Close your eyes and stay awake

Is everyone around feeling it or am I the only one?

There is a strangeness in the air, a kind of boredom infecting the environment. I sit with a few of my friends and strangely enough I receive the same complaints from them that I have been infected with for the past ten days. The inability to fully sleep has affected me desperately, I am great at sleeping it is a talent I possess, an ability that a minority of people find pleasure in accomplishing as easily as I can and yet for the last ten days I seem to have lost that talent. Even the secret potion that I sometimes use to gain the maximum rest in my night hours is not working for me anymore, nothing is providing me with a complete and utter disconnect with the outside world. To my surprise I find out that I am not the only one that has befallen with this ailment. There are many out there that have found difficulty in having a proper sleep within the last two weeks.

So now I sit and wonder what it may be? It must be something outside of me and not an internal problem I have to face and deal with. In knowing that a certain acceptance has come over me and I am not obsessing over the reasons behind my ongoing lack of sleep. Could it be something in the universe that is causing this problem, such as the alignments of the planets? Is it the global warming that is affecting our systems in ways we are unable to understand logically? Maybe the change of weather every season does this to a person, yet I have no detailed memory of that possibility being true.

With this lack of complete harmonious sleep I have noticed that a kind of boredom with life has taken over my thoughts and actions. I have lost my mojo to do things and be the active person I used to pride myself for being. There are a thousand things on my mind and lots more that I want to do but the boredom has over taken my ability for creating action in my life. To my second surprise I also found that the same people who are having sleep deprivation issues are suffering the same boredom problems. Again I feel relieved in not being the only one feeling this way, and in that I am able to rest assured that at some point my talent for a great night sleep will resurface again and life will be full of meaningful things that will get me off my butt and start to pursue them.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

One Response to Close your eyes and stay awake

  1. With lack of sleep comes fatigue, and with fatigue an inability to concentrate and be interested in things. Hence boredom. When one has many responsibilities and is used to an active life, this can be quite disconcerting. Sometimes I feel insomnia is the body’s way of telling us to slow down, that we’re overtaxing ourselves and need to think and do less. I enjoy my periods of boredom, of do-nothingness, once I give in to them and let all my plans and desires melt away.

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