Struggle with the door

Click…..i try to open the door to my apartment as I manage to carry my phone, paper bag filled with candles and my shoes in one hand. The shoes are basically in my hands and not my feet to allow my feet the freedom to become familiar with the cold marble floor beneath it, releasing it from the blistering pain it’s been suffering throughout the day. The other hand is managing to multitask itself as it carries a plastic bag of newly purchased books, a small flower pot placed in a paper bag, another bag containing a few picture frames and the keys to my front door. On my right shoulder I have my very large handbag heavily hung off of me as my left shoulder is curving upwards trying to balance the slow recline of the strap carrying my laptop case. Placed on the floor are three large bags of clothes and shoes that I was able to push out of the elevator with my feet, sliding them across the floor towards my front door.

My hate of shopping entails me to do it all in one mall outing. I have this inability to go on a daily basis to the mall in hopes of finding one or two items that I need. Therefore I hold back until I am overwhelmed with an abundance of things that I have no other way but to go and purchase them all in one go.

I lift the hand with the key towards the key hole, as my arms start to shiver from the weight on them. I don’t want to place the bags in my hand on the floor, I have gone this far, I only have one more step to make; open the door. At last my key reaches the key hole, but it simply won’t fit in, my body is twisted, my legs are bent, my arm is shaking and my fingers are turning cold. “shit” I yell at myself, it’s the wrong key. I fumble again, trying to slide the old key out of my fingers as i meticulously bring in the other key into my fingers grapes. I sweat, this is tough, I really should put the bags down and do this the right way, but I can’t, I am being stubborn with myself for no good reason at all. I lift my very shaky arms back up towards the key hole as the key slides in. Now its time to try to twist the key towards the left so that it unlocks, another struggle and another splurge of sweat across my face.

I am in and everything slides off my shoulders, out of my hands and onto the floor. I walk out to pick up the three large bags and place them next to all the items on the floor. I move towards the couch, take a look at it, sight as i throw myself on it; nothing left but my ringing phone still in the grasp of my hand.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

2 Responses to Struggle with the door

  1. Sleepless says:

    Hehehehe at least you’re not the only one. I think we all do this; why make life easy when you can live it the hard way?:)

  2. Hi sleepless
    I agree 🙂
    i find it to be a mini stubbornness with one’s self…..and after its done there comes a mini self appraisal 🙂
    Its the self appraisal that is the fun part…… of course after Lots of sweating though…lol lol lol

    warmest of wishes

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