Butterflies in Time – Chapter 8

“Hello……Hellooooo……..Emma…….Hellooooo….answer me” David yelled into the phone as he heard the sobs of apology on the other line. “I am sorry” said the whispering voice on the other line in between the loud breaths of anguished of tears. “Where are you?…….ANSWER me Emmaaaaa” David kept yelling over the phone his voice shaking in anger as his hands trembled. Then there was nothing, no sobbing, no apologizing, not a breath on the other line, Emma was gone again.

As the days passed David started to express his emotions to his family, going from one extreme to the next, one day it was complete love for Emma and the next day it was utter hate towards her. They were all back in their home town, fusing around the twins and taking care of them. Rosie and Sandra had to leave and go back to their homes as David’s parents took on the responsibility of taking care of the twins. David did his best to cope with the situation as his head stayed in a distant place trying to put the pieces back of his new found life.

One fortunate day David receive a phone call telling him where Emma has been this whole time. He immediately picks up the phone and calls her aunt. Emma was there the whole time, begging her aunt on a daily basis not to tell David of her whereabouts. One day when Emma was out of the house her aunt decided that this was going on for too long and called up her parents to tell them that Emma was safe and to tell David that she is with her.

David tracked her down and got hold of her on the phone, and Emma was ready to talk with complete regret for what she had done. It was then decided by the two of them that she needs to return to her home town back in her parents house for them to try to figure out what to do next in their unfortunate state.

Emma stayed at her parents house as her and David’s phone calls to one another grew longer with no resolution. She was not allowed to see her children since she abandoned them so aggressively, that was her punishment, or so thought David. In reality Emma was not ready to see the children either, they reminded her of her suffocation and her break down, the guild would eat her alive if she saw them after what she did. In time David divorced Emma, telling her that she was an unfit mother and wife, that there was no hope in them ever going back to what they were.

David’s family were glad to have Emma out of the picture especially that she was the cause of so much pain to so many people, they wanted David to move on and live his life normally again. Little did they all know that after their divorce, David and Emma were still in touch, still talking on the phone on a daily basis, reprimanding one another for all the faults that took place in their life together. Through their conversations they came to an agreement that Emma needed to seek psychologist help, they were both aware of how much they loved one another but they could not live together.

She agreed to go three times a week to figure out what went wrong, her guilt was eating her up and she started to miss her children, agonizing over the life she ran away from. The psychologist helped her greatly with her understanding of her life and all the things she needed to do to move away from all her childhood pains. She saw her children a few hours a day as she tried to connect with them again. David was with her every time she went to the psychologist making sure that she went, making sure that she he was there for her every step of the way. Things were getting better, as time passed David started to know the magnitude of all her pain in her life, all the things that happened that he was un-aware of and things started to come into perspective. At the same time he started to become aware of the harsh truth; that his religious master was a deceitful man, building a religious cult according to his own needs of power, his greatest victims were those who were young at heart and wanted to find ways to please their God in any way possible. His religious master was giving him uncalled for advice when it came to his situation with Emma. David was told to send Emma to their country to be reformed into a better person, to leave her there for months until she understood the glory of God. He was also told to marry another woman who was fit to take care of his children as soon as possible. David was inundated with lots of advice coming his way from his religious Master; which were all things that made him re-think about the intentions of his religious master.

Months passed by as Emma was recovering nicely with the help of some medication given to her by her psychologist. Every other day for an hour, Emma would be venting about all her childhood and grown up issues to her psychologist as David sat outside waiting for her to finish. In one of those days David was asked to join them and Emma had to re-tell her story to David, about her life prior to him. It was in hearing all this that David decided to take things in his own hand and make a decision outside of his religious master and his family pressures. That day, as they walked outside of the psychologist office, David turned to Emma and asked her to marry him again in hopes that this time around they can work things out differently with a new understanding.

They went to a sheikh and re-married without anyone else knowing but the two of them, they continued to live in separate homes until they felt it was time to tell both families that they were back together. This allowed them to go out together, have their dinners, speak to one another, open up on all matters that they had bottled in for a whole two years. Their passion for one another grew stronger as their understanding of the other persons ailments made it’s way into their lives. There were things there that were too shameful for Emma to had ever disclosed to David, like her childhood molestation from both her parents homes that she lived in. She was ashamed to say that she was not wanted by either of them and that she longed to belong to something good.

The day came when David and Emma walked hand in hand to both their families telling them that they were back together. David’s family was at dismay not knowing how to re-act to this new change, as for Emma’s family her mother was happy her daughter was back in her home, and her father was indifferent to the whole thing. As it just so happened, David was unable to keep himself from holding back all the anger he had for her family and so a few days later after their announcement, David went over to both her parents homes and told them that they are never allowed to see his kids or Emma again. He confronted them with all their bad parental behavior and condemned them for all the abuse their daughter went through cause of their constant neglect of her.

The twins were so happy to see Emma, they were jumping with Joy when they woke up every morning to find her there with them, in the same house with their father. Emma was still working a lot of things out with her self, she had stopped the medication and things were looking brighter for her, but a huge nagging feeling inside her kept erupting every once in a while that caused an abundance of tears and screaming. In those moments David would call up his Religious Master and ask him what he should do, what should he make her do to get out of those fits. Emma, wanting to make things work out with David would recite all the things that David would give her, she spent days and nights doing all the religious things that David gave her to do to keep her sain and protected from evil thoughts and actions.

They started to watch movies in the theater every once a week, and started to listen to some songs every once in a while, but still David would not allow the possibilities of having a tv in his own home. They were trying to find a compromise on both ends, yet every time David would take a step closer to what she wanted his religious Master would take him a few steps back. Emma was still not fully stable therefore she needed a lot of help with the kids, always worried that she may break down again as she did six months ago.

To be continued….Chapter 9


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