Butterflies in Time – Chapter 3

Upon Sandra’s return from university, the up rise of religion started to take place in her home town giving her a notion that she needs to make a grand entrance into a more spiritual path in her life. Naturally since David and Sandra were close in personalities, Sandra decided to share her new awakening with her brother. The world between the music and religion started to merge into one as David started to understand the glories of his religion and the beauty he was searching for deep within his soul. As time passed the battle between both worlds started to have it’s tole on David, he felt that he had to choose between the two and eventually he chose the path of religion as he willingly isolated any reminisce of his love of music in cardboard boxes in the storage room of his parents house. The walls started to vibrate with Quranic verses instead of the hard beats of rhythms he loved so much. His family was surprised at the new changes and worry started to grow again within their hearts. Where was David heading to this time? What was he thinking? How could such a drastic change take place within a person? That is when David’s life was lead into a different direction with a different purpose for his existence.

He became rigid in his thoughts, he refused to watch tv or listen to music, the world of religion was surrounding him with nothing more than rules and regulations on how to maneuver in life through prayer. The religious classes took over his life allowing for no other thoughts to come into his mind. He was ready to marry, he wanted to find a life partner of the same religious strength that will allow him to grow stronger and stronger in his search for the divine wisdom of life.

“ I want u to meet this girl I met, she is veiled and I am interested for you as my sister to see her and tell me what you think.” Said David to Sandra in one of the rare interactions they had together. Sandra was excited to be included in some part of David’s world and decided to use this to her advantage, to get closer to her brother once again. As each new potential wife was bought to Sandra’s attention, David would loose interest and look for the next woman that can be his future wife to carry his family name and provide an abundance of children to become a Muslim legacy.

Two years passed with the constant search for his soul mate, his wife to be, yet with everyone that Sandra saw, she grew a deep fear for her brother as she was the one to talk to all the women he was choosing. The whole family was starting to interfere in his choices; they were worried for David for he was acting as a blind man ready to go for anything that his new found friends were offering him for a bride. So David’s mother started to help and ask around for a potential bride for her son, wanting to fend for her son’s safety, in doing so she called up people and tried to provide more choices for her son outside of his new friends. One day David received a phone call from his mother, telling him to go to a family friends home, there was a bride for him to see there and she sounds like a great match for him.

The day came where David would finally be with his soul mate, his long search was soon to be over with, the longing for a worthy partner had come at last. The meeting of Emma and David is the beginning of this tale, the journey of two souls as they venture into the world together in search of what is true and what is not.

To be continued……..Chapter 4


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