A Willow Tree

A few weeks ago I received a picture of a willow tree and it took my breath away. My best friend wanted to express her love of life and God through the beauty of a willow tree and in doing so I have become mesmerized by the magnificence of the tree and what secrets it holds deep within itself.

The quote I received was the following “ Ever notice how the more leaves or goods a tree has the more it bends down? The more knowledge a person has the more humble and modest he should be”

 The willow tree was compared to human growth, their internal struggle as they manage to become in touch with who they are and what they want out of life. A willow tree represents the beauty in which all of life’s beauty and understanding falls under. In a way; it means that as the years pass by and the experiences of life start to make sense to you, the reality hits home, the reality of being one with the earth and nature takes over and you grow back down to gravity, you grow towards the earth out of true understanding of what is most meaningful in life. Being humble and modest are two things that have taken it’s toll on us recently and people have too many philosophies to share that are shared for the compliment that they will be receiving more than the insight that they truly believe is worth sharing for a better understanding of life. People are too busy talking instead of truly listening to all the wonders around them.

We sit amongst a group of people, each one trying to force their new found insight on to the other person, each one trying to get the appraisal they so wish to have. All we ever look for are more compliments to nourish our ego’s not understanding that the more we feed our ego’s the more we are walking away from our true selves. Always in search of ways to over take another persons insights and conversations, always finding ways to make our voices heard, always trying to reform everyone to our way of thinking regardless if we are right or wrong. What is the benefit of forcing an opinion in hopes of gaining an ego rub when your ridding yourself of the basic human nourishment of humbleness and modesty.


In nature things grow silently in appraisal of the wonders of the universe as they hold firm and strong to the earth that nourished them and gave them the strength to be what they were meant to be. In humbleness a person can have gratitude for the knowledge they have acquired throughout their lives, not needing others to affirm and applaud their thoughts.

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5 Responses to A Willow Tree

  1. Kelsey says:

    Hey, so I was on google and ever since i was little I have always had a odd admiration for willow trees, I always knew there was sometihng so mysteriously special about them. And believe it or not I took this picture exact angle, exact tree and everything at a barn that I attend school at.. This picture was taken in Melville.. and I was extremely freaked out when I saw this on the internet cause this was a picture on my BBM contact profile that i LITERALLY took myself.. I physically took this exact picture on my phone and its so weird/ironic that it is on here.. Im just curious who sent this to you.. this is too weird! haha please let me know

    • Intuition says:

      Hi Kelsey, I cant believe the willow tree picture that has mesmerized so many people when i first posted it up on my BBM contact profile pic and now on my blog has been taken by you. This picture is incredibly beautiful and i am so impressed at your photographic abilities. I received this willow tree from my best friend less than a year ago explaining to me the wonders of a willow tree and how similar it is to the human life cycle. i also fell in love with the picture and had no choice but to write about it.

      You are a great photographer and i wont be surprised if you are pursuing that as a career path or at least a hobby. If you have a website for all your photo’s i would love to see it.

      With the warmest of wishes, awaiting for more of your amazing pictures, update me on your website.

    • david says:

      hi Kelsey
      a little fav to ask but where is this tree? As i want to ask my girlfriend to marry me, and she has always had a love of willow trees so thought this would be the best place. so romantic.
      So if its not to much to ask could you please let me know.
      Thanks and i hope to hear from you soon

  2. Linnae Orth says:

    Hi this photo of the willow tree is on Wikimedia commons, and is in the pubic domain, and was not taken in Melville, but on Bainbridge Island WA. Here is the text listed under the photo on Wikimedia Commons. This photo has been used by many people because it is in the pubic domain.

    “Taken by me during a visit to the Bloedel Reserve, Bainbridge, Washington. Willow in the Japanese Garden.
    Date 30 August 2007
    Source Own work
    Author Geaugagrrl
    Permission(Reusing this file) public domain

  3. Alphonse says:

    In fact when someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other viewers that they will assist, so here it happens.

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