Hairdresser Café Premonition

 My hair feels fresh and crisp, I stick my fingers into it and slide them through it. I look at myself in the mirror as I wave my head around to see my hair flow from side to side. I smile at the other person’s reflection in the mirror standing behind me and thank him for a job well done. I move towards the cashier counter with lavish expressions of “thanks” and “I love it” as I reach for my wallet to pay the bill.

I walk out into the lobby of the hotel and towards a tiny coffee shop that is situated at the main entrance of the hotel doors. The café is extremely old with fer-forge chairs, round glass table tops, the floors are a patterned marble and granite and the surrounding curtains of thick yellow and green fabric are similar to the cushion that is placed on the fer forge chairs.

Leama, one of my best friends, finally arrives and she gracefully places herself on the chair opposite mine. We greet one another casually and quickly move into topics we have been waiting all day to discuss face to face. I had recently gotten my divorce and she had just recently given up looking for a potential boyfriend. In the last week my ex-husband had been trying to pursue his desire to bring us back together and I was debating if I should give him another chance or not. I get into the discussion with Leama in hopes that this time I can make the right decision, but the conversation gets me nowhere since Leama wants me to do what makes me happy. It was a hard decision to take especially that I still possessed very strong feelings for him and lived on the hope  that he had truly change and that our divorce had made him the new man he was claiming to be.

The waitress comes to our table to take our order, we both smile at her and take a quick look at the crumpled and jagged menu. She walks away with our orders making sure to first tell us that it will take half an hour for our sandwiches since the kitchen is on another floor. Half an hour later, the food is placed in front of us alerting us to take a break from our chain-smoking marathon. As we begin to take our first bit into our sandwiches, the waitress just stands there looking at us. We both stop with our sandwiches in our hands and our mouths are trying to chew the last remains of it. I look up at her and ask her if she is ok and if there is anything is wants. Then with no prior indication that this woman has anything of value to say, she starts to talk in a friendly tone of voice.

“My husband is a wonderful man, who I love so much and he loves me so much in return” she starts off with what looked like tears in her eyes. “He is ten years older than me, but it makes no difference what age, religion, ethnic background or any other exterior qualifications he has. All that matters is that he treats me with utmost respect, love, loyalty, understanding and kindness”. She goes on telling us with a little quiver in her voice. Me and Leama sit back and refuse to utter a word and just stare at her as she continues to speak. We wonder if her husband is on his death bed, or if something went wrong for her to want to share this with us but we soon find out that her husband is alive and kicking and she had a deep urge to come and just talk to us.

The waitress then just stares at me and starts to say “Everything is part of a bigger plan, nothing is in your hands and especially marriage. People don’t have the patience to wait for their right partner, they are rushed into finding a partner of any kind just to satisfy the system.” Then she moves closer towards our table as she continues to contribute her valued advice specifically towards me. “You will find the perfect man, and you will be very happy with him more than you can imagine, don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Be patient and he will appear in front of you when you least expect it and you will know it from the first second that he is the man for you” she smiles as she says that with complete conviction in her voice. “ You must not settle for a man who does not cherish every minute he spends with you. You have to make sure his kindness over whelms you. It is important to know that wherever you are in the world that you can trust him with your life. It is vital to feel extremely safe in his presence and in his absence, to know that whatever you may need he is there to help provide it to you. Most importantly he must treat you with great respect and dignity.”

I am struck by silence and a weird, scared smile on my face. What was this woman telling me? How come she appeared at the perfect time to tell me what to do with my decision of going back to my ex husband or not? Why was her conversation directed completely towards me and not to Leama? I sit there stiffly absorbing all the information I had just received, like God wanting to answer me through a medium and his medium was this waitress.

She then takes a step back, places both her hands together and apologizes for all she said explaining to us how strange it is that she felt she had to talk to us. She started to tell us that she does not talk to strangers, let alone customers but for some reason she felt so comfortable and felt that something was pushing her to talk to us about her very personal life.

As we sit there with our sandwiches lying peacefully on our plates awaiting our next bite, the waitress looks at Leama and tells her that she should not rush into anything with anyone; she should keep waiting for her perfect partner it could be in a few more years. She takes a deep breath in, like she is exhausted and continues to say “A younger man, or an older man makes no difference as long as you feel he wants to always be with you and expresses his feelings to you openly and truthfully”.

We spend the rest of our lunch break eating in silence contemplating all that was told to us and all that was given to us as a miracle. We stepped out of the coffee shop after bidding her farewell and thanking her for her insights. Sadly I didn’t take her advice the way I should have and a month later me and my ex husband were dating again, needless to say he offered me nothing of all the qualities the waitress adamantly told me to hold out for.


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One Response to Hairdresser Café Premonition

  1. I love these kind of intimate encounters with perfect strangers. I’ve always prided myself on being the kind of person people can pour their hearts out to. Probably someone who sees you can tell at a glance that you’re someone who deeply reflects on life. Many people have profound truths locked up inside them that they’re aching to share with someone. Somehow this woman understood that she could share hers with you.

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