Butterflies in Time – Chapter 1 – David

Once upon a time in the year of 2000 there was a young man by the name of David. A handsome young man who loved music from within his inner core, he allowed the wonders of the beats to enter his soul as he enjoyed the entertainment that he was so willingly able to offer to others. David was a DJ an underground DJ that knew how to max wonderful mixes going from song to song with complete ease, fulfilling his listeners with an inner build up of euphoria that would take their souls to the outskirts of the universe and bring them back gently as the night was coming to an end. On those nights David would receive an abundance of red roses from his fans as they would stare at him all starry eyed filled with hope.
In the late hours of the night, music would be gently penetrating the walls of his home, practicing his music skills preparing for another night of musical ecstasy. His parents were worried about him but his sisters were proud of him, nights on end they would all sit in his room and listen to him merge his music into one journey that would allow all to feel the warmth of the desired state. It was a good life, it was a simple life, and there were so many more of those nights to come, if only it were not for the country that David’s family decided to reside in life may have stayed on the course it was on.
David came from a wealthy family, yet regardless of the wealth his parents were very keen on providing their children with the humblest of attitudes. He had two sisters each one completely different than the other with one thing in common the abundance of love that they all had for one another. His older sister Sandra was very righteous and her main concerns in life were always to watch out for her family making sure that they were all in a good place in their lives. As for the younger sister Rosie, well she was of a wild spirit always ready to go against any rule that was cast down upon her by her parents.

As they were growing up, Sandra, Rosie and David were at opposite ends of the spectrum on life, Sandra was the one who always laughed and danced around the house without a care in the world, living in her own bubble that was filled with pink butterflies and ponies. She was always asked to step out of her bubble to solve a problem then allowed to move back in once the problem was solved. She had learnt that laughing was a good way to ward of sadness and it became her understanding to always be the life of the house. Rosie was of a quieter nature more to herself yet incredibly smart, there were days where she would sleep with the encyclopedia thrown open next to her as she had memorized a new word or a new definition. She was also very attached to her mother holding on to her skirt in hope that she won’t get lost, it was a grounding to her, a way to allow her to feel safe and secure from the world outside. Rosie would observe her older sister and require that she be given the same privileges, not allowing her parents to offer her any less. This activated in her an ability to peruse with full force what she wanted to do, having complete ability to persist for days on end without a breath of air until she got what she wanted. On the other hand Rosie was of utmost kindness, taking care of anyone who was ill or feeling down by providing them with blankets and soup to comfort their aching body or sad soul. As for David, being the youngest in the family, he was loved by their mother. In actuDavidty it is a good thing that she did show more love to him since he was receiving torturous times from his sister Rosie, as Rosie was being miss treated by her sister Sandra.

David was extremely quiet, he spent most of his time playing on his own, cars were a wonder to him and comic books were his world. He spent his entire childhood collecting comic books. Each time he would buy one he would make sure to put it back in its transparent envelope that he bought it in so that one day, if he felt like reading it again, he would be able to feel that it was still brand new. David was a mystery, his kindness was shown in his gentle ways with others, his well thought of words, his self expression and his love towards his family. The family depended on his kindness and with time his powerful wisdom in whatever stage of life he was in was always welcomed by all. In silence you seek knowledge and David was definitely silent and a great seeker of knowledge. The universe was of his utmost interest, telescopes were purchased and weeks on end of finding mars were ventured in the darkest hours of the night. He shared all this with Sandra who was also very interested in the universe and all its beauty. With time Sandra and David were closer than any other members of the family. Their interests were similar, their priorities were the same and their life observations and conversations were what created a great bond that allowed them to enter different worlds as they ventured into the glory of the human mind.

As the years passed and the countries changed the closeness of the family grew stronger, they had an abundance of friends but they only had one another to rely on and trust. Since David possessed a mind older than what his age indicated, he enjoyed the times he spend with Sandra’s friends immensely. Sandra always had a full life filled with friends and outings and her parents home was always a haven of fun for everyone she knew. In her high school years her house was a daily outing for others and music would always be blaring from the garden as friends just gathered around to talk, dance sing karaoke or swim in the pool. During those times David was always around, talking to her friends or simply sitting in the shadows observing the how they act and what they are saying to one another. He was loved by all and his intellect and observations were cherished by the older crowd.

Sandra had already graduated and moved to university away from the family to a different country and David was still in touch with all her friends, as some of them decided to stay behind for a year before heading off to university; David would find time to go hang out with them to keep the comfort and self growth that he needed at the time. Sandra’s friends were DJ’s abroad and when they would return back from their universities to visit their families, David would be waiting impatiently for their return in hope of learning something new or acquiring an insight into the outside world. That is when David was introduced to the world of underground mixing, in the ripe age of sixteen David was given the golden key that would set his soul souring, giving him a new way to express himself, allowing him the freedom to maintain his silence.

To be continued………


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