Mini coincidences

Peacefully asleep I wake up to a nibbling sound infiltrated with a low murmur of a purr. It’s so warm under the covers and I am in no way ready to wake up and face the world. I notice the alarm has not gone off  giving me the internal joy that I have ample time to fall asleep again. I keep my eyes shut as I fall back into the wonderful dream that possessed my nightly hours. Again a nibble, a soft constant purring and a whisper of a snap sound pull me out of my comfortably warm and delightful sleep. I pry open one eye as I lay on my side to find my cat sitting on the duvet that is surrounding my curled up body about to start playing around with the beads that have rolled themselves around my bed. I ripe open my other eye and jolt up in bed, my voice still unable to yelp with the appropriate surprised tone it desperately needed to voice. My bracelet that was given to me for my upcoming birthday was haphazardly dispensed all over my bed, and the beautiful pendant with the word “Allah” written in beautiful Arabic letters was faced down on the narrow space between the duvet and my pillow.

The alarm clock rang and regretfully I got out of bed, no more time to sit and dwell over my beautifully, handmade bracelet. As I got up to go to the bathroom a quick picture of an old pendant, carrying the same “Allah” writing, flashed across my memory. It was also a gift I had gotten, something that I held so dear to my heart for years. It was a necklace that was given to me by one of my oldest of friends wanting us to have the same pendant to remind us both of our special bond and our special bond with God. I wore that necklace for no less than three years, until I lost it seven years ago, never able to find it again. As the memory of it came to me, I realized how much I missed it and missed it’s meaning. By the time I went out to make my cup of coffee the entire memory of it disappeared.

Three days later I find out that my father is coming into town for a few hours. I make plans to meet him at my sister’s home for a few hours before he leaves. The evening was pleasant and we laughed and joked around about life and it’s downfalls. We spoke about work, his grand kids, our travel plans and everything that was related to personal family matters. When it came time for my dad to start heading to the airport he discovered that he forgot where he placed his ticket. He went up to his travel hand bag to check for it. As I sat on the adjacent sofa overlooking my niece and nephew play together and hearing dad scrambling through his bag, I hear him say “Who is this for?” in a musical tone very unlike a man who is in desperate search of his plane ticket. I look up to see him dangling from his hand my long lost necklace that i thought i lost  seven years ago.


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3 Responses to Mini coincidences

  1. Sleepless says:

    Wow that’s quite a story. I’m so glad you got it back. Things with such an important meaning should never be lost.

  2. The shown pendant is the famous Allah Pendant – designed by, and available from Zahras. Jewelery email:

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