The Spirit Coin – Chapter 2

Part 1- A year and a half after the Spirit Coin incident: Tamany

“I am done, I can’t do this anymore, I simply don’t love you” expresses Tamany with such vigor to the scrawny boy in front of her.

“Please I have tried my best to make this work in more ways than you know Arkon. I just simply can’t do it anymore” she presses her hands on her face as she says this displaying the great agony within her. “The spirit Coin could not have been more wrong about this” she thinks to herself “a whole year trying to make it work, only to prove that the Spirit Coin was right”. Arkon was disgusting in more ways than she could have possibly imagined. He was extremely thin with an inclination to eat all day long with his mouth open cause he has a constant congested nose. The food always made its way out of his mouth as parts of it slithered down his chin landing on his shirt. He held a tissue paper in one hand to constantly blow his nose; it was amazing how there was always something to discharge from his congested nose; never once cleaning his hands after it, always sticking the contaminated tissue back in his pocket for later use. He was 30 centimeters taller than Tamany making it harder for them to bump lips whenever his desire arose. He laughed a lot and loved being the center of attention, which you would think could have been his vice; sadly it was one of his worst qualities. Arkon had an interesting ability for complete and utter stupidity that caused everyone to make fun of him, providing him with the nickname “Dummy”. His palms were always sweaty and damp as damp as his personality.

Tamany was unable to continue with him for a single more moment, she was hoping that he would turn into a swan after keeping up with him for a whole year. Yet, she came to realize there was no hope in this particular individual; there wasn’t anything she could do to turn him into the prince she had been waiting for.

She turned on her heals and walked towards the school gates, wanting to jump with joy at her conviction yet controlling herself to avoid another confrontation with Arkon’s tears of sorrow.

The night of the spirit coins all girls were sent back home. The next morning a concession from all three mothers was set and the girls were to stay locked at home for six months with no schooling and no friends. This was specifically done so that the girls would be monitored. The monitoring was based on finding out if the Spirit Coin has affected any of the girls and if so the remedy needed would be easy to identify. At their release, the girls met up to discuss what took place six months ago. The discussion took hours on end each one contemplating what to do with their lives according to the information that was offered to them.

It was decided then and there that Tamany was to date Arkon. She was to accept his faults until he turned into the handsome prince that he is sure to turn into if she were to marry him. Naturally every few weeks she would rush home crying in despair at her own horrible future, only to have the girls go over and talk her into trying harder to accept her destiny. A year later Tamany decided to give up the dream of marrying Arkon. She also gave up the whole notion of the Spirit coin being truthful with her. Tamany woke up that morning dedicated to breaking up with Arkon regardless of what her friends told her or how Arkon would react to it. She decided that it was truly time for her to have fun in her last year of high school and have a real date to her prom.

As she walked outside of the school gates and out of Arkon’s eyesight, she made a quick little side skip, then two more skips and without knowing it she was yelling at the top of her lunges “FREEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” as she ran with all her might towards her home, tears of joy rushing down her face.  

Part 2- Two years after the Spirit Coin incident: Emeline

Emeline twirls around in her room displaying her new blue dress to her image in the mirror. The dress is light in color with only her large growing bosom holding it up in place. It holds nicely around her waist as it makes its way down in an a-line fashion towards her knees, allowing for a long slit to take place from her right upper thigh. In admiration of all the hard work she put into losing all her baby fat, Emeline wraps her hands around her waist to take a better look at herself. She was on her way out to yet another party that she had been invited to. She had just come back from the hairdresser with a new hair cut; one she saw in the latest cover magazine of “Glory”. The highlights she added to it made her look older as did the new shoulder length hair cut. One last look into the mirror with an immediate application of rose colored gloss on her pouty lips and she was already running out the door.

“Where are you going?” screamed her mom after her “oh momma…please, pay attention when I talk, I already told you I am going out with friends” Emeline replies as she slams the door shut behind her.

Her mother was not as beautiful as Emeline turned out to be, but she was a powerfully attractive woman with a posture of Grace Kelly and the facial features of a beautiful male model. Momma has lost complete track of her daughters whereabouts in the last year, not knowing what she was doing or who she was doing. This concerned her on many levels, worrying about the neighbors and what they would make of Emeline’s constant outings. In all strangeness no one ever said a word, for as the months would pass Emeline kept growing prettier as her smile and her love for everyone grew stronger. Momma decided a long time ago that she would not prevent her daughter from living the life that she had always wished to live; complete freedom of choice.

As Emeline strutted her way down the street waving her hands at all the passersby while providing them with her most known smile she saw Tamany standing at the bus stop waiting for her to come. Her smile grew wider as she quickened her steps towards her best friend.

To Emeline’s great joy, Tamany had stuck by Emeline’s side for the last six months requesting to go out with her on all her outings wanting to enjoy her last year of high school. They had drifted apart in the last year ever since Tamany started dating Arkon in hopes that he would change into her night and shining armor. Tamany would avoid seeing anyone and secluded herself from the world in shame of having to be seen with Arkon. Ever since she took a strong stand against what the Spirit Coin told her, Tamany had spent every evening with Emeline enjoying all the flavors that life had to offer in the small town they lived in.

Unlike Tamany, Emeline was very picky with whom she would date next, making her more desirable for the males of her town and giving her less experience in the men department. Tamany on the other hand had a boyfriend every few weeks, going from one guy to the next experiencing everything that she was unable to experience with Arkon which gave her the stamina to walk out on any current boyfriend with not a single glimmer of guilt.

They were a wonderful team together; the men hovered around them whenever they made one of their grand entrances into a party, each man always wondering who the next lucky guy would be. In six months the prom night would take place and every young guy was hoping that they would be one of the lucky ones to accompany one of the two girls to the prom.

Part 3 – Right before the Prom, Two and a Half years after the Spirit Coin incident: Dewina

The silence was a pleasant whisper in Dewina’s ear, she was so happy to be sitting in the one and only library the town had; as always she was the only one there. It felt like her home away from home, a place she loved to be in more than anywhere else. A place away from her mother’s constant yelling voice and her father’s steady criticism of her.

Every since the Spirit Coin told her that she would be living outside of this town she had spend every waking hour studying for her big break. She knew that there would be no other way of leaving if it were not for her getting a scholarship, knowing how her parents were not willing to spend on sending their only daughter away from them. To them she was to be married to the best available prospect once she was done with high school. In that being her parents ultimate goal, her father decided that the constant criticism was of great benefit to his daughter in becoming a perfect wife in the future. As for her mother, well, her mother was a temperamental woman who lost her ability to communicate calmly after the Spirit Coin incident. She kept waiting for the fatal moment that Dewina would get cursed for provoking the spirit Coin, and in waiting for that curse she had adapted an incredible ability to voice her concern and anger through the simplicity of yelling.

As Dewina sat in the library contemplating all the avenues she was planning on taking once she gets her scholarship, the door cracks open and two heads pop in.

“Oh no” Dewina whispers under her breath as she takes a breath in forcing a smile pretending to be happy to be seeing Emeline and Tamany walk in. She sees them scope the room as they tip toe their way in, only to realize there was no one inside except for Dewina giving them the opportunity to stretch out their backs and rush towards her. They pull up tow of the six chairs that surround Dewina with their striking smiles they both squeal and say “So Dewina, who is your date for the prom?” then Emeline says; as her exotic smile broadens “I heard that JoJo wants to ask you to the prom…is that true?…did you say yes? Please say you said yes!” Emeline and Tamany stair at her in anticipation as they lean closer towards her waiting for her words to drop out of her mouth.

“No” Dewina simply says and looks back down at her notes.

“What???? Why not? what is wrong with you? You have said no to everyone that has asked. And let me add, Jojo is pretty cute” added Tamany with a twinkle in her eyes.

“So who are you guys going with?” Dewina asked with lack of interest in the whole ordeal.

“Well, Tamany has been asked by Ray to go to the prom with him, but she keeps refusing saying that he is only her friend and she is not into dating her friends” Emeline says as she eyes Tamany “I keep telling her he is too hot to have as a friend, and he is new in town, what could be better” Emeline adds this new bit of information to Dewina who they both know is oblivious to what is taking place on the outside world.

“I am actually going to the prom with Dormn, he is just so hot and actually just started working last year in the store across the street from my house” Tamany adds with an excited squeal as she flips her hair off her face. “As for miss beautiful here” Tamany points lovingly at Emeline “She is going with Matta, the wonderful Matta with dreamy eyes and an amazing body” Emeline turns a bit pink and clears out her throat “Well, I do have to actually have a date to the prom, it is not like I will have to marry him” she giggles and decides it is time to go back to Dewina’s date question.

“So Dewina, we have actually told Jojo that you agree to be his prom date” Emeline says with vigor in her voice, making it a fact that Dewina can’t argue with.

“Are you MAD” yells Dewina for the first time, recognizing that her voice sounds like her mother’s she rushes her hands towards her mouth as her eyes grow large in shock. “shit I sound like mom” She says a few seconds later. With feeling guilty that she could be anything like her mother Dewina agrees to go to the prom but refuses to have anything to do with Jojo before the prom night.

To be continued…..Chapter 3

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