PING….someone let me in

I woke up a few nights ago to find the below message on one of my groups on my black Berry Messenger. I found it so enlightening how a persons mind works when in a situation with nothing to do but sit and wait. All the different ideas that come to mind, and especially the ones that have to do with their current situation. I needed to share it and so I re-wrote it all in same chronological order I received them in.

Characters on the BBM:

M is the main character of this story

Tara is M’s wife

Friday 2:34 am

M: I’m locked outside of the house with no keys.

Friday 2:34 am

M:I forgot them and everyone is at home, sound asleep its 2:30am

Friday 2:35 am

M: I have rung the door bell a hundred times, I have been outside for an hour

Friday 2:35 am

M: Still 4 hours to go before anyone awakes up

Friday 2:36 am

M: Tara’s phone is on silent, PING’s on the bbm don’t help L

Friday 2:50 am

M: L

Friday 2:56 am

M: Almost 3

Friday 3:00 am

M: Yayyy….. it’s 3am

Friday 3:00 am

M: Two down…. 3 more hours to go…!

Friday 3:03 am

M: I think the neighbors woke up. I can hear movement, someone stirring a drink

Friday 3:12 am

M: Almost 3:15

Friday 3:12 am

M: Gonna try sitting on door mat instead of the stairs

Friday 3:13 am

M: Ahhhh….much better…warmer

Friday 3:20 am

M: It’s very cold…can rest my back on wall too

Friday 3:57 am

M: Nearly 4am

Friday 4:00 am

M: Its 4am……2hrs to go

Friday 4:26 am

M: almost 4:30

Friday 4:30 am

M: morning prayers is in 40 min

Friday 4:31 am

M: It’s windy outside

Friday 4:31 am

M: My kids are usually up by 6am so I got 1.5hrs to go…I power napped on the door mat from 3:30 to 4…..

Friday 4:35 am

M: man, bbm pings are useless…I PINGED Tara a hundred times

The awareness begins all internal thoughts of life start to form:

Friday 4:36 am

M: Poor homeless people. It must be so tough to sleep out in the streets

Friday 4:37 am

M: That is why God gave some people more money than others. To spend on the needy; the poor. To keep them warm, give them shelter and feed them

Friday 4:38 am

M: Not to sit on a throne of $10 Million but to help at least a hundred thousand needy people.

Friday 4:38 am

M: or 10,000 or 1,000

Friday 4:39 am

M:Imagine taking care of 1,00 poor people Or even 100 poor people

Friday 4:40 am

M: To feed 100 people 1 warm meal a day costs 500 LE ($135) approximately 5 LE per person. That means 15,000 LE per month or 180,000 LE per year

Friday 4:40 am

M:If someone has 1 million Dollars, he makes 450,000 LE per year by 9% increase from the bank. Spending 180,000 LE leaves him with a bulk to spend from

Friday 4:43 am

M: WOW that is feeding 100 people every day for a year, with only having a million USD in the banks

Friday 4:46 am

M: I wonder how much a winter package of clothes would cost (a jacket + pj + Blanket + hood)

Friday 4:46 am

M: so there is food and warmth and clothes

Friday 4:48 am

M: There is someone here buying blankets for poor people, anyone want to pitch in? 30 LE per blanket???

Friday 4:50 am

M: Yay it’s 4:50am….maybe someone will wake up early

Friday 4:52 am

M: Might be a good idea to furnish the outside of our apartment with a cushion or something

Friday 4:52 am

M: For the long cold nights that someone can get stuck outside

Friday 4:54 am

M: I was out at the burial of a friend’s father in the middle of the desert till 9pm tonight. Was very cold

Friday 4:56 am

M: My father’s friend’s first night alone, I pray that God makes in his grave full of light, warmth and comfort

Friday 4:58 am

M: He was a great man, he was a man who helped the needy people. He wasn’t arrogant and he cared for people genuinely. His money and power never got to his head.

Friday 4:58 am

M: He always cared for his children no matter what they did and always gave to the poor and helped the needy when they needed his help.

Friday 4:59 am

M: They all cared for him too, it was obvious in the burial. Everyone was there the powerful and the needy, the rich and the poverty stricken. His children cried with all their hearts for their loss. He was a man of kindness and love towards them. I wish my fa

Friday 5:00 am

M: …..never mind won’t go there

Friday 5:00 am

M: May God bless him in the afterlife and in the grave.

Friday 5:02 am

M: Fleece is definitely assume

Friday 5:02 am

M: note to self: buy more fleece jackets!

Friday 5:02 am

M: Wishing there was a fleece jacket for my nose, it’s frozen!

Friday 5:02 am

M: I wonder how it would attach itself though. Perhaps a small clip on the nostril?

Friday 5:03 am

M: The night is always darkest before dawn

Friday 5:03 am

M: True….but it is also coldest

Friday 5:04 am

M: The earth is expected to hit a mini ice age by 2014. Solar flares are expected to wipe out electricity on earth in 2013

Friday 5:04 am

M: Wars are expected to start in 2012.

Friday 5:04 am

M: Wonder what 2011 is about??!!!

Friday 5:05 am

M: There’s someone awake in the building, loud TV. It’s 5:05 am

Friday 5:06 am

M: Wooohooooo….maybe just maybe someone will wake up at 5:30

Friday 5:12 am

M: Morning prayer is in 2 minutes I hope Tara wakes up to pray

Friday 5:13 am

M: Gonna start a private “knives throwing class” in Martial arts. It’s a Chinese art

Friday 5:13 am

M: Throwing knives, daggers and blades…for self defense….looking forward to it

Friday 5:13 am

M: There goes the prayer, I can hear it coming from the mosques

Friday 5:13 am

M: I am too cold and tired to go to the mosque to pray there. It’s not heated and water is cold for the ablution

Friday 5:15 am

M:Hoping someone opens the door

Friday 5:20 am

M: Getting sleepy again

Friday 5:25 am

M: No one awake yet. What if they don’t wake up before 7am??????

Friday 5:26 am

M: It’s almost 5:30am…almost

Friday 5:30 am

M: 5:30!!!!!

Friday 5:30 am

M:Half an hour left, 30 minutes to go. Hopefully someone will wake up. Either my wife, my kids or my mother. Someone has to wake up

Friday 5:40 am

M: 5:40

Friday 5:45 am

M: 5:45

Friday 5:50 am

M: 5:50

Friday 6:00 am

M: Well it’s 6am!!!!!

Friday 6:00 am

M: Been sitting here from 1:30am till 6:00am and no one has opened the door

Friday 6:01 am

M:One heckova comatose family!!!

Friday 6: 01 am

M: 6:10

Friday 6: 15 am

M: 6:15

Friday 6: 17 am

M: 4 hours and 45 minutes waiting

Friday 6: 28 am

M: I AM INNNNNNN……at 6:28am the door was opened for me

Friday 6: 30 am

Tara: I just woke up!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL….poor M….don’t know whether to laugh of cry.

Friday 7:00am

Tara: It turns out that my mother in law woke up at 5am went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and went back to sleep. All the time thinking that there is no way her son is still outside the apartment waiting to be let in. She was the missed calls and the messages but they ended at 4am, so she assumed he was sound asleep inside his room next to his wife. LOL LOL LOL


It helps to be in a situation in life that is similar to the one that others are in. A simple feeling of being cold and the inability to sleep makes a person wonder about all the others in the world that are suffering the same ailment. For everyone’s info M and Tara are figuring out ways to give a warmer winter to all those that live on the streets of Cairo.

The acknowledgment of a loving father and a caring powerful man could make a world a better place to live in. Money and Love go hand in hand, and if someone has the money then they should easily and simply provided it to those who desperately need it. Parents need to take care of their kids and not wait for their death to be able to have the inheritance make them live a better life. And the poor need a warm blanket at night to sleep in if the government is simply not providing it to it’s people. There are lots of Millionaires out there, and there are lots of poor people out there. A helping hand will not make the millionaire poor and will not make the poor rich.

Last but not least…minutes pass like hours when there is a basic need that is not acquired for survival.


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