Books: Exotically written by Arabic women

How to feel when reading a book you love

A charming melody sways harmoniously within the space that is gently sheltering me from the world outside.

The smell of sweet musk hovers mysteriously within my reach.

The tender feeling of crisp, jagged paper on my ever so attentive fingers beg for more

 My eyes swiftly rush through the pages of a book that has so subtly aroused my desire to read on…..

by Rana Zaben


Cresent by Diana Abu Jaber

Click it :  Crescent: A Novel

Back Cover Summary

Rain Comment on the Book:

A book i could not put down, it had a full variety of interesting aspects of life, also got tones of food receipt that make your mouth water and provides a great desire to cook. It is a romantic novel with historical story line about the arab american style of living and the battles that an arab encounters. It is a story that entails two stories, the story told by an older man and the story happening in America to a young woman. Exotic foods, romance, history and a page turner.

Mosaic by Sohair Khashoggi

Click it: Mosaic

Back Cover Summary

Rain Comment on the Book:

The way the book is written is very gripping. It is interesting to see the mix of New York with Jordan, the way things are so different between these two cultures and what is allowed and what is not. Sohair Khashoggi is very talented in her portrayal of both cultures especially that she has lived between these two cultures. It is a nice suspense book filled with anticipation.

Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran

Click it:Pomegranate Soup: A Novel

Recipe Extract from the novel:

Rain Comment on the Book:

Another mouth watering novel, different than the book Cresent. Some parts were a little slow but the whole book was an interesting insight into a world other than the states. A portrayal of Iranian culture with Irish culture.


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