Desired Fruit

I am the desired fruit……. only when unattainable

A forgotten fruit …….once attained,

That is the mystery of the life we live in.

In my comfort in being single and the desire to stay that way, I must have ignited a fragrance within my energy field that sweeps itself under the nostrils of all mankind. I have become a yearning need for passersby, a challenge to the ones I have no interest in and an object to possess to those that belong to someone else.

What I find interesting is that when I needed a partner, lover, soul mate, husband, boyfriend or a confident I was presented with men that I had no interest in initially. In the desperate need to have someone share my daily escapades I would accept their approaches to fill in the gap I felt I had within myself. I was sure the gap was because I couldn’t find Mr. Right; never did I think that the gap was because I couldn’t find myself.

Now that I have no interest to share my time with anyone but myself, I find that men‘s attraction towards me has escalated to suffocating degrees, making me want to stick to my singlehood even more. It is a mystery why that happens, I have read a tone of books regarding finding your soul mate, I have read and researched high and low, at the end everything came down to the one same sentence “You will get it when you’re not looking for it, when you stop wanting it”. That never made sense to me, I had refused to believe in it with all my heart, what would I want with something that I stopped wanting?

Today, as I watch the difference in attitude of my surrounding environment, it somehow brings light to what everyone has been saying. Yet, I have lost all interest in venturing into the world of couple hood. My heart beats fast when I think that someone may enter my world, I don’t want it, I want nothing to do with it, I am a person who is content with the pleasure of finding herself outside of the confinements of a man.

To fight for my freedom to be single provokes an aroma towards the opposite sex, whispering to them “get that girl, start the hunt.” I refuse to be pursued cause of the energy of freedom I am emanating; I decline any approaches that come in that form. When I am ready to have my “perfect one” in my life that is when I will emanate the aura of openness to the confinements of a man and break free of giving up on the world wide concept of “I must lose interest in something I desire to be able to attain it.” I refuse to conform to the chase of me when I don’t want it, I will rejoice in knowing that I will have my freedom to choose who I want cause they want me, and not cause they want me cause they can’t have me.

I will be the desired fruit….he will be the desired fruit…..we will both attain and maintain.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

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