Through the unexpected came Hope

It has been a while since I have attempted to write, a drastic change took hold of my life and there were things I needed to handle and take care of that were out of my control.

Twelve days ago the people of my country started protests against the government and their 82 year old president. The protestors were refined in their demands until the looters started taking control of the demonstration forcing the peaceful protestors to take a different approach to the regime. People were defending their homes and their families against the escaped convicts and the hooligans let loose on the streets.

 In complete panic I called up my mom to check up on her as I would hear the loud gun shots in the background. Nothing seemed real, I felt that my reality was stripped away from me and everyone I loved was trapped in the most shocking of situations.

For years the elite residence of Cairo have been worried that the large starving population of Egypt would revolt against them but no one really put much of those fears into consideration since the Egyptians were developing a very passive attitude towards their circumstances. The rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer, until Twelve days ago when the fears of the past 5 years came with a blast.

In spite of what everyone was worried about something beautiful arouse from the situation at hand, all of Egypt united as one; the young and old, the rich and poor, the intellect and the ignorant all held hands in demand of a new Egypt, a new life. The bond grew stronger amongst the people once the prisoners and hooligans were set loose on the streets threatening the lives of those protestors and their families more so once the Egyptian police forces vanished into thin air leaving the people to fend for themselves.

During all this chaos my concern was my mother who was completely alone in Cairo at the time with no one to help her or care for her. Action had to take place to get her to the UAE as soon as possible especially that me and my sister both lived there. I was also worried sick over my best friends not knowing how to help them all into safety praying that God protects them and all of the people of Egypt.

With some amazing help from a spectacular young man we were able to get my mom out of Egypt into the safety of the UAE. Also only a few of my best friends made it out giving me some comfort yet still feeling painful agony for all the rest that were still stuck in Egypt. Constant phone calls were made to check up on everyone and I got to feel through those phone calls the magnitude of love everyone had for their country again.

For years Cairo had lost the spark that brought me to it in the first place, for years I was unable to walk down the streets knowing that I will be harassed by beggars’ and hopeless people. My car would be spat on at times when I would be heading off from one place to the next; people were losing their charm becoming aggressively rude and hurtful. I had moved back to Cairo more than 9 years ago because I felt safe on the streets, people laughed regardless of their situation, if I were to be harassed by anyone I would find a bunch of men attacking the harasser to get him off my case. Cairo with all its other problems never lacked the amazing spirit of its people that kept everyone going back for more.

What took place twelve days ago has given the people of Egypt their reason to live again, a purpose with hope of a better life that was lost to them for more than 20 years. Their oneness is unlike any other, they have bonded as one again fighting for the same cause, supporting one another regardless of what their financial status is. As for me, my love for Egypt has grown ten folds over in the past twelve days, and my desire to go back has over powered my logical thoughts.

As I watch the news and see all the familiar streets I weep in sorrow at the chaos taking place not comprehending what is happening and why? A peaceful protest turned into chaos ruining the beauty that started the whole thing. Yet with all that, the people have gotten stronger, the energy has proven to the world that the Egyptians are a great nation cause of the incredible courage they had in facing their fears and conquering them.

I miss my country, I miss my people, I miss my friends and most of all I miss the spirit of the Egyptians that at last has surfaced again after years and years of poverty and neglect. Through the unexpected arose a new meaning to life to what was a hopeless state.

About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

4 Responses to Through the unexpected came Hope

  1. amazinglucidity says:

    They say it only takes one one person to change things and make them better. You sharing good can and will come out of such times as this is heartwarming and inspiring. So wonderful your mother is in a safe place.

    • Intuition says:

      Alissa, thank you so much for your comment. It really took that one person in Tunis to change the course of Egypt today to build courage in people to fight for their rights and get what is theirs. I am glad my mom is safe here with me and all my family is also safe. As of today everyone i know is looking forward to a brighter future and that is the best i could ever wish for.

  2. Rain-so glad your mother is out of harm’s way. I hope the future holds great things for you and your people, freedom and prosperity and peace.

    • Intuition says:

      Hi Marty, I believe there is a great future coming our way of a better life for everyone in the arab world and all other nations that are suppressed and treated poorly by their government. There a new energy of courage and defiance by the people globally which will hopefully provide a better world for all those who have suffered in hopes of a better life on this earth.
      Thanks marty

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