Mini Wish

I loved snow white as a young child and the most thing I loved about her was her ability to understand the animals. I used to watch how the birds used to fly over and place themselves on her fingers as she sang and whistled to them happily. From the very first time I watched snow white I had wished so hard that i possessed the same charisma that snow white possessed with the animals; wanting them to rush to me the same way they rushed to her. I wanted more than anything to have a random bird willingly to fly towards me and stand on my finger. There were lots of fairytale things that I wanted in my life after watching Disney cartoons. As I grew older these cartoons still remained a huge part of what I found beautiful in this world. On my illusionary world on “planet X” (read post: Personal stories-The beauty within my planet x), there were lots of Disney like fantasies that would come into fruition once I gave my heart and mind the time to sit alone and contemplate matters of my life.

I sat silently around a round glass table with my elbows placed on the cold glass surface as my head rested in the slight curve of my uplifted hands. I was listening attentively to one of my best friends who came into town a few days ago after deciding to spend her spring break vacation with me in Montreal. I had just turned 21 and life had an unexpected way of passing by without any worries or concerns of any magnitude. The leaves were blossoming on the trees and up above the sky was crisp blue that possessed one long white line across it, giving it the depth that it needed to show it’s brightness in full view. People from all walks of life flaunted their summer outfits on the pebble paved sidewalks, enjoying the fresh beginnings of summer to come. A merge of English, French, Arabic, Indian and Spanish words flocked themselves towards the surrounding air, filtering their spoken words into a jumble of mumbles making them unidentifiable by anyone who tried to make out their contents.

We spoke about the meaning of life with all the innocence we posessed back in those days. With complete disregard to the fact that we had experienced nothing of life yet, only assuming that we had already experienced it to its fullest, we spoke of the burdens of our lives. We laughed at one another’s horror stories, and listened carefully to one another’s childlike philosophies on miracles and the existance of God. Mandy, that was the name of my friend, was trying to figure out what to do after she graduated. As we jumped from one topic to the next we found ourselves elaborating in depth about the miracle of “letting go” and just letting life lead its way. We were talking about the beauty of wishes and how once a wish is made, it is sent out to the universe to finds it’s way into our reality in whichever time the wish was meant to happen.

As we carried out that conversation, getting a feeling of ease and serenity about our lives, I remove my head from between my hands and start to express vividly the grandness of God with all His might and abilities. As I stretch my hands up above my head to indicate the magnitude of all the wonders of life, a small little brown bird flaps it’s body towards me and places it’s tiny feet on my raised finger. I leisurely look up at my elevated hand as I bring it down ever so slowly to stare at what just landed on my finger. A smile over takes my face as the shocking truth over powers my shaking hands; my hearts deepest wish at the mere age of a six became my reality at the age of twenty one.

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