Oil and Water

The same way that oil and water are an impossibility to mix, the same thing goes for a bad relationship. No matter how much time you try to keep mixing them together they will always separate from one another and the oil will tend to find a way to float on top of the water. It’s in the efforts put in trying to blend them into one another that resembles the same effort that people in a bad relationship spend precious time trying to compromise in what they believe in to blend in with their partner. Although it is known that the oil and water are bound to separate there are people out there who wont take that fact as an answer and will keep trying to stir the contents of the cup on a daily basis to prove that they can bring oil and water together.


This type of hope and persistence is usually fruitless. They tend to eat up so much of our time and eat away at our health and sanity yet for some strange reason we tend to continue trying regardless of the impossibility of the matter. In the time of stirring the two contents together there comes a few seconds where it seems that they are both about to blend and then slowly they separate from one another and the problem starts all over again. The water gets suffocated by the constant pressure laying on top of it, the oil not allowing air to filter down to get to the water. Again the mixing begins, a hope that they can find a middle ground where both water and oil can breath, and again the oil finds it’s way up as the water finds it’s way down.

If the only thing working between you and your partner is trying to mix oil and water then know that there is something bigger than that to look at and pay attention to…..oil and water don’t mix, so its time to give up the notion that you will be the first one to prove that theory wrong and move into working on milk and cocoa that will result in a delicious beverage called hot chocolate.



About Rana Zaben
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2 Responses to Oil and Water

  1. One of the hardest lessons in life is learning when to let go. This is especially difficult in intimate relationships, where so much time and energy and love have been invested. One doesn’t want to lose what one has worked so hard to establish, and usually there are true bonds of caring and affection there. But let go one must, or condemn oneself to a continual frustration and unhappiness.

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