I long…I am alive

I am born to live, to smell the scent of nature gathering itself within my soul, to live between the earth and the universe.

I am alive to feel the caress of the sun on my tender skin, the whisper of the wind as it glides itself across my face, the scent of pine trees swiftly moving from the outside of me to the inside of me.

I am free to walk this earth with my arms cast upwards towards the sky allowing its magical energy to surround me. I am free to allow my soul to sour with ecstasy as my feet tred softly on the musty grass allowing the earth to rejuvenate my spirit.

The green that surrounds me has opened the doors of life to the inner most sadness within me. I wake up to the knowledge that I am one with nature as I step out of my room, onto a balcony overtaken by vines of green. I take a seat on the cushioned metal chair as I rest my morning tea on the adjacent table. I breath in and move my eyes upwards towards the ongoing horizon. An abundance of green is all around me, trees of yellowing leaves play with the wind as they find themselves falling towards the earth. An array of yellows, reds and browns cover the damp grass that has lovingly accepted the autumn leaves to lay upon it.

I feel nothing but joy and harmony, how can nature penetrate the soul so easily? How is it possible that with all the bad in life, a simple time with Green is all it takes to ease the pain and remove the hurt.

I long to find my waterfall; I long to search the landscape for the sound of gushing water, to replace the sound of hollowness within me that seems to find no other home to go to but within my body, within my soul.

About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

6 Responses to I long…I am alive

  1. This is beautiful, Rain-so passionate. I hope you always retain this connection with nature, with the beauty without as well as within. The trees, the lakes, the grass, the stars are always there to remind us what a wondrous gift life is.

  2. DS Utomo says:

    Very interesting topic. Like it. Waiting your comment on my site . Thanks !

  3. Bumble-Bina says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to be part of nature. Humankind often feel They are above nature, this makes them so un-free.
    You have described Your feelings with natural graze it really was a joy to read. At this moment I have the door open, the spring sun streaming through the window,the birds are singing their musical spring songs and I can here the stream at the bottom of Our garden trickling. The sound of the stream is washing away the ridiculous stress I had earlier on. And Your words gave Me a feeling of Joy – I loved hearing how You are one with nature.
    all the Best- Bumble-Bina

    • Peter Moss says:

      Yes, I agree….the sounds of Nature are not heard in our lives anywhere nearly enough, so indeed , it is very refreshing to hear the words that have been spoken here resound in the mind…very poetic,…very wonderful.
      I feel that with our lives and attendant responsibilities the way that they are, going out to work, it all has to be done right (at least by your bosses standards) to come home and just pay out all of your hard earned money away on bills, all of these things take their toll upon feeling a resounding harmony with nature…I certainly don’t feel that we are above nature, but rather we are so often driven to be beneath it.

      • Intuition says:

        Hi Peter,
        Beautifully said, we are all rushing through life and not paying attention to the beauty that surrounds us. We do spend our hard earned money on bills 🙂 and i totally agree that we are often driven to be beneath nature…so sad.

        With loving light

    • Intuition says:

      Bumble Bina,

      Your words have given me such a great joy inside to know that i was able for a few minutes to provide you with a feeling of releasing yourself off stress. I must admit i love where you are living……what an amazing place to be in….especially the stream trickling at the bottom of your garden……

      With love and light of happiness


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