Yet another Mysterious Miracle

I was getting dressed ready to go out for a night filled with two different house parties for the event of the Christmas celebrations. As I was getting dressed I decided to change my jewelry and use something more profound and expensive. I removed my daily watch along with my three bracelets and replaced them with a diamond studded watch and crystal studded bracelet that wrapped itself around my wrist. I placed my watch and three bracelets on my dresser, took one last look at myself in the mirror, rushed out the door and hopped into my car to pick up a friend to head off to my first Christmas party event.

The night was lovely the two parties I attended were great and very different from one another, I mingled with people, I saw old friends and the night turned out to be better than expected. Upon my arrival back home I naturally slid off my high heeled shoes off my feet while I stood in the elevator as it ascended towards my floor and got out my keys. I rushed into my bedroom once I got into my apartment as I started to unzip my dress to relieve myself of its constraints. I threw on my long “man shirt” and slid on my boxer shorts, walked cautiously to the bathroom as my cats hovered between my legs and washed my face and brushed my teeth. Once all was done and I was completely in my comfort zone I decided to remove my jewelry and put on my daily jewelry back on. Since I have an inability to do only one thing at a time, I decided to hurry up my procedure by picking up my watch and bracelets off the dresser, hold onto my night bag, carry my day bag on my shoulder, pick up one of my cats off the floor since I was about to trample over her and walk out towards my living room. I place the three bracelet’s and watch on my center table as I release my cat onto the floor, I put the night bag on my large L-shaped sofa and day bag right next to it. As I slowly bend down to place myself on the couch I pick up my watch and clasp it back onto my wrist. The second my body touches the couch I remember that I forgot to get my hand cream out of the bathroom to moisturize my hands and arms before I put my jewelry back on. So I get up and go into my room and into the bathroom, pick up the hand cream and walk back into my living room towards my heavenly couch.

I am so relieved that I finished everything in fifteen minutes and now I can put on my bracelet’s and take all the items out of my night bag and place them safely back into my day bag. Everything is at hands reach, my bags to my right, my cream held in my hand, the remote controls to the tv and decoder on the center table in front of me and my three bracelet’s on the same center table. Wait a minute…..where are my bracelets? Everything is where I put them except for the bracelets!!!! I jump off the couch and lean my face closer to the center table, as if I have turned blind and the bracelets are the only things I have become blinded to. I sweep my hand all over the surface of the table in hopes of finding them and there is nothing. I go down on my knees and start to rub the carpet underneath my center table and couch hoping I would feel them; maybe they were embedded into my fluffy, hairy carpet? Nothing. I lift up my head to look at the carpet from a further distance and find one of my bracelets randomly thrown a few feet away. I rush to it and put it on, now my hope of finding the rest has grown into a fruitful mission. I sweep the carpet all over again with my hands as I crawl all over it on my hands and knees. Nothing.

I walk back and forth from my living room into my bedroom into my bathroom and back again five times, and still the only thing that I have is the one bracelet safely secure on my wrist.

I decide to stop looking and go back to my errands of creaming my arms and removing my belongings from my night bag into my day bag. I tell myself that “If I am meant to have them they will come back to me” and then I switch on my TV and decoder and start to watch a repeat of “Friends” episode. It’s 2:30 in the morning and I collapse on the couch.

The next morning I wake up forgetting about my two other bracelets. I rush off to the bathroom, clean up myself and that is when I remember that I have two bracelets missing somewhere in the house. I take one more look around the house, this time including the kitchen and still find nothing. I decide to go downstairs for a cup of coffee in my favorite coffee place with my lap top in hand to start my daily writings before my day of errands and people socializing starts.

I spend a good two hours in my favorite coffee shop, tying away, searching the net, answering phone calls and sipping on my second cup of coffee. This is usually the best part of my weekend, the morning coffee alone with my lap top or book, enjoying the scenery of passersby as the wind blows itself through my hair.

Two hours later I decide I have to pay the bill, get off my butt and start getting ready for my social endeavors. as I am walking out of the coffee shop towards the hidden entrance into my building, my day bag on my shoulder and my laptop in my arm I hear someone yell out “Excuse me miss, excuse me” I am baffled and assume it’s not for me. I continue to walk and as I enter the secret door the voice gets louder and closer, I turn around and I find a kind looking man, beaming a smile at me, holding out his hands with what looks like a bracelet dangling from it. “Is this yours?” he says to me. I slowly walk towards him as I squint my eyes at what seems to be my bracelet.

I can’t believe it, it is my bracelet. I move my hand towards it as I touch it I look up at him and say “How did you find it?” and he responds to me with that same constant smile “it fell off the table when you got up to leave” I took it out of his hand, stared at it for a few seconds as I speedily retorted to him “I cant believe this!!!! This is so strange, how is it possible? My God thank you so much” I beam a smile back at him filled with gratitude and wonder. Thank him once more as I whisper afterwards “How is this possible” and walk towards my elevator in utter wonder of the possibilities of finding my bracelet anywhere outside of my house!

Bracelet number three is still missing, but I am sure that somehow it will find its back way to me if its meant to continue being mine.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

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