Butterflies in Time – Chapter 4

The date was set for David to meet yet another potential bride and the excitement was welling up inside of him as he approached the door of the apartment in which his mothers friends resided in ready to ring the door bell. Inside Emma sat impatiently waiting David’s arrival, she had heard nothing but good about him in the past two weeks. The reason she accepted to go to this set up was her lack of good faith in men but the bigger reason was that two people from two different walks of life had called her to tell her that they wanted to set her up with David.

The occurrence of his name made for a good reason for her to take her chance on meeting a guy through a set up. For two weeks his name was repeated to her randomly by others, always mentioning what a great match they would be. So Emma decided to go to the set up and see this “David” for herself. The door bell rang and the host of the house ran to the door with full excitement and anticipation to be the one who got those two souls to meet. In the dimness of the room with the soft whisper of the A/C and gentle smell of incense candles David walks in as he locks his eyes upon Emma’s eyes. He whispers a hello to the host of the house as he walks slowly towards Emma as she sits peacefully staring at what she knew would be her future husband.

They spoke all night long with the host being their third party, hovering around them yet giving them space to talk without her interfering. David was thrilled with the conversations that took place between them, they shared insights and thoughts, their religious outlook was exactly the same which provided a comfort within David. Days passed as they got to know one another better, phone calls, sms’s were a norm becoming their means of interaction between the times that they planned to go out with friends and going together to the religious classes that David loved so much. Both families were introduced to one another a week into their relationship and a date was set for their engagement party. Emma was over at David’s family house every day, everyone was getting to know her better and a warm welcome was always given to her by each memeber.

David and Sandra got close again as they discussed the beauty in finding the soul mate that David has been looking for his whole life. Emma spent many hours with David and Sandra as they would sit and discuss the human state in the world, astrology and religion with all its beauty. Yet there was always something that Sandra could not put her finger on, she felt there was a strange distant look in Emma’s eyes, a look that gave her an unsettling feeling deep within. When David would ask Sandra’s opinion about Emma, Sandra didn’t know how to identify that strange look cause it was so different that the actions that were taking place. Emma was sweet, and kind, and full of life and most importantly she made her brother very happy. The engagement party went smoothly allowing laughter to spread amongst all the members of both families and friends, the union was a good one, or so, they all thought.

One day as Sandra was driving around planning her day and rushing to meet up with her friends she receives a phone call from Emma “ Hey Sandra, hope your well…..i need to talk to you….can we meet for coffee when your free?” Emma’s voice was shaky and nervous and Sandra’s main aim in life has always been to take care of those she loves. Without a hesitation Sandra put her plans aside and went to meet Emma in the coffee shop they agreed to meet in. “I am suffocated” Emma started as she sat there with her eyes staring off into the distance, her hands moving slowly towards her neck to indicate how she was feeling. She continues without Sandra needing to ask “I don’t know if I am up for living such a conservative life style. I don’t mind watching TV or listening to Music. I want to be able to take the religious pace slower, but I am worried that David will not want to be with me if he knows this” Emma then turns around to look at Sandra for help. Again Sandra found that nagging feeling of something strange within Emma’s eyes, she could not go inside, she could not see her soul and it was a discomfort to have someone that shielded off from the world outside. After a long conversation, Sandra told Emma to leave David if she cant handle his strict religious ways, there was no need for anyone to pressure themselves in that way. Emma loved David too much and could no longer vision her life without him, their wedding date was set in a months time, there was nothing she wanted more than to spend the rest of her life with him. Sandra didn’t know what she wanted from her, if her advice was not taken into consideration then there was no point in giving it to begin with. Emma left that day unresolved, and David never knew that  his soul mate was suffocating from the intensity of his religion and the over bearing need to have Emma practice his religion the way he saw fit.

There was a worry in the air that started to grow which no one discussed. There was something there yet also there was nothing there. The wedding plans were on their way and without any notion of upcoming events, both families started to see the other as a burden. By the time the day of the wedding arrived, David’s parents and Emma’s parents were on opposite ends of the spectrum. David’s dad decided that he no longer wanted to be associated to them seeing that they were arguing on a constant basis and each one wanted to do what they thought was best for their child.

The day of the wedding was a disaster; both families were slowly moving into enemy territory. Rosie and Sandra were starting to doubt that this marriage would last too long or even see the benefits for their brother in it. Emma was dressed in white, there were arguments about how her veil should be put on, if there should be a veil on her wedding day or not. David was getting stressed not wanting anyone to interfere in the way he wanted his wedding day to look like. There were arguments that kept recurring about the availability of music in the wedding or not. The women were trying to work things out as best they could to calm thing down and get the ceremony rolling ahead. On the other hand, the men were doing everything in their power to dominate the wedding, each one not happy with what the other wanted. David was keeping his cool, yet he could not fathom the concept of having both fathers give their opinion on how the wedding should be like. By the time the wedding march started, there was an aggressively angry bride and a bitter groom walking towards their wedding hall, with a whole bunch of family members forcing upon their faces a smile just to hide their disappointment from the rest of the world.

To be continued …..Chapter 5


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