The Third one found me!!!!

This is a continuation of my previous blog “Another mysterious miracle”. I had to inform you all that I did find my third bracelet, or to phrase it better, my third bracelet found me. It was last Tuesday where the sun was out but the slightly cold air kept its heat away from my slightly exposed skin. I left work a few hours early since I had finished everything I had to do but I was starting to feel the slight manifestation of an oncoming flu upon my body. As I drove down anticipating every minute that passes by in hopes of getting closer to home my phone rings and it happens to be my sister. She tells me that one of our friends is over at her house and she would love me to join especially that I am only a few minutes away from reaching Dubai. I confess to her that I am feeling a bit under the weather and have a dire need to rest and sleep for a bit. None of what I disclose make a difference to my sister and her persistence in me going over becomes more of a command.

Naturally I missed my upcoming exit and start heading towards my sisters home. Once I get there, I park my car in her garage, carry my day bag on my shoulder and walk towards her house. All I am thinking about is how long I will be there before I can go back home and flop on the couch in my cozy pj’s and sleep the pain in my body. I find my sister and our friend sitting in the back yard on her beautifully newly purchased garden set with coffees and cakes displayed all over the center table. I say my hellos to them both, place my bag down on the couch where my sister is sitting and go to say hi to the kids running around the grass. Once I get back to the sitting area, I take a seat between my sister and our friend as well all start talking as we sip on our coffees.

Half an hour later, one of the kids needs the bathroom and off goes my friend to change the diapers of her two year old. My sister gets a phone call and starts chatting away neglecting the need to keep socializing with me in hopes of keeping me in her house for a longer period of time. I look around for my lighter and remember it is still embedded somewhere in my day bag so I get up and walk towards my bag that has stayed well placed next to my sister. As I bend forward to dabble in it’s insides looking for my lighter I find a little shinny thing twinkling in the darkness of my bag. I stuff my hand in deeper to figure out what it is, and wow and behold, it is my third bracelet, peacefully sitting at the bottom of my bag waiting to be found.

Until this very day I have no idea how my bracelets found their way to me, or how the third one ever got into my day bag. My sister thinks its angels playing hooky with me, I believe it is a mystery that I have the inability to ever explain or understand I am just happy that my three bracelets are safely back on my wrist again where they always belong.



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2 Responses to The Third one found me!!!!

  1. Patience! I find lost things only show up when I stop looking for them.

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