Happiness interpreted

Humans are but mere boxes of memories

You say your happy, But are you really so?

You say your life is complete, But what is complete to you?

You say “I have fulfilled every dream I have” But have you really fulfilled that empty void in your heart?

For as long as you shall live you shall ask yourself secretly “What is missing? What is it that is making me feel so incomplete and so alone?”

Take a look around you, you live in a world that is filled with lies, arrogance, pride, sex, money, violence, war and hungry children.

In all this where is your happiness? How do you really accomplish the desire to be happy with all the mess that is eating up your world today?

The only true happiness is the peace that you may find in your heart, a peace that is hard to find due to all the chaos surrounding our fragile lives. This peace is internal, an adjustment of our outlook on life, our refusal to give into the sadness, to force ourselves to see the glimpses of good that are taking place in the world and within our own personal lives.

You must change your memories around, change them to the memories that hold happy moments. Switch the sad, angry and hurtful moments with the happy, simple and loving times. Force this pattern of thoughts until it is natural to see only the good that took place in your life and then that is when peace and love may enter into your hearts and when happiness can find its true path within your soul.


About Rana Zaben
I help people feel their best and create a solid second income to enjoy the best things in life.

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