Butterflies in Time – Chapter 6

At some point David’s family was getting exhausted from the demands of Emma’s constant complaints about her life with the twins, regardless of how everyone tried to help and be available it was still never enough. Luckily her aunt came in to town to help her since David’s family felt like there was nothing more that a woman would need more than her own family to take care of her in such a tough state. Her mother was unable to help in anyway not knowing what to do with kids, therefore she could only help with offering food to her daughter with no motherly support. As for her father and her step mother, they tried to be there for Emma but their help suffocated her since they too had no clue on how to take care of babies, let alone take care of Emma.

When her aunt came to visit, Emma was a bit more at peace, she was able to complain about her distress with her life on a compassionate shoulder, her aunt had the unconditional love that Emma was raving to get from her own mother. On the other hand David was sucked into his the do’s and don’ts of his religion, allowing no space for his wife to breath in. Everything that he did or thought of was directed to him through his own religious master that lived in the States. He was in constant contact with him asking for his opinion on everything and doing nothing without his approval. If his family would have the tv on and Emma would be sitting there, David would walk in calmly and retort a quote he heard from his religious master to her, then ask her to leave the room and not sit with his family if they still intended to watch tv. When Sandra would blast her music and dance around the house with Rosie next to her David would gently take hold of Emma as he would take her back to their house so they can incorporate some more religious values within her.

Sandra still believed they were soul mates, but she started to believe that they were bad for one another, bringing out the negatives instead of the positives.

As strange as it may have seemed, Emma was always choosing to tell Sandra the truths or lies knowing very well that Sandra was not the type that could handle lies, let alone a lie to her own brother. On many occasions Sandra had sat with Sandra and light up a cigarette with her, puffing away for dear life, running into the bathroom right after to be able to wash any reminisce of the smoke on her in fear of David finding out.

David hated cigarettes from the day he was born, it has always been the one major request he had for any girl that was going to be with him. It was his condition to make sure that he marries a woman that was not a smoker. Out of love for David, Emma never told him that she smokes hoping with all her might that she would not ever desire to smoke again, wishing that she had broken the habit. A year of this type of deceit was enough for Sandra to lose her senses, to her it was an unfair lie to her brother and that this issue should be confronted so that it is dealt with out in the open. Other strange things started to take place, Emma would be perfectly fine with the family until David would walk in then a whole act of illnesses and pain would start to unfold. Her attitude would change and the next act of self pity would start to immerge. The family was starting to dislike Emma’s company, there was a huge lack of trust that was starting to take place in everyone’s heart. David’s mother was the only one trying hard to maintain a love for Emma although it was hard to do as she also started to boss David around to do things for her as the act of illness started to take effect.

One day a large fight emerged between David and Emma caused by Sandra’s inability to keep all the secrets she knew about Emma inside, wanting her brother to discuss everything out in the open, needing Emma to change her ways in hiding the truth and being open and clear about who she was. Emma was in a rut, her mind was not able to adjust with the idea that she could actually say the truth and for it to be accepted by others. She was taught early on that her parents never trusted her, therefore lies were her only way of getting the attention she so desperately seeked. David’s mother was the only one who saw what Emma was going through internally.  The day came when Sandra could not more keep her silence as she went over to her brother’s house and told him about all the deceit he was in, and the blindness he was accepting upon himself. There was a choice to be made and the choice was either to have an open relationship with his wife and confront her with all that was happening behind the scenes or to just not come that often to the family home allowing his family to be evidence to what was really taking place.

The largest fight took place, and the deepest conversations started to work between the couple. The decision was also taken to leave the country and move to another country, away from the family to allow them to grow and establish themselves better as an entity. David had applied for a job in Canada and was going to take his family and go there hoping for a better future and a better life. Emma was open to the new change but was worried about her inability of taking care of her 6 month old twins on her own. David was not gonna be able to hire a full time nanny as he was just starting to build himself and Emma was not able to survive without help.

After their fights that brewed because of Sandra’s long talk with her brother, David became aware of his environment and Emma’s choice of friends. One of the many things that David came to understand was that Emma had invited a friend over once to her house in the absence of David, allowing her friend to smoke marijuana in the house as the babies were sleeping in another room. This surely made David come to realize the bad influence of friends on his wife, keep her more locked up and under surveillance. His Religious Master was filling his mind with different ways to tame his wife, allowing no space for either of them to find the road of balance and harmony amongst themselves. David was given verses after verses to read all day long, mantra’s for him and his wife to say at certain hours of the day that would eat up no less than four hours. There were also prayers to be made outside of the required five prayers. There were books to be read and lessons to go to. In reality there was no time for anything else to happen; their lives were rotated around David’s religious Masters Requirements to make them a better people for the afterlife.

David’s family tried their utmost best to talk sense into him, but to no avail. Emma was in a whirlwind of her own, with her childhood trauma’s, twins in her care and a life that only included the worship of God through an enormous list of things to do, Emma was no more the girl that anyone knew.

David was taught to believe that the reason all this bad was happening to him was because his faith was not strong enough, therefore an abundance of religious requirements kept growing and growing as nothing worked.

To be continued……chapter 7


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