I wish i May…..

I wish I may ,I wish I might, have these wishes with love and light………

As I sit in the abyss of my thoughts, I take another puff of my on going addiction, I dream of all the things I wish to have and the life I wish to live and I start to write my wish list…

I live in a house by the beach where the sea water curves itself against the rocks and pulls back and forth from the shore. The sky is always clear with a soft breeze that constantly carries the scent of the salty air towards me. The steady sound of a not so distant movement brings serenity to my inner being, as if I own the sounds of the waves in my backyard.


I live only minutes away from a cobbled street town where the coffee shops face one another and the small and tall buildings tower over them. As I walk towards it I always stop on the road to take a look at my breathtaking view that seems to always bring me a new internal pleasure. I stop to admire the nature that surrounds my area where the vibrant green grows on mountains which in turn engulf the flow of the ocean as it enters the city’s outskirts.

I wake up in the morning  getting ready for my new day as I long to bask in the sunlight that penetrates through my window smelling the freshness of the salty air caress itself against my skin. It is my daily reminder of gratitude and thankfulness for the life I have finally bought into my life.



When I need to watch people from the comforts of my home, all I need to do is walk outside as I stand on my small terrace waving hello to all those I know and providing a smile to those I don’t.


When I need to absorb the power of nature, I take a walk towards a close by area as i sit on one of nature’s formed rocks, look up at the sky and know that I am one with nature as my feet absorb the energy emanating from its ever so powerful force. I hear the sound of the flow of a river and smell the freshness of green.


At other times when I need to leave the world behind for a few hours, I take my car and drive towards my secret place, a place of water, green, flowers and rocks. I sit there to contemplate, to write, to paint and sometimes to get resolved.


There is a port close by where the boats take off and the fishermen head to work, I sometimes go out to fish to generate the possibilities of internal peace. I sometimes just go there after the boats have sailed off and dangle my legs off the wooden platform wanting my feet to touch the cool water as I watch the colorless fish swim between the cracks of the wood floor panels I am seated on. 

Every day I spend an hour or more sitting in a coffee shop on the streets of the city I live in, harmoniously  indulged in a conversation with my loved one as we watch the array of strangers passing us by. We discuss the insights we encountered during the times we were apart, we contemplate the things we want to add to our lives, we count our blessings for the life we have.

When it rains me and my loved one remove our selves off the couch hurriedly moving to go walk in the rain entangled in a warm embrace as we smile to the sky in thanks for the crystal like drops that touch our skin.


On certain nights where the city sleeps and nature takes a bow I slow dance to a gentle melody engulfed in the scent of the one I love. In utter silence we gently touch, we tenderly reminisce on all the times we have had together, we appreciate one another’s love as we both wrap our arms around one another in agreement.

The restaurant in the little city is a weekly ritual where me and my loved one go there to relish in its exquisite foods. We sit there whispering sweet nothingness to one another as there is no one there to judge or care for there are others around that entertain the same kind of serenity, security and love that we share.



I walk down a long narrow path that leads me to the gushing sounds of the waterfalls. I want to be one with nature and one with the water. I want to have the power of the falls, i want to be the falls



The shores of the beach touch the tips of my backyard. I walk down the large expanse of the beach in a loving embrace with the one I love as we move from talk to silence and talk again.

Several days a week I am surrounded by those I love, my beloved family and friends come to have breakfast in my garden where we laugh and talk as the outstanding view of vineyards and continuous landscapes of green take our breath away with every mouthful.

My soul is free to express itself within the confines of my body, to allow my spirit to show itself on the shores of nature. I dance with the power of passion taking over me without a care in the world and no one to judge me but the nature that surrounds me.


I meet my girlfriends for coffee and gossip about our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We need the girl time, we need the bonding time, we cherish our times together for they are rare to occur with the on going schedules of both our lives. We change from one coffee shop to another every time we meet to allow for new change.

My little library possess all the books to entertain the young and old. I take a peek inside my library to see the man I love reading to my child without a care about the world outside for he is creating a little world of his own for his child through the wonders of the words of a book.


I wish to be sitting on this couch, with that view as I write my wish list


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

6 Responses to I wish i May…..

  1. Laila says:

    Wow! You took me to another world….May you be blessed with each item on this wishlist:)

  2. Lovely writing, lyrical and passionate. May all your wishes come true and be everything you imagine them to be.

  3. Leigh says:

    really beautiful…I know you so well

  4. Lhay says:

    Whoa, you managed to write in one paragraph all the things that I desire in life. (the 3rd wish on you list) I hope you get to live all that’s on your list. God bless.

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