Butterflies of Time – Chapter 5

The story told from Sandra’s point of view:

Sandra rode her car towards her home to have lunch with her parents as her phone rang, she picked up the phone not recognizing the number cursing the network for always putting her in a situation where she had to answer unknown numbers. “Hello” Sandra calls out as she hears sniffles and crying on the other end of the line. “Hello, who is this?” she says in a panic not knowing who this sobbing person is on the other end of the line. “Hello, please are you ok?” as voice starts to appear on the other end of the line with a slow whisper filled with tears “Hi Sandra this is Emma” and all the sobs start flooding the phone call. Sandra parks her car outside her house and sits there trying to understand what is happening. David and Emma are on their honeymoon it has been only three days what could have happened.

Emma slowly starts to control her tears as she relays her devastation of her honeymoon. David was leaving her behind to go and sit with a bunch of religious people, wanting her to come along but not pushing her if she didn’t want to. He would leave her for hours on end in the hotel room as he ventured into confines of a religious sect he found on his trip. Sandra was devastated upon hearing this and mended Emma’s tears as much as she could. As they shut the phone and Emma was tears free, Sandra called David to see what was going on.

David explained how this was their plan from the beginning that they would go to the States on their honeymoon they gone to Greece after. That Emma knew that on the trip to the states there was going to be lots of religious men that he was going to meet and he was hoping she would accompany him on his knowledge seeking trip. Sandra explained what a bad idea that was, that the honeymoon was meant for them to spend time together not with the presence of religious classes and external interference. David understood what Sandra was saying but his thirst to keep growing religiously was more over powering than trying to meet the needs of his wife on her honeymoon. They were to leave to Greece in a few more days and that was a relief to Sandra giving her hope that upon their return things will be back to normal between them. Sandra called Emma to check up on her as she advised her to accompany her husband on his religious hunt especially that they will be leaving to Greece in a few days and she should try to keep their bond close till then.

The day they arrived from their honeymoon Emma and David were two love birds, all smiles and filled with loving gifts for both members of the family. Their new accommodations were located right across the street from David’s family home, which made it convenient for them to be over at their house on a daily basis. Sandra’s concerns disappeared as she saw the two lovebirds flourish in the glory of their love for one another.

There were days where Emma was not herself and David was not himself, in those days when they would be in the family home, the tension would be immense and the worry would start to take place. David had still not graduated university, making his father his sole provider financially. This made no difference to Emma at all and that was something that was starting to upset Sandra deep inside.

Sandra and Emma spoke a lot as Sandra tried her best to avoid Emma’s unreadable eyes and just listen to her complaints and joys. A few months into their marriage, Emma decided to confide to Sandra that she was trying to get pregnant. Sandra could not understand how that could be possible knowing that her brother was still under his fathers financial support, therefore once a child was born there will be three more people under the financial support of her father. She spoke everyday to Emma about it, trying to convince her that to bring in a child now was too early, that the need to have her husband make money to support them was vital and not to add an extra burden on the family. There was no way to talk her out of it, she wanted a child and she did everything to get a child. Sandra spoke to David about it, trying her best to make him see the wrong in bringing in another mouth to feed forcing his father to be the sole provider for that child. David always listened to Sandra and he was convinced with what she said, the problem was that Emma’s old ways with her parents were starting to show with her husband. The tears would fall down on her face in full force to convince her husband that if she did not get pregnant now then it would be impossible to get pregnant in a year cause she had problems in her uterus. Sandra could foresee trouble if they went through with their plan, and tried everything to stop it from happening but to no avail. Emma started to complain to David that his sister didn’t want good things to happen to them. David would share all his thoughts with Sandra and Sandra would try her best to talk sense into both of them.

A few months later, with the help of doctors Emma got pregnant with Twins. The burden was larger that just one mouth to feed, there were two mouths to feed. The whole family rejoiced with the news of the upcoming birth of two grandchildren. Sandra was trying her best to get herself out of the picture but Emma always liked to talk to Sandra regardless of their differences and arguments. As the pregnancy got further along so did Emma’s bossy attitude and over exaggerated need for attention. It was more than what Sandra could take and so Sandra spent most of her days out with friends and busying herself in a million other things outside of her family.

David was in his own world, hovering all the time around his wife regardless of her rudeness to other members of his family. Her attitude was getting harsher; her demeanor was hard to look at. She had the whole family running around trying to make her life easier as she would just sit there with her legs up and a frown on her face of arrogance.

Sandra was starting to worry for her brother not understanding the lack of responsibility that they both had towards their upcoming family. Sandra was beyond herself with regret for not taking a harsher stand about them bringing a child into their life at a time when there was no one but her father to support them. A few months into Emma’s pregnancy, Sandra packed some of her things and took off Italy (in her family home) to take a few courses and get away from the stifling environment of her home life.  

A month before Emma was to deliver Sandra returned to her home town to be there for her brother once the twins were born. Upon her return, Sandra noticed a change of attitude in the family towards Emma, Rosie and David’s father were not happy with Sandra’s attitude and demeanor. David’s mom was disappointed in what she saw but her desire to make things right again was her only aim. David’s mom was a good woman always trying to make everyone get along and bring happiness and acceptance to everyone, she remained strong in her conviction that Emma will go back to the way she was before she married into the family. David’s mom stood firm and strong, regardless of Emma’s aggression and uncalled for words. David’s mom always made sure to embrace her with love and affection claiming that Emma never had love from her parents and she was bought into this family to receive that love she was always deprived from.

David was sucked into Emma’s drama on a daily basis, his family was a distant memory as he avoided to discuss what was really happening in the house hold. Sandra was the only one David spoke to about how he felt, yet Sandra was finding it hard to provide positive feedback on the matter. She was still unable to read through Emma’s eyes, there was still a large void and a wall of steel that could not be penetrated by anyone which made it very uncomforting for Sandra to deal with.

The day of the birth of the twins, the entire family was waiting impatiently at the emergency room, David was inside with his wife as they had done lamase classes together and he was to be the only one that was able to help. At some point Rosie was asked to go in and be of support since she had already given birth to her first child and was an encyclopedia of information that they relied on fully. The twins were born as the families made amends with one another ones again in the waiting room, the joy over powering every single person even Sandra.

Things went well for a few months after that, everyone was hovering around the twins all day long. They stayed with David’s family during the first few months of the birth of the twins, each taking turns in helping out Emma who was drained and had lost a lot of energy during the birth. Rosie was a constant nurse to Emma, she knew how to shower the twins, help Emma breast feed them, show Emma how to dress them. As for Sandra she was there all the time to take them over and cuddle with them in bed to allow Emma time to rest. Emma was still moody but the entire family related it to hormones and the birth of twins waiting for the time to come when her smile would radiate again from her soul. Rosie had already moved to live in a different country with her husband but at the birth of David’s twins Rosie made sure to spend a few months with the family to help and guide everyone on the ways of taking care of babies.

To be continued……chapter 6

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