Butterflies in Time – Chapter 7

In a world that belonged to all the people of the world, David and Emma moved to a sanctuary of their own. The company provided them with a car along with the comforts of a home for them to stay in. Things were going well between them, the winter was about to come and their daily walks would have to end. They had no help for the twins and everything was managed by the two of them alone. David woke up early and went to work as Emma sat talking care of the kids as she did all the house work needed. In the evenings when David would come back, they would take the car and go to the supermarket to purchase any missing house items that they might need for the following day.

In time Emma found that she had no outlet of her own that she was allowed to pursue, the same religious rules continued to invade their home on a daily basis. There was no tv in the house as it was considered a sin, there was no music allowed for it could invoke the devil to come, only God’s words were to be present in this house. She made a few friends through the help of her husband’s work colleagues as she would try to make time to see them at least twice a week. Emma was happy with her new found life, she was at ease with it and wanted to do everything to make it work.

David found a new happiness in his family life that he was lacking for a good year. He liked his job with all its awkward timings and stresses; it provided a type of sanctuary for him. He was a patient man and wanted to do everything to provide his family with all that he can offer them of comforts and security. The main problem was that there was always the Religious Master that resided in his life with such force. His religious Master was also there with him in Canada, David was given names of people who provided religious classes to maintain David’s as a faithful follower. Every weekend, they would drive to the suburbs outside the city they lived in to go and listen to one of many religious classes that were offered.

The strains of life started to show themselves to the couple as months passed containing the same constraints of life that existed in their home town.  David and Emma were unable to talk to one another the way they used to, both were not able to hear what the other was saying, each one was fighting a battle within themselves that the other would not have accepted to hear. Emma was suffering the pains of isolation, there was no tv to occupy her mind, the simplicity of music was not permitted to her. Her reminder of the fact that she was never wanted by her parents kept her on edge as her self defense grew stronger.

As for David his fear that his wife will continue in her moodiness over powered him, he was worried that she would get to know people that would be bad for her, knowing that she was a very easy person to be influenced by others. He worried to incorporate TV in the house, knowing that right after a movie his wife would live in that world hoping to change her life around to look like the movie they just watched. His only outlet was religion and in that outlet he allowed his whole being to be absorbed by it trying in all ways to monitor his wife’s mood swings through containing all her desired outlets.

Their communication went down to zero, the reason they married were not evident anymore. As they both came to terms that it was not the country that caused them the problem and it was not the family that was too interfering, a superficial life style started to take effect. Both parties started to do what the other required of them to make things move forward. The twins were the only bond left for them, and even within that there were arguments as to how they wanted to bring them up.

The autumn leaves started to fall gently on the ground as winter made its first announcement. This caused more confinements within the family making it harder to leave the house cause of the weather. Slowly Emma’s interest in taking care of the twins started to diminish, as David’s concerns started to grow. She was crying a lot unable to make sense of her life and where she was, she missed her friends, she missed her family and she missed David’s family. David started to care for the children with his full time job, tying to make the best for them as their mother was deteriorating slowly. Her temper was all over the house, the yelling and the screaming as the out of control out bursts.

One day as David was at work, he tried to call Emma to see where she was and what was for dinner. There was no response, the phone rang with no answer, he shut the phone assuming that Emma was sleeping. By evening he returned home to find his children sitting in their high chair with a bottle of water and a note stuck to one of the feeding chairs. The note said “ I can’t do this anymore. I love you but I am leaving you and the kids. I am not a good mother and I will never be a good wife. I don’t deserve a man like you in my life.”

David was unable to understand what just happened; he stared at his kids and stared back at the note. How could his wife just walk out on him like this? How could she just leave the kids alone in the house without a warning phone call? Where is she?

It was all a shock to him, he could not understand the mental state in which his wife was in, a state that was so intense that she could just walk out on them without a care in the world for the welfare of her children. What went wrong?

His first reaction was to call up his family to get immediate help. Rosie was traumatized, being an over attentive mom she could not understand how any mother could have the heart to walk out on her kids, she kept repeating to David “The least she could have done was take the kids with her, and leave you.” There was no one that could make sense of what really took place and what really happened. The next day Sandra and David’s father flew out to help David with the situation he was in. The shock of what took place was what kept everyone silent as the words evaded them all. A plan was to happen, it was going to be impossible for David to maintain living in Canada all alone taking care of 8 months old babies. The plan was to move them back to the families home town, and over there try to figure out the best way to handle the new living arrangements. This whole escapade required David’s mom and Rosie to also come into town. They were on the next flight in ready to close house, pack all the things and take the twins and fly out until David was able to sort out his job arrangements.

David spent every passing minute calling everyone he knew, looking for his wife. Her parents had no idea where she was, her aunt was also confused, all her friends didn’t know how to answer his nonstop questions.  The twins were attached to Sandra especially Jasmine, she would not allow her to move without her. Whenever Sandra would go to the bathroom Jasmine would cry with such an aching shiver that Sandra would evade using the bathroom without her. No one was able to be with Jasmine except for Sandra, therefore it was decided that Jasmine will be Sandra’s responsibility, as was helping with packing the things in the house. Rosie on the other hand was doing her best to maintain the health and nutrition of the twins. She would shower them, feed them and was responsible for packing their carryon bags. David’s father was helping David do the investigation on how to get the twins out of the country, booking the tickets and getting all the right people in his home country to finish all the necessary jobs. The second twin was the responsibility of David’s mother plus all the packing of the house to make sure it will be an easy move for David once they all left.

It was a large devastation upon David, he was abandoned in the worst ways possible. He longed for Emma yet he hated her for leaving him to ask for his families help again. He was confused between hate and love, he kept repeating all the events that could have led t that hateful day. The phone never left his side, he was calling everyone several times hoping with all his heart that he can figure out where his wife ran off to. Wanting to talk to her, to understand, needing to yell and scream at her for leaving him. His emotions were out of control and the family was trying its best to ease the pain on his aching heart.

To be continued……chapter 8


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