Small Haven of heaven

I keep blinking my eyes unsure if what I am seeing is real or just a figment of my imagination, pictures I have stared at for years are actually surrounding my environment and have somehow become my reality today. Huge Leaves that tower over me from enormous trees make me wonder if I have travelled to a world made especially for the age of the dinosaur. What I remember being small shrubs in other countries have grown as large as the size of the trees I was accustomed to. Palm trees are over whelming in their variety, the assortment of colors in which flowers come in are making it impossible for my eyes to adjust or get used to their beauty. I am at complete and utter awe with the transparent aqua colored water that goes out so far into the distance as it neatly merges itself with the ever clear blue skies that I am unable to tell where one ends and the other begins.
Little baby sharks glide peacefully within the same space I have chosen to swim in. Sting rays maneuver themselves smoothly by me as they glide ever so slowly into the sand and then float back out only to continue their water cruise. Fish of transparent colors follow one another in a tranquil, silent manner. The sand is so white and fine as it curves itself lovingly on my feet with every step I take towards my bungalow. The sun is strong, striking its harshness upon my skin only to find the coolness of the sand below me always ready to absorb its ruthless intensity.
A bridge connecting the two islands together help me go from one lushes island to the next as the waves decide to help with my journey they crash themselves against the rocks that lie still underneath the bridge. The glorious sun has decided to rest and slowly ventures downwards towards the edge of the light blue waters bidding farewell to a hard day’s work. As it starts to descend it gives one last farewell to its viewers, a gesture unlike any, it covers the sky with colors of purple, pink and red, some yellow for effect then it disappears.

In the darkness I walk back to my bungalow, lead by the light of the moon and the ever so evident stars, a fruit bat flies up above and another comes squeaking by. My two year old niece puts her tiny hands in to my hand, staring up in awe at the largeness of the bats and in fear of the dark. We tread slowly back not wanting to hurt any over sized insects on our way. At last we are back at the bungalow with joy in our hearts and love to offer all that need it, we sit peacefully on the large terrace expanse staring out into the open space that has slowly started pouring its heavenly water over our bamboo shade.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

10 Responses to Small Haven of heaven

  1. yakattack says:

    Heya.. Love this post.. Felt myself momentarily escape to the same place.. I like your writing style.
    peace and love,


  2. StepVheN says:

    Im kind of lost as to what all of this is

    • Hi StepVhen,

      I went to Maldives for four days and was over taken by its beauty, the words of expression were floating all around my mind until i was actually able to put them down on the blog. I didn’t want to mention where it was located i just wanted everyone’s imaginations to run with it….

  3. denbk28 says:

    heaven is small but big enough to give beauty

  4. Rain-you have such a lovely imagination. And it’s so vivid-full of concrete things. Reminds me of this comment by Marianne Moore, an American poet: “Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.”

    • Intuition says:

      I think it is my imagination that caused me so much trouble when i was little, always asked to focus in the world in am in and to get out of my head…..which actually got me to write 🙂

      Thanks Marty….always thanks 🙂

      Love the quote 🙂

  5. Good article. Trees are Nature’s giants, sadly we do not give them enough respect. There is a lot of folklore, mythology and legend associated with trees.



    • Intuition says:

      Hi Trevor,
      Trees are a wonder, how they grow for years and years and years and the tree trunks being so alive and well rooted. I had a friend who expressed her love of a willow tree and naturally i blogged about it… you can read it here willow tree

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