The Spirit Coin – Chapter 1

This story is based on a true story i was told, but there is also a lot of fiction i had to add to it, the truth is hidden away from those who can be harmed by the story.

In a small village, thrown far away from the world, far from what we know civilization to be, a little girl by the name of Tamany skips towards her friends little wooden house. With a broad smile pressed upon her face justifying her dimples clarity and depth, Tamany takes a deep breath as she slows down her pace towards the cobbled path leading to the heavy oak door. The sun was setting gently behind the upcoming house as the soft breeze played with Tamany’s long black hair that reached her waist line defining it for all to see.  She knocks on the door three times, tap…tap…tap…she waits as she flicks her hair off her face in anticipation of her well deserved patience.

Nothing, no one is answering her knock so she decides to  tap a little harder, again three times….Tap…Tap…Tap….still nothing, no one is there. She takes a step closer towards the door as she slowly leans in allowing her ears to touch the rough wooden door in hopes of hearing someone on the other end. As she holds her hair back giving more room for her ear to lean closer to the door for better listening purposes, a sudden click, a swoosh and Dewina is standing there staring at her whispering softly “come in now” as she looked around her to make sure no one heard. Dewina leads Tamany by the arm as they tip toe their way into the darkness of the house trying to reach the familiar door that opens into Dewina’s bedroom.

The door opens and Tamany takes in a deep breath, a little yelp was about to accompany her wide eyes as her hands rush up to her lips and silences her astonishment. Candles are flickering everywhere, shadows are playing on the walls of the small yet well organized space. A small wooden table is placed in the center of the room as three cushions are thrown on the floor indicating the sitting arrangement around the table. There is a piece of paper placed neatly on the table, with a small glass cup turned upside down on top of it. Tamany looks to her right and nearly jumps out of the room as she sees someone moving towards them. Dawina notices the soon to be catastrophe and immediately whispers to Tamany “Relax, please control yourself… is only Emiline” she grabs her arm tightly and stares at her straight in the eyes “my parents will KILL me if they know what we are up to… PLEASE control yourself Tamany”

Emiline takes a few steps closer and is in full view for Tamany allowing her to see Emiline’s warm smile accentuated with the glimmering excitement in her eyes that are flickering with the dance of surrounding candle flames. They immediately hold hands, smile to one another and look around the room awaiting Dewina’s next instructions.

In the softest of voices Dewina says “ok, we are ready to start. Go sit on any one of the cushions you feel comfortable to sit on and let’s begin, we don’t have much time left” she gestures to them with her hand towards the table and starts to also walk with them. Tamany and Emiline sit side by side as they both face Dewina, who chose to sit on the single cushion provided on one side of the table.

As it turns out, the piece of paper that was placed on the table was more of a cardboard paper with the whole alphabet scrolled along the top part, naturally facing Dewina. In the center of the paper were two words “yes” and “no” with a space between them enough to fit a small glass cup that was over turned shielding an old looking coin. There were two candles placed on both ends of the table that produced a variety of shadows to linger on to the cardboard giving the whole coin in glass effect a more intense sensation.

Dawina stretches out both her arms indicating to the girls to hold her hands as they must also hold each other’s hands to make a circle. Dawina closes her eyes and both girls imitate her as she starts to hum to herself. She tightens her grip on their hands to insinuate that they must also do the same humming sounds.

“Spirit of the Coin…..are you there?” calls out Dawina in a deep coarse voice. “Spirit of the coin…..please come to us we are ready for you.” She opens her eyes to find Tamany and Emiline staring at her still humming in fear of what will come next. She releases their hands and tells them to place their finger tips on the over turned glass cup.

“Spirit of the coin…..are you here?” Dawina repeats, this time waiting for a sure indication of the spirits presence. A slow movement takes over the cup, Tamany’s eyes widen she looks at both girls to also find their eyes in deep contemplation of what just happened.

“Spirit of the coin…..are you here? If you are then tell us using the board we have made for you” says Dewina with more determination.

The glass cup moves towards the right and places itself nicely on the word “Yes”. They all stare at one another, a glimmer of shock yet interest takes over their faces. Dewina smiles to herself and decides to ask her first question., in doing so she moves the glass cup back to it’s original station, in between the “yes” and “no” words.

“ Will I ever leave this God forsaken village and see the world?” she asks with a gust of hope in her voice. The Glass cup starts to move towards the “yes” then towards the “no” then again towards the “yes” and as it moves towards the “no” it stops right in the middle, right between the space between the words. Tamany lifts her head up to look straight into Dewina’s eyes as Dewina stares blankly at Tamany and looks straight back down at that glass cup frantic with confusion.

She asks again, but she asks it differently “Spirit of the coin, I didn’t not understand your answer, can you please clarify it for me? Will I ever leave this village and live in a city?” the glass cup starts to move again this time straight to the word “yes” and just stays there. A smile over takes Dewina and she looks up at the girls with new hope in her eyes as she smiles she says “ok your turn Tamany…ask your question.”

Tamany takes a deep breath, closes her eyes and whispers gently “Spirit of the coin…..who will I marry?” she opens her eyes at the same time as the glass starts to move towards the letters, it stops at “A” then it moves towards “R” then “K” and “O” finally it stops at “N”. Tamany stares at the name as she tries to make sense of it, it cant be, the words fly out of her mouth “yuk, is this a sick joke from you guys. Arkon? That disgusting guy in our class?” she is about to remove her fingers from on top of the glass cup when Dewina hisses at her to keep her hands there and not move a muscle.

“No one is joking around here, why would we do such a sick joke on you? He is the most disgusting thing we had all ever seen in our lives” Dewina argues with her. Emiline just looks at both of them as she says “That is just disgusting, I too would never wish that upon you, but the spirit coin said so…therefore your husband will be Arkon.” Emiline then smiles widely at the mishap of her best friend’s horrible future and her excitement starts to grow as she is more than ready to ask her question. Tamany in full devastation of her horrible future forces a confirmation from the spirit coin “Are you sure that the man I will marry is Arkon?” the glass cup moves it’s way down towards the “yes” word and moves back towards the gap that is placed between the “yes” and the “no”. It knows that it is time for Emiline to ask her question.

Emiline takes a deep breath as she says with full force making sure that every letter is pronounced clearly so there is no confusion “ Spirit of the coin…..will I be beautiful to all men when I grow up?” they both stare at her, they cant believe this is what she wants to ask? There are more important questions to ask, but before Dewina can protest the question the glass cup moves directly to the word “yes” and it hangs there, knowing that another question is about to take hold of the moment. Emiline’s smile takes over her dark face and places a twinkle in her eyes then she immediately asks “ How beautiful will I be to all these men?” the glass cup moves up towards the letters as it starts to find the right word to offer Emiline and starts off with the letter “D” then “E” it moves gently across to “L” and moves back to “I” then further back to “G” and then to “H” as it ends with the letter “T”. Surely enough at that very moment Emiline was more than delighted to know that she will be a Delight to men with her beauty.

Dewina has nothing to say to Emiline so she ignores what just happened and turns back to ask her next question. In a gust of unknown wind all the candles are blown off and the glass cup flies off the table eliminating the coin from underneath it. The girls jump up as they scream at the top of their lungs,shoving the table out of the way as they scramble around the room trying to find a way out. The door slams open and to all of their dismay and especially Dewina’s dismay two very angry people are standing at the door staring around the room and then finishing off with a harsh glare at Dewina.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU GIRLS ARE DOING?” Dewina’s mom yells at the top of her lungs

“ Who told you to do the Spirit Coin? How dare you allow the Spirit coin to enter my home without my permission” she moves towards Dewina, grabs her by the hair as she pulls her head back to take a deeper look into her eyes.

She whispers coldly in her ear for all to hear “You… are ….never ….allowed ….to…. leave this house again and your friends are…. never …..allowed….. to… come….. here…. AGAIN” she looks up at Tamany and Emiline and tells them to leave immediately to their homes, their mothers will be notified of their doings and their punishment will be with them not her.

To be continued…….Chapter 2

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