed for a new perspective in my life that i desperately needed at the time.

There are other times when there is a person or people who enter for a season, allowing you a good few months to enter into their world as they enter into yours. These people are the ones where the contemplation of a Season or a lifetime start to race in your mind. These people have only a certain percentage of what it is that is needed for a certain amount of time, they are not compatible with you on all the levels as your “forever” list of people who you have, but have a large percentage of one of your core beings that need some flourishing and growth. A person is made up of several different aspects, several different hobbies, likes and dislikes, values and ethics, wrongs and rights or simply the same long-term goal in life. There are times when your inner self is seeking to fill one major aspect in your life that has been emptied out or neglected for a time being, allowing that “season” person to make an entrance with welcoming hands. You may have been so inundated in self growth, work or family issues that your fun self (the fun that you like to do) is depleted therefore making you off-balance. That is when you realize that you have met a person or people who enjoy the same concept of fun that you have, filling up your empty tank providing you fully with that self you have had no time to water anymore. Lets say you love to dance, yet the possibilities of that happening are rare cause of the life style you are leading, but your unknown reason for your slight aggression allows you to open up to this new friend that actually enjoys dancing too. You go out, you meet new people with the same specific interest as you start to feel refreshed again, you blossom with the intensity of fulfilling a part of you that has been waiting for you to pay attention to. Other situations could be with anything else that is a core being of who you are that you have neglected, be it religion, self-help, painting, human psychology or even as simple as your true love of watching movies cause it fulfills a part of you that needs to be constantly fulfilled. The point being that these people have a tendency to come in for a while, providing you with an essential part of who you are through the activity that can offer you that essential part.

The big trick in this is that there is always the possibility of having the “Season” person turn out to be a “Lifetime” person. As it just so happens there are other core doors that are being fulfilled, there are other aspect of this new person that keep popping up (all in due time) that you find slow comfort in. It may all start with feeling that this person is there to offer you the dancing that you have been craving, then out of no where there is a need for something else and you look around and find that the “dancing person” has also become the “self-help” part of you. Then the poetry you have always written or the type of books you have always been interested in seem to go hand in hand with the same person who has been your “dancing and self-help person”. The doors may keep opening allowing the core of both these people to become in harmony with one another, discovering new insights and learnings, the possibilities become endless. Or the door ends there with a few of your vital being, as other doors of your difference start to pop open. In either case, i have come to believe, that it is not everyday that you meet someone who can have more than one of your core self and beliefs. I have come to understand and appreciate the beauty of communication at a higher level of understanding. There are people out there who may have an abundance of possibilities with, who help you better yourself as you help then do the same. A positive growth begins to happen, a word, a gesture, a common ground, a common thought that allows a balance between the two. And maybe they are only there for a season or maybe they are there for a lifetime, at the end it doesn’t really matter cause they are there and they are complementing what and who you are at this moment in time, that is all that really matters. I call this type of person a “Suki” and in that person the doors open gently to a better understanding of life with comfort, harmony and ease that is the breath of fresh air that has been a whisper of joy upon to my aching heart.


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2 Responses to Reason, Season, Lifetime

  1. Dee says:

    Beautiful perception Rain!!! :))

  2. Thanks Dee…missed you on my blog :)))))) missed your comments 🙂

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