The Beauty of a Hug

Take a real deep look into the beauty of a hug. A hug is more than words, more than a kiss more than the trinklets of loving gestures, a hug allows a beautiful blend of energies between two people, a mix of thier souls and thier hearts to lift a person to a higher being. In a hug you can express a thousand words that cant be expressed in any other form, a non verbal conversation takes place between two bodies as thier hearts sing a song to one another and thier bodies dance to the harmony that is lingering within.

There are affections that are within a hug that are not easily offered in any other physical contact between two people. I have loved hugs my whole life, it has given me a deeper knowing of the person i am with, a better understanding of who this core person is without expressing a single thought to one another. There are those who hug with a certain amount of stiffness, keeping away the warmth of that person, not wanting to permite anyone into thier personal energy feild. There are those who hug with thier butts sticking out yet thier shoulders are touching yours as there are those who hug you with a hair line between you and him/her. There are the ones who hug with a tap on the back and those who hug too quickly. The hesitation hugs are with a foot towards you and a foot away from you, not knowing what to do with such a warm gesture of affection.

The hug i am talking about is the hug in which you are fully entertwined in someone, where you feel that for those few seconds you are hearing their true words listening to the pounding of their hearts. It is what they call a bear hug, a hug that takes you in and comforts you, a hug that allows you to let go of all the overwhelming pondering thoughts for just a few seconds. To me it is called the “Letting Go Hug”, to let go of the surrounding environment, to let go of all your worries, to let go of all your walls. It is very important to find the perfect hugger, for there are days where that is all you really want, the perfect hug from your partner.

The hug is also provided by friends and family it is not only required from a life partner. My paretns are great huggers, once you are surrounded by their arms and thier bodies you feel that the wrold has gone to sleep as you have woken up internally. A lot of my friends are great huggers too and these are my “lifetime” friends, which is interesting since that means that in all aspects they fit so perfectly with who i am and what i require of emotion and affection.

The hug of a partner is of vital importance and allows you to see a bit further into the possibilities of allowing your guards down with that person or keeping up the barbed wire for security purposes. If you are a hugger by nature make sure you take a hugger as a partner. There are days where you wnat nothing but that hug, and there are partners who find no fullfilment in a hug, so then there is a bitterness within the person that could grow out of desire for the simple comfort of a hug.

Allow your guards down for a few seconds, take a breath of fresh air and let your hair down, there is never harm in a hug, there is always a beauty within that is expressed in its rawest of forms between two people. If you are a hugger, keep all huggers close for the days in which that is all you really need.


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