Igniting realization in the worst way

I seemed to have over dosed myself into one sad movie after the next. Not knowing that all the 4 movies I got were going to wrench at my heart and cause me serious depression as I purchased them with enthusiasm from my special home delivery DVD guy. After inundating myself with one move after the next in the last three days I have come to understand one thing, life is way too short to just sit around and contemplate what should come next. It is vital to be surrounded by those who you share a mutual love for one another because at the end of the day there is nothing more significant in life than being surrounded by the warmth of a caring hearts.

I would highly advice you not to watch “Rabbit hole”, “All Good things”, “Black Swan” and most definitely not “Never Let Me Go” which I thought was a romantic love story that would uplift my mood. I have just finished watching “Never Let Me Go” and my craving to move and live with my parents and loving friends has intensified to a degree where I am unable to breath. Now if you’re in a confused state of mind and have no way of figuring out what root to take in life, then I would recommend you to watch the above mentioned movies. I came out with them feeling that the change I have been procrastinating has to actually fall into fruition and there is no need to keep pausing my life for things that make me unhappy internally.

There is a world out there that I need to be a part of, there is a life that I need to start leading, paintings I must finish, a book I need to start writing, countries that are calling out for me that I must go visit and people all around the world that I need to hear their stories. So through these depressing movies I have actually found that I am definitely not willing to make my life pass me by as I just sit in a job I hate, in a country that doesn’t allow for creativity and a people that have lost their sense of value and self worth.


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10 Responses to Igniting realization in the worst way

  1. Mohamed says:

    we’d love to have you back

  2. So in spite of their depressing subject matter, these movies seem to have ignited a fire under you. I wonder why you’re so ambivalent about this change, since your current situation seems such an unhappy one. What is it that you’re afraid to leave behind?

    • It is pretty hard to explain the situation i am in at the moment…..both places i am contemplating have the exact amount of positives and negatives and the decision is based on the important of the negatives in either place and the value of the positives in each place, what it falls down to is the fear of making the move and regretting it, or sticking to where i am and regretting it. My ultimate goal is to actually move and live in Europe somewhere like Spain or Italy which is not even a possibility with the economical crises taking place in the world today.

      Basically what i have here i dont have there and what i have there i dont have here…that is the problem 🙂 any ideas how to move forward from the state i seem to be getting myself stuck in 🙂

  3. Mohamed says:

    i have faced a similar predicament, and asked myself “what is it that i can’t REALLY live without?” what’s the one thing that is so important to me that i cannot (absolutely) live without – the answer to that question really took the decision for me. It came at a considerable compromise of course (both ways had), but life is about making choices – these choices might be right or wrong, yet it doesn’t matter. If it is wrong, there is something to learn, and if its right there is something to cherish.

    • Thank Mohamed for that insight…..i really appreciate it in more ways than one…..the important thing is, did it turn out to be right? cause i dont believe any choice is wrong, i think it is a choice that was always gonna be taken it’s just the timing of the choice that is a bummer. Also the mind os a powerful tool that keeps a person stuck in fears of the unkown, always making me believe that at the end of the day it is my choice when on the larger scale it has never really been my choice.

  4. Mohamed says:

    The mind is not only a powerful tool it is also a dangerous one. Just like the ying & yang, i believe that heart and mind have a similar relationship. The mind is the source of fear, while the heart is the source of courage – after all we never heard of a brave mind, but rather a brave heart. A balancing act is a must.
    Right or wrong, again it does not matter, what matters are the lessons learned and what we make out of it.

  5. I am also into movies and I like sentimental ones.I sometimes found myself thinking I was the character on that movies,and try to act like them ;so childish of me.hahaha.Keep blogging nice things like this.

    • Thanks Manny, i am sure we have all done that too 🙂 tried to be the characters in the Movies, i remember my brother was spiderman for a few months when he was 5 years old. And i was always a princes who wanted long hair, therefore i would put one of my long nightgowns on my head making it seem like long hair. As i grew up, powerful women would tempt me to wanna act like them 🙂

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