Rush…Rush….the world will end

Life is one big rush after the next, as if the whole world may collapse if we don’t get to that meeting on time, or we stop at an orange light instead of speeding past it, or go buy those shoes we saw on tv for an up coming party, or making it to that dreaded dinner outing, or taking a minute long shower when your body desires an hour, or buying that perfect tie for the boss to be impressed, or making sure to buy a new outfit for that party you MUST go to, or taking that training course that will be of no use to you regardless of how often you may change jobs.

How many of the things we do in our lives acquire us to run around like headless chickens? Will the world come to an end if we don’t get to work at 8am sharp? What exactly will happen to humanity and the earth if we all took a step back and distributed our daily errands with kindness to ourselves!

Stress has become something that is hard to detect especially when you spend your whole day going from one place to the next, trying to please everyone else in your life but you. You come to assume that the reason you saturate your days and nights with irrelevant things to do is due to your specific type of personality. You tell yourself “It’s cause I am a go getter and I like to do a million things in one go.” You start to believe it so much that when your body starts to cry out for help, you brush it off telling yourself that it’s the food your eating that is causing your body such trauma. So then you incorporate a diet to follow that eats up more of your already incredibly busy schedule instead of dedicating that extra hour for personal, mindless, quiet time.

I was accused of being stressed by the doctor I went to recently. I refused to acknowledge what he was trying to tell me due to the fact that I could not find any reason to be stressed. I interjected his lecture and told him that I was not stressed and to please find a real cause for all the ailments I was divulging to him.

When you are always on the run in life, it is hard to make out the difference between stress and a stress free life. We all rush from one thing to the next as we are thinking of a few other things that we are supposed to do. We don’t know what it is like NOT to be stressed and therefore when we are told that the reason for our stomach aches, headaches, dizziness etc.. is due to stress we refuse to see it. Actually we CAN’T see it. It is when we are on one of our vacations that we come to realize that we are actually relaxed, we have no errands to run, no work to rush to, no meaningless past times to attend to and no phone calls we HAVE to answer to. The best time to feel the difference between a stress free you and a stressed out you are the two days after your arrival into your typical life routine.

About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

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